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The New Post-Olympic World

London Olympic Stadium at night

Archangel Uriel

First, I want to say that humanity has done more, jumped higher and run faster than anyone ever expected. Some of you who have been involved as spectators to the Paralympics have noticed that something very special has taken place over the last ten days.

The first Olympics brought together men and women of every colour to compete as equals, and that was an ongoing development from the previous decades. What was different was that for the first time the audience was colour-blind, and Usain Bolt is as big a hero as any to come out of the Olympics in recent years. The Olympics came of age with women’s sports showing how exciting their participation can be, and their games have a different quality and finesse to the strength of the men. When you begin to look past a person’s sex and the colour of their skin you find someone just like yourself – human.

These sportsmen and sportswomen were beautiful people who had trained for years and for hours every day to come to the Olympics and compete.  In other words they are worthy of your admiration. Are you still interested in reading about the antics of someone who is famous because they want to be? Who have no claim to fame other than they strive for your attention? Can you walk away from them now?

The second half of the Olympics brought together sportspeople who have imperfect bodies and minds. They train just as hard and run almost as fast as the able bodied. When you look into their eyes you can see beyond their bodies to their souls so much more quickly. Their races and sports were just as exciting as the earlier Olympics. There is one big new development – that is these people are no longer invisible. When a group of people is invisible you have discounted and pushed them aside as being of no value, and that means you think they are sub-human. There are no sub-humans. These people are a healthy part of you and capable of living enjoyable lives. They need to be visible and have fewer obstacles to their own success.

We write a lot about the flow of energy. You had a group of disabled people sidelined and stuck in meaningless lives. I think every one of the 2.5 million tickets holders who saw what they could do will never see them as incapable again. Those of you in the areas that were able to watch these athletes have changed, and your world has changed.  What was dark and stagnant now has light and flow, and you allowed some of the people with the greatest disabilities to thrill you with their skills and hard work. Your hearts were touched, and you bonded with the hearts of others. It’s been a time of happiness.

One day you will remember that you are all one, and it started with the London Paralympic games.

Anything is Possible

Oscar Pistorias, Olympian and Paralympian

By the Archangelic Collective

One of the nice things about London this summer is the tremendous change in the people and the energy here. Londoners and the people of the UK chose to be happy and to support athletes regardless of their sex or colour. All those artificial feelings that one person is better than another could have vanished for good. (Just writing about it makes me aware of how much energy is devoted to keeping one person separate from others.) We would rather see you happy and together.

Now we have the Paralympics! We have a chance to admire athletes that are almost as fast as the Olympian athletes.  How hard did they have to work to be that good? How many obstacles; mental, emotional and physical did they have to overcome? There is a tiny seventeen-year-old swimmer who had to swim so very fast to keep up with her able-bodied friends. She was a gold-medal winner in the Beijing Paralympics at the age of thirteen.

These Paralympics are here to open your hearts, and to empathise and feel the greatness of these competitors. Your heart is your single greatest organ.  The brain is the servant of the heart, and without your heart you are dead. Are you dead, or not feeling the thrilling joy of being alive? Watch the Paralympics and see large-hearted athletes from 166 countries show what is possible. Take all this into your hearts and experience the greatness of being human through the best the world has to offer.  From our point of view, this is the second half of the Olympic Games without which the first games would be incomplete.

Two and a half million Paralympic tickets have been sold to the general public for these games, compared to one hundred and fifty thousand in Beijing. The people of Britain have shown the world how to embrace and love people of any colour. This can never again be taken away from them.

London Today


I took the train into London on Friday, one week after the Olympic closing ceremony party, and all the people were walking past me through a field of light. I realised that I had lived my whole life in the type of grey energy that disguises and makes sight difficult, but now in London the space between everyone was golden light. The people were just humans going about their business and they looked clean, they weren’t carrying grey energy with them. The Olympics were unexpectedly brilliant at changing the Londoner’s energy and hopefully that of the entire UK.  It put a smile on my face to be there.

Athletes leave London for home

Ethiopian Olympic champion Tirunesh Dibaba

By the Archangel Melchizadek

Beginning Monday 10,500 athletes and their coaches are leaving London to return home. They take with them the happiness of their stay in the city, and their share of the Olympic energy. The origin of the modern Olympics was to promote unity and connection around the world and these young athletes have woven a web of light between their cultures.

The energy of the city of London changed for two weeks and the challenge is to hang on to this. People were friendly and happy, but Londoners are friendly and happy – who says they’re not? They are continually told they are unfriendly, stand-offish and grumpy. Londoners have as much right to be happy as anyone on the planet. When society, newspapers and clever people try to take the population to a low-level of self-esteem we ask you to remember the Olympic Games, the two weeks of happiness and Londoner’s own good natures.

These were the crying games where the hearts of the athletes were free to open and the winners and losers cry without restraint. How hard it was in the past to hold those tears back and try not to feel; closing your heart down is not natural or helpful. You have to feel to cry, and the athletes and spectators at home cried. We’re encouraged by the open hearts we saw.

The energy created here is golden and light, and there is more energy than we could ever imagine.  In 2012 there will be a gradual shift in energy and it will be staggered. Because London hosted the Olympics they created the opportunity and space for this light to build on the surface of the planet, and it remains and aids the people of one of the largest cities of the world. There will be light against the dark, and light uncovering dark things hiding in dark corners. There’s a lot of light to work with now as we begin our work.

Olympic energy

By the Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

We are pleased beyond our expectations in the amount of energy created by the people of the hosting country and city. Take for example those athletes that talk about the “extra man” on the team from the effect of the cheering home crowd. What exactly is happening there?

In the athletics stadium every person that watches and hopes is creating some energy to lend to the athlete. That energy was created out of the emotions of the people’s hearts and created a warm, energetic opportunity for that person to be the best. Many have been helped by this and it has helped carry them forward. They are the ones who finish their races, etc, and don’t run out of energy but keep going, and they are overwhelmed by emotion.  Afterwards the energy so created doesn’t dissipate instantly; that goes against the laws of physics. It slowly dissipates over time.  The entire UK has been hosting events on the roads and lakes, and in the football stadiums from Wales to Scotland.

The last Olympic article talked about the Earth needing energy right now to be reborn, and in the last week she began her task. She has started in the UK and it’s a beautiful sight. To quote one who has been watching this take place, it’s “life.” It is life and vibrancy that piggybacks on the energy of the Olympics. Because you do not see the higher dimensions you are missing one of the biggest events that ever takes place in the greater universe: the old planet burning away leaving a fresh new planet to come up from underneath.

Many of your esoteric teachers have speculated that this will all happen on one day in December, but that would be extreme. No one ever intended it all to happen at once, it was always going to be this way. By December the process will be close to finishing. Some of you are now living on top of the new Earth, and you are living on a newly energetic planet. The old Earth is burning away in places and where she is new the energy is fresh, wholesome and healthy. You can’t make time stand still or hold back change.

I wrote that rebirth was too much to happen all at once, starting in Planet Earth Today and carrying on into the other books, and yet I didn’t fully understand. Last week I noticed my cat glued to the window for days watching again so I looked and saw flames with eyes. She saw Life.  Candace