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Before Stonehenge – Neolithic Orkney Islanders

Two years ago I wrote about the Orkney Islanders and their path to community ascension in www.candacecaddick.com/2012/08/neolithic-temple-in-the-orkney-islands/. The Orkney Islands are located near the fringes of our world, where the veils between the Earth and the universe are thinner and more easily breached. The August 2014 issue of National Geographic Magazine revisited the Orkneys and wrote about what’s been discovered in the archaeological digs. If you’re going to read both of my articles, start with the older one first.

Ring of Brodgar

Archaeologists have been uncovering more details from the temple dig on the largest isle of the Orkney’s. They found the oldest examples of the pottery used in Neolithic Europe on the Orkney’s, which was a stop on a major trade route allowing their pottery to spread widely. The Orkadian’s all mysteriously disappeared at once without a trace. But first, they had a big party. The shin bones of four hundred cattle were found arranged in their large hall, and then the roof was pulled in. Following that they were gone.

A few years back I went (as my higher self) to an ascension party out in the universe. The universe likes to celebrate when anyone steps into the light, it’s a recognition of the learning and experiences that were lived through in order to ascend. These islanders reached enlightenment through community, and as a community they held a celebration party before pulling the roof down and leaving en masse.

Those who lived on the Orkney’s learned what it was to be a human being, to love every member of their society and value them as highly as they did themselves. Their personal boundaries spread to include every member of the human race, whether they were friend or visiting stranger, all were treated with love. One day they all knew they had finished learning and were free to ascend to a higher level where they would keep learning from a new perspective. They would be taking nothing with them, and rather than abandon their animals they ate them, and those cattle died for that time.

Ascension isn’t turning into a beam of light or floating on a cloud. It is playing the same game of self-knowledge with new subtleties of thought and experience, and new responsibilities. Life exists in so many different levels and forms and it is always interesting.

©Candace Caddick

Breaking news about a underwater stone circle in the Orkneys. http://www.scotsman.com/news/stone-circle-to-rival-ring-of-brodgar-found-off-orkney-coast-1-1900933

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Neolithic Temple in the Orkney Islands

I’ve been following this news story because I wanted to see how this large temple in the Orkney’s fit into the story of the ancient sites on the rest of Britain. It’s far bigger than any other discovered in the UK, and is also older than Stonehenge.

Taking a look at a past civilisation is always interesting, and here is one I never looked at before. The Orkneys are flat and situated high above Scotland in the North Sea. What kind of civilisation existed way up there?  


The Orkney Neolithic population lived in a land where the sky, and especially the night sky, was almost the largest feature of their landscape. The night sky was filled with stars, and it is a part of the Earth where there are fewer obstacles between the people and the outer universe. They felt their connection to the universe, and that they were part of something larger than the Earth. They were part of Everything. Communication between people and the stars seems impossible to us, but it didn’t to them and they had two-way communication with the universe. It was a normal part of life.

These people were not Atlanteans, and they did not travel south to build Stonehenge or Avebury. When writing The Downfall of Atlantis we described the civilisations that ringed the Atlantic and the effect on them when the survivors of Atlantis settled among them, and what the Atlanteans learned from those who had never lived on Atlantis. These people on the Orkney Isles learned more by observing the night sky than they ever could have learned from the Atlanteans. They learned they were part of something that was much bigger than the Earth and the human race, and that they were a tiny part of a whole; and it changed the way they saw everything on this world.

This is just the beginning of the excavation of the new temple and there will be many surprises in store as layer after layer is revealed. What was important to them is not what is important to us now. A long time ago there was a lot of angelic attention paid to Atlantis and what was taking place there. These other people needed no instruction from angels, because they learned it all from the stars.

I don’t know about you, but I would quite like to go to the Orkneys for a visit. Candace

Orkney Island