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How Do Shifts in Energy Affect the Earth?

By Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth.

I want to talk about the crevice between New York City and the island of Manhattan. This deep crack in the energy begins in NYC, then extends northwards through the arctic ice where there is a large ice shelf getting ready to break away. It will be the biggest ice shelf to break off in the North to date. Southwards the crack in energy heads down the Atlantic seacoast.

Arctic sea ice melt

These shifts in energy can be hard to explain because people don’t see them, only seeing the results when they are incorporated into physical events.  Because the impetus for Earth angels to take action started with NYC the remainder of the crack becomes weaker the farther away it goes. If you had an old solid rubber ball, so old that it had begun to have cracks in it, this is similar to what is happening in the energy of the Earth. You could dig your fingers in and pull it apart, it has lost the strength and cohesion to resist. We are talking about digging our fingers into energy here, not the physical Earth.

Go forward in time a few years and what was once energy now affects the physical planet itself.  For example, if you have an idea of something to do, first you have the idea and then you follow through. Energy always comes first, then the physical. This is how you create on Earth, you have a thought then you manifest it in the physical realm – the idea is pure energy. (That’s the most important reason to avoid worry in your life and always look for the good in everything.)

A long time ago the Earth underwent the unimaginable wrenching away of a major archipelago in the destruction of Atlantis. That was necessary to correct a falling away of humanity from its purpose here on Earth, it was generously gifted with a second chance to learn what it was to be human by living and having experiences. This crack is not a human creation and you will have to wait to see how and when the Earth incorporates it into its physical body. The easiest and first physical manifestation will be the ice shelf breaking away in the Arctic. Under the ice shelf? Something new, or rather something old.

There is a renewed interest in Atlantis because we are remembering what it was like to live there. The Archangel’s first two books, Planet Earth Today and The Downfall of Atlantis talk a lot about what happened then, and why we are here on Earth. Books are available from online retailers or from my website.

©Candace Caddick

Coping Strategy for Change

By the Archangel Esmariel, Archangel of Transformation.

I am Esmariel, I assist those who ask for help during their process of transformation. Change is the energy of now, and all of this change has one goal: to allow you to become the best you can be as a human being. You have all reached the point in evolution where you are like caterpillars, pushing and stretching to break open a restricting shell. You are doing this by living on Earth today and you planned this for yourself. When you have broken open the carapace you, like the butterfly, will soar away. You will go from a position where you can barely move to flight. This is what all the turmoil in human life is working to achieve.


Maybe you don’t want life to become more uncertain, more dangerous or tumultuous? It is  reasonable to feel that way, if nothing ever changes you can predict what’s coming. But if you could see what we Archangels can see, the shell breaking open and the soaring new life – you would stop worrying.

It will make it easier if you become aware of this process of transformation you have engaged in. Stop and meditate on your life today. If you are tired, then what is the drag on your energy? What do you need to drop and walk away from? Attitudes, belongings, tiresome people? Read and listen to the news less, and when you do – try to remove yourself a degree to keep from drowning in violent stories. Your ability to hold joy makes a difference on the planet.

I wait for people to ask me for help in their personal transformation. When an angel helps it can take unexpected directions, but we all try to help from a position of light. You will be helped to learn something on your path but not in a way to crush or destroy you. We guide you to experiences  that are good for you to have, not harmful or setting you back a step. We are safe to ask for help. Just say with intention “Archangel Esmariel, please help me with my process of transformation.” I will step in and guide you in the process of change. This is my time to help.

Archangel Esmariel wrote one of the sections of Planet Earth Today all about change.

©Candace Caddick

The Crystal Consciousness

How well do you know crystals? This channeling by the crystal consciousness is to give you their point of view, to make their side of the human/crystal relationship more clear.

The crystal kingdom predates your arrival here by eons, we first appeared on this planet in our gaseous state on a ball of swirling gas that later became solid ground. The Earth at that time was in her first form, not as an immature planet but as an adult planet neither young nor old. We were the first lives here because we could exist here as gas, then cool alongside her into our separate forms. The father of crystals moved with the same ease you yourselves have when you move across the planet. We had our own game plan designed to  make the most of our time on Earth.

You see us on Earth in three dimensions because that is how you perceive your world.  We also exist on other planets in all twelve dimensions. We are actually in twelve dimensions here also, but you are only used to seeing three dimensions in your lives. This will change! You are changing and will one day see further than you do today.

In the distant past we were the first soul group to ascend on this planet and we faced a choice – to stay or go. We chose to stay with Earth living side by side with her beautiful soul in partnership. We are a team. In Atlantis we focused and channelled the energy of the Earth itself for the use of humans. We are clear and efficient channels of energy.

On Earth today we are re-emerging, coming closer to the surface. For a long time we stepped aside from the human game plan and stayed out of sight underground. The large crystals of Atlantis and the roles we played there have been discontinued until the time is right to show ourselves again. That time is not so far off now, we are awake and adjusting our locations. Some of us have withdrawn from previously held positions such as in Chicago.  We left Chicago in response to the needs of the Earth, not humankind. She needs to readjust herself physically. All is changing now in preparation for the new phase of the Earth’s existence.

All crystals are a part of the one crystal consciousness. Just as humans have divided their soul into seven billion splinters we have divided our physical presence into large and small crystals. The difference is that we chose to be 100% connected to each other in the way you are connected to your own fingers. You did not choose this same method to learn about who you are. If you share an experience with crystals on Earth today, we all know about it simultaneously. We gather information and share it, we watch and help you where we can. One day we will have a relationship with humans where we are just as alive to all people as the animals are, but that’s in the future. Right now we are teaching you as you are teaching us. That is how it should be.

There is much, much more about the role of crystals on Earth in my book Planet Earth Today. 

©Candace Caddick

Earth Ascension – How it Affects You

Planet Earth Today

Planet Earth Today

By Archangel Michael, Archangel of the Earth

Do you understand the world as a place where everything is alive, and being alive all have a soul? To an angel the idea that something lives and without a soul is complete nonsense, it implies that all your animals and insects are zombies. The Earth provides a space for souls to learn about life and who they are; soul groups enter with a plan to achieve this and use their experiences to increase in wisdom and love. Each life form here is working towards this knowledge, and with knowledge comes ascension. When the soul leaves a living body, the body is dead whether human, animal, or plant.  Each soul is equal to each other soul in size by the way we measure souls, which is by the amount of life present in the spiritual body, not size of the physical body.

Consider the largest physical body here, that of the planet Earth. It’s her turn to ascend now along with all but two of the life forms present on her surface. Humanity plus one other are not ascending at this time, but will be living on a planet that has finished learning everything she could at her present level of experience. She is taking a step into her future and into a higher vibrational state of being, with a greater outpouring of light. You will be living on a planet that has changed as much as a planet can change from the inside.

At the beginning of humanity’s time here the plan was to go with her when she ascended, but you are not yet ready. It doesn’t mean you can’t be ready in the future, but that you will not be delaying Earth and the others. You’ll keep working towards your own goal of ascension, in order to catch up with her. Where will she be? The analogy most of you will recognise is one of your computer games, where once a level is finished the player goes up a level and continues playing. She is going up a level. Her vibration is accelerating swiftly and her light is increasing. Your path is to accept and use the light in the form of love and truth and to work with it. Look around you and see where you can take action using love and truth, and then do it. The light will hold you steady while you look at humanity’s problems and act. Even though you have missed your first chance, it doesn’t mean another won’t appear. Earth’s ascension will help you rather than hinder you.

As always, it is of the utmost importance to use a form of self-healing such as Reiki, meditation, Sufi spinning, etc. to take each day’s increase in energy and consolidate it. Those of you who practise will therefore move gracefully and rapidly ahead in the new energy, and make it easy for yourselves. There will be those who instead of moving forward, will hit a glass wall and stop. This is one of the crunch times for your soul group, and you have a few surprises up your sleeve to make it a success. Don’t be afraid or worry, if you were not able to work with this energy you would not be reading this now.

Starting this weekend.

I visited Avebury last weekend to add to the preparations for this event. The Earth will use Avebury as the site it rises through to her new vibrational state, and the energetic structures were all in place to make this happen. “Rises through” means something else in the higher dimensions, the planet will not appear to be going anywhere in height, width and depth. The stones themselves were elongating and stretching high into the sky to hold their places in the new level. The ground is quivering more every day as the energy builds to something most resembling an orgasm.  

Angelic advice is to continue to ground yourselves, you can’t do this too often right now, the Earth is still supporting you. Do your best to balance next week by holding on to the things that support you with love and living in a rounded and balanced way. Be outside. Celebrate as the Earth undergoes a reincarnation-same-body experience, the small death where the new Earth is enhanced with more of her soul available for her use – more wisdom, more light, and more strength. Appreciate who she was, and all she is and will be. This is the biggest party of our lifetimes, and it would be a shame to miss it.                        

©Candace Caddick

Ebola, the Hidden Truth?

By Candace

I’m a clairaudient channel, and when I tune into a life form I can find the part of myself that is the same as that life, and then talk to it. There should be no exceptions, and as a very curious person I am able to talk to many, many life forms of the plant and animal kingdom. For instance, it is how I know that insects are so cheerful and optimistic. However, among all the viruses on the planet, there are a very few that have no voice. Ebola, HIV, swine flu, Lyme disease – how can they exist without a voice?

Planet Earth Today

Planet Earth Today

In the first book I wrote, Planet Earth Today, there is a description by the Archangel Arial of an assembled life form deep in the mines of Atlantis (I had to watch this, it was horrible):

“There was the grafting of body parts together from various species to see what kind of new animal they could make; as if the original animals had no consciousness to be abused! Would the animal live afterwards, or die? Some human/animal grafting took place also, of all kinds and descriptions. The stylised illustrations from ancient Egypt of their Gods were a far cry from the reality of these experiments. There was so much callousness towards the lives dismembered and put together “just to see if they live”, and if they would make a new sort of useful slave. One slave they created stood tall, at almost two metres, with a body similar to a wolf spider but with the huge powerful shoulders of a man. There were eight powerful arms that each ended in a human hand. This creature lived in the heat at the bottom of a mine where his power and dexterity allowed him to handle the ropes and levers like a living machine. Surrounded by humans he bellowed his confusion and pain, he had no idea why he was made like this or treated in this way. When people create a child they treat it with love, but these poor creatures were never given love and respect by their creators. These people should never have created these forms of life. We could see by this more than in any other way that Atlanteans had lost their ability to live and act with love and respect. Rest in peace all those created during those last days.”

If viruses are being assembled in a lab as the beginning steps in learning how to manufacture useful life forms, then they will have no voice. If these killer viruses are then found in Africa or an isolated pig pen in Mexico, then I suspect they arrived as part of an experiment using the local populations as guinea pigs. The reaction of western governments is to throw tax money at the drug companies to protect us from these viruses, at the rate of about one new scare a year. If you follow the money, the people who are profiting here are the big pharmaceutical companies.

I have confidence in my ability to channel life, and the fact that only these viruses are silent, yet obviously alive, makes me doubt their naturals origins.

©Candace Caddick