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Earth Ascension – How it Affects You

Planet Earth Today

Planet Earth Today

By Archangel Michael, Archangel of the Earth

Do you understand the world as a place where everything is alive, and being alive all have a soul? To an angel the idea that something lives and without a soul is complete nonsense, it implies that all your animals and insects are zombies. The Earth provides a space for souls to learn about life and who they are; soul groups enter with a plan to achieve this and use their experiences to increase in wisdom and love. Each life form here is working towards this knowledge, and with knowledge comes ascension. When the soul leaves a living body, the body is dead whether human, animal, or plant.  Each soul is equal to each other soul in size by the way we measure souls, which is by the amount of life present in the spiritual body, not size of the physical body.

Consider the largest physical body here, that of the planet Earth. It’s her turn to ascend now along with all but two of the life forms present on her surface. Humanity plus one other are not ascending at this time, but will be living on a planet that has finished learning everything she could at her present level of experience. She is taking a step into her future and into a higher vibrational state of being, with a greater outpouring of light. You will be living on a planet that has changed as much as a planet can change from the inside.

At the beginning of humanity’s time here the plan was to go with her when she ascended, but you are not yet ready. It doesn’t mean you can’t be ready in the future, but that you will not be delaying Earth and the others. You’ll keep working towards your own goal of ascension, in order to catch up with her. Where will she be? The analogy most of you will recognise is one of your computer games, where once a level is finished the player goes up a level and continues playing. She is going up a level. Her vibration is accelerating swiftly and her light is increasing. Your path is to accept and use the light in the form of love and truth and to work with it. Look around you and see where you can take action using love and truth, and then do it. The light will hold you steady while you look at humanity’s problems and act. Even though you have missed your first chance, it doesn’t mean another won’t appear. Earth’s ascension will help you rather than hinder you.

As always, it is of the utmost importance to use a form of self-healing such as Reiki, meditation, Sufi spinning, etc. to take each day’s increase in energy and consolidate it. Those of you who practise will therefore move gracefully and rapidly ahead in the new energy, and make it easy for yourselves. There will be those who instead of moving forward, will hit a glass wall and stop. This is one of the crunch times for your soul group, and you have a few surprises up your sleeve to make it a success. Don’t be afraid or worry, if you were not able to work with this energy you would not be reading this now.

Starting this weekend.

I visited Avebury last weekend to add to the preparations for this event. The Earth will use Avebury as the site it rises through to her new vibrational state, and the energetic structures were all in place to make this happen. “Rises through” means something else in the higher dimensions, the planet will not appear to be going anywhere in height, width and depth. The stones themselves were elongating and stretching high into the sky to hold their places in the new level. The ground is quivering more every day as the energy builds to something most resembling an orgasm.  

Angelic advice is to continue to ground yourselves, you can’t do this too often right now, the Earth is still supporting you. Do your best to balance next week by holding on to the things that support you with love and living in a rounded and balanced way. Be outside. Celebrate as the Earth undergoes a reincarnation-same-body experience, the small death where the new Earth is enhanced with more of her soul available for her use – more wisdom, more light, and more strength. Appreciate who she was, and all she is and will be. This is the biggest party of our lifetimes, and it would be a shame to miss it.                        

©Candace Caddick

Visions of an ascended Earth on 11-11-11

By GUEST BLOGGER Heather Caddick

On the morning of 11.11.11, at 11.11 I saw a sort of door of light open at the far side of the universe and through it shone a golden-pink beam of light from outside the universe, from the Source itself.   When the beam of light fell on me I became light and joined all the other particles of light in that beam, all made of one and the same substance.  Then I flowed with the light back through that door in the universe and found myself outside of it in a place that was so much bigger than our universe I had left behind.  It was mostly white and filled with billions of golden lights like stars twinkling in the whiteness and each of those golden stars was a being.  I could hear joy coming from so many voices in laughter and singing.  Beyond the great complex layers of whiteness, the full extent of which I could not see or understand, I think were more universes all ballooning off like ours, as separate little spheres all attached to this great Source whiteness.

Then I was physically turned around and pushed face down back through the hole into our universe and I saw the Earth in front of me.  She was covered in an outer crust that was foreign to her and as I watched she shook violently and this outer layer cracked and broke off.  Underneath she was covered in what looked like red-black raw pounded meat which was horrible and also not her but was covering her under the outer crust.  Very gently this raw red layer was washed off her with handfuls of golden light.  This took time but when it was finished and the last piece of red flesh was washed away, she hung golden in space, newly formed of the golden-pink light of God, all still swirling with the continents and oceans not yet distinguished and formed.  Gradually she settled and her oceans and continents were reformed green and blue with golden-pink hues.  Then I saw what it was to be an ascended being – this was an image of the Earth in her ascended state to come, and to be ascended is to have all the wisdom of eons that you have collected but to have all the care washed away.  She and the other little planets in our solar system were then in an untouchable and safe part of our universe and they ran around and played together like little children.  They gambolled and played with so much laughter; all their happy innocence of childhood returned to now live permanently in a state of happy, playful bliss.  This is the height of wisdom; so wise and so experienced as to want to return to the happiest state of all – childhood innocence.  Now I understand why talking to a crystal (which is an ascended race) is like talking to a very happy, excited child.  They are wise, independent and self-assured yet everything in life to them is terribly exciting and exhilarating; the wisdom of the universe with the joy of childhood.

Transformation before ascension

Archangel Esmariel

Transformation is an irresistible force, and is another word for change and growth. All things change and grow, but they do not have preset directions. You may understand that the planet is on her way to ascension, and it is her intention to ascend at the right time.  There is no guarantee that this will happen. We wrote last week about becoming one with all life on this planet, and it includes having goals that are the same as other species and working together with them. As long as humanity is divorced from the rest of life there is doubt introduced regarding successful ascension.

There is an overwhelming majority of humans who don’t know or care if the planet ever ascends. A few care and work as torch-bearers leading the way for others to follow. What would humanity have to gain by joining in and working with the planet and the other life here? How about happiness for all, sense of purpose in being alive, integration and end of loneliness? Many would love to have this as their daily lives, but people really don’t know anything about any of this. You are starting your journey from down in a hole. You don’t know you could be one soul group together if you wished to be, or one with the other lives here, animal, plant, insect, etc. So we look and we see a writhing mess of unhappiness and loneliness. Many people just exist without any function besides eating, sleeping and staying alive.  Their lives are grey with unhappiness.

It’s a new spring with new opportunities, new growth and new life. This channel already knows how to be one with all life and this planet, and there are one or two others out there who also know how to do this. It’s possible to live like this now and not wait for some distant day. In fact we are really hoping some of you will take these steps now and change the overall energy of humanity. Transformation is my essence, it’s what I do and I work with all those who ask for my help. Don’t forget that I’m here; when you are ready to change you will be entering the flow of light.


It’s easiest to take on one outside consciousness at a time. You don’t need to be in a hurry.


P.S. This is the hard part about giving over my space to archangels for writing their messages. Am I supposed to say “I can help you do this?” then teach others how to become one with all of life, or just post what they write? (I asked them, and they said there are some out there that are ready to learn, so I guess this article is aimed at you.)

Sunlight and spring days

Archangel of light

It’s been sunny in the UK for a week! Its time to drop everything that keeps you indoors and get outside in the new world. You’re being given fine weather and a stunningly beautiful spring to leave your homes and offices and just spend time outside. It’s important to reacquaint yourselves with nature, and soak up the sunshine you need to heal and clean yourselves of the dark winter. Its like shaking off a dark, dank cloud.

Some people didn’t come outside in this fine weather. They are focussed on the trivial things they do that seem important, but are not as important as being outside. Others never even notice anymore what the weather is like as their minds wander in electronic entertainment pathways. You have so little sunlight in the UK that you adapt to the interior life, or half-life.

Those of you that spent a lot of time outside have by now:

1.       Raised their vibration more towards light

2.       Interacted with the living plants, birds, animals and insects by being among them, being part of the natural world and less of the solely human world

3.       Been balanced by the vibrations of the living trees and plants that you have passed by

One day in the not too far distant future you will be so in tune with your surroundings that you become one with all life on this planet. You will do it by being accepted by the consciousnesses of all life here, one by one. Then you will all go to light, ascending with a planet of light. Think of every day spent outside as a small step towards that day.

Time and Its Many Layers – part two

First Elohim

The last time I spoke about the relationship of the Earth to the Universe and how linear time would need to be released before the planet ascends. This is not a problem for the planet, as she could release time in an instant. We look at the human race and see that there is a long way to go before you can give up your artificial concept of linear time; linear time that is meaningless on all planets except this one.

For now you may practice releasing the future and all its worries, releasing the past and all its mistakes, and the present itself. All gone, and what is left? Suddenly there is only you, the real you as you exist without the burden and worry of time. This is the closest some of you will ever get while you are alive to meeting your real self, your inner soul; the part of you that lives beyond your lifetimes.

What is the point of releasing time in this way, in a temporary fashion? One big part is the joy at meeting yourself without being partially hidden behind the veils of time, and joy is a valuable destination in itself. Another part is that you weaken the misconception of time in your life by letting it go. Linear time is false, and when you finally see the truth of no-time it is empowering, as the truth always empowers. You won’t feel so small and insignificant, like an autumnal leaf blowing on the wind.

You have the challenge of living through days and seasons knowing that you are caught up in linear time, and for some of you stepping sideways into the timeless truth of the Universe.

I’ve done this many times, and found it easy to walk in other times and places while leaving my body behind. One day a year ago while visiting Fountains Abbey ruins in Yorkshire I wished to see what it was like there without time. I found myself being jostled by all the monks who had lived there over the centuries, all walking the paths with me at once. This was fairly uncomfortable (too many people!) but also so alien to the way we are used to seeing our surroundings. We weren’t brought up to live without time and it’s not an easy concept. When we hear anecdotal stories about walking into villages from the past that are there one day and gone the next (as happened to a friend of mine on a Devon coastal walk), the villages are of course there in their own time. They are still there as all time is now, and we can still step into them.      Candace

Again, there is more written about time in the book Downfall of Atlantis.