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Weather Speeds Up Change

Flooded Somerset levels, photograph by Ben Birchall

By the Archangel Melchizadek

Could you ever have imagined either the United Kingdom, or United States under lock-down where you were forced to keep to your homes or neighbourhoods? And yet the last few months have restricted your ability to travel. In the case of flooding in the UK, infrastructure is not going to be fully repaired for years.  You were worried about the coastlines, but the weakening of the inland roads, bridges, railways, river defences, water mains, etc. will only become apparent over the months to come. The Earth herself is remodelling the island by using water. In the course of twelve months many things you took for granted will have changed, and your choices of how to best spend your time will have altered also. To go back to “How fast will change take place?”, you are living through decades of change in one year.

Next  year, is it going to be more of the same? That depends on how you respond to this year’s changes. You could a) try to restore everything to the way it was, or b) be more flexible. In b), we could see a new list of priorities put into action based on what you might need in the future. The list could be very forward looking, and we would like to see the emphasis on your localities. There are no threats here, but if you thought you were in for the same amount of rain and wind, would you be pleased to see the exact same flooding problems? Perhaps you could make a start on new ways of doing things that included balancing the planet you live on. One truth – you can not hold back the sea. The sea will rise and fall to suit the planet’s needs, and it’s not balanced yet.

The ability to be flexible and listen to your inner voice has always been a sign of human evolution. You are very adaptable and right now you are facing one of the big pathway choices in your time on Earth. Either move backwards to what you have always done, or move forward along on a new path.

In all the talk of snow and rain, don’t forget the droughts in Pakistan, California, etc. and the massive heat wave in Australia. Candace

©Candace Caddick

A Watery World

Dawlish railroad tracks 5 Feb 2014. Picture by Andy Styles

By the King Under the Sea

The King Under the Sea looks a bit like a Kelpie. He is an elemental and like the other water elementals works for the planet, but only in the watery part of the world. They help us out enormously by cleaning and dispersing the toxins we pour into the oceans. Imagine if someone routinely parked a space ship over our heads and flushed their toilets out onto the planet. Someone would end up doing the cleaning.

The King orchestrates the other elementals, and directs resources so they are best  used. On dry ground we may call him the boss, but under the water he is the being best suited for organising the others. He is not considered higher in rank than anyone else. Again, think of a colour wheel – one colour does not outrank another; they are just different.

Greetings! I do not usually have much to do with you who live on dry land, but many of you have noticed that your land is not so dry right now. In the UK it is running with rainwater, in the US it is piled high with frozen water. All is part of my realm; my fingerprints are in every drop of water. Where there is drought, as in the Napa Valley of California, the balance of water has shifted. It is a fluid, ever-moving element.

Dry land has been very static of recent years, and it is as if you think nothing will ever change the boundaries between the land and sea. There is more than a trace of the laws of property about this: humans feel they own parcels of land up to the beaches and that is the end of the story.

5,000 years ago the land of Dogger between the Netherlands and eastern England was a hunting ground. There are maritime archaeological digs in the villages drowned under the Channel. Bodiam and Harlech Castles were on the coastlines, but are now miles inland. The water of the world is not static, and not under your control. The best way to meet it is to be as flexible as it is. Water can’t be pinned to one level.

I see a world where the boundaries between land and sea return to being much less fixed in place, where what has become rigid releases its hold and begins to move. Maybe one year it will be dry land, and another under water. In the UK you had marshy valleys that are presently drained, particularly in Scotland. It was easier to row across the middle than travel around the ends of the lochs. Coastlines move and move with the wave action. You cannot hold back the sea or the rain, it is part of the Earth and beyond your control. We feel we have been shut out of parts of the Earth where we once lived, and we are ready to rediscover these areas. Every bit of the Earth is different from the piece next to it, and we’ve missed living with some of the dry areas.

©Candace Caddick


Snow, Ice and Floods

By the Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

When we write about the energy changing in the New Year there is an example right in front of your eyes. The change we are talking about is the shift to living more locally. Spending less time going somewhere else to do the things you could be doing nearer to home. This is the overall behind-the-scenes energy that is blanketing the Earth right now. When you spend your money locally it stays in the community for your own benefit. Buying from national chain stores does not keep the money in your area.

This energy has manifested as extreme cold in North America, and extreme flooding in parts of the UK. It’s either too cold to leave the house for trivial reasons, or too hard to make your way around the flooded roads. Staying home has been forced on many of you. Take a moment to see how you feel about slowing down and waiting for the weather to pass.

Is this going to be the new energy for ever? The main point about energy flowing and changing is that it moves through one quality to another. By its very nature energy has to change, or it stagnates. When you are gifted with a blanket of energy as you are right now, you know that one day it will be gone. The best way to use any change in energy is to learn about yourself in a new set of circumstances. Learn everything you can so that when it changes you don’t need to experience the same again. You will be moving forward at the same speed as the planet, and that is by far the easiest way to live. This advice is to help everyone possible to move forward easily, painlessly and at a good rate of speed. Not everyone will be able to do this and they may find themselves once again kept close to home while others are moving on. This could happen through illness or by a car breaking down, or the closure of a railway line. It’s a time for everyone to be alert to everything happening in your world, and take nothing for granted. We angels of light are counting on a number of you coming through these changing times and leading the way forward.

©Candace Caddick

The energy of winter

Sapporo Snow Festival

By the consciousness of Winter

“Winter is something that is not always understood or valued. I am the equivalent of your nights’ sleep for the plants, some animals and surface of the planet. They have three seasons to be awake and then they fall asleep for my time of year. Plants and soil need a respite too, a quiet time to simply rest and not be pushing out growth or supporting the growth in plants. Pushing and supporting take a great deal of energy, and these are living beings. Their rest period allows them to come back in the spring refreshed and ready to go again. It’s all about energy and how it is allocated. Humanity is affected by winter also, it encourages you to slow down and it urges you to play.

I am a benign consciousness; I lay a fluffy snow blanket down, turn down the lights and look after the world at my time of year. I could be a mother or nursery maid looking after those in my care, and I stay awake and see that no harm comes. When Spring comes knocking irresistibly at the bedroom door I open it to let in new light and energy and leave until it is my time again.  If you had no winter for rest you would not be living here on Earth, you would be on a planet where no one required sleep. It’s part of your integral programming to sleep at night, and during the winter.

Humans are so restless, please enjoy the opportunity to slow down for a season and play in the snow. Snow is made for playing, for cheerfulness, beauty and joy. It’s my gift. Winter has its own rhythm and charm, and is welcomed by life for the change of pace. Take advantage of the chance to slow down and rest once a year. The purpose of winter is to maintain life by allowing it to rest and sleep. “

We had four inches here last Saturday night, and I could hear all those snowflakes excitedly giggling in the middle of the night. It was water in a new form, and they were enjoying it en masse. By dawn the snowflakes were gently humming the same song and a few hours later were simply whispering “shh…” No cars went by, just people walking and laughing with sleds heading for the park on Sunday to enjoy the snow.

I asked Winter about the tropics, and he said “People understand the need to slow down in the tropics, they use heat to get them to rest in the day and their plants have a different, slower rhythm than temperate plants.” I could see that his restful energy was present in the tropics, but more like a daily pulse than a seasonal one.

Woodland Tapestry of Life

Archangel Melchizadek

It snowed today, enough to coat every branch and leaf in white. Each holly leaf could hold an inch by itself in its thorny cup. A white blanket was laid down to snuggle under and take a winter’s rest. That hush you hear in the woods after the first snowfall is more than the silence of sleeping animals. It’s the annual rest for the plants, hibernating like the warm blooded woodland residents. There’s an end to the constant chatter of the plant kingdom.

But you say you don’t hear plants talk?

Most of you are so used to hearing the continual rumble and speech, from the lowest sounds from the largest tree roots to high piping sounds of the smaller, younger plants that you ignore it. You all have the capacity to hear and understand the sense of what they are talking about. It’s quiet now in the winter latitudes, and you will have a chance to listen in again in the spring.

In the spring the sounds are of a vast excitement, the bluebell bulbs are reining themselves in, trying not to burst through the soil before it’s their appropriate time. They can’t wait to get up there and flower to be part of the whole life of the woods, each part indispensable. They weave between them a tapestry of life made up of every plant, animal and insect. (Especially the insects, who go-between and unify the others.)

Where do you humans fit into this picture, and how do you relate to the rest of the life on this planet? You are 99.99% left out of the picture. You work with very few other life forms and you walk through your lives as if you are the only ones consciously alive.  You could not be more wrong. When you think of angels do you think we only work to help you, and communicate with humanity? We work with all life in this universe, we help all who ask us and your fellow life forms on this planet have asked us for help. They find it increasingly difficult to maintain life here as the planet is degraded through your activities. We know that many of you do not support this planetary degradation. What are you going to do about it?