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Spring Ecstasy

Spring Daffodils

The elemental energy of Spring

Spring arrived on the 20th of March, and the stillness of the previous months came to an end. It’s a gentle start; as if you stood up from a chair and were beginning to walk. The preceding two months were more than the quiet of winter; it was a period without forward motion. That continues as the underlying energy this year until the 14th of April. But Spring is irrepressible, it can’t be held back because the background energy is quiet and still. When Spring arrived events started to move forward again.

You are being eased into the most rambunctious Spring energy that Earth has seen for 26,000 years. This is the time of year that plants burst into life and grow as fast as they can to be ready for the summer. Your Northern Hemisphere Spring is early, and your summer will be early. You are going to be drenched in light this year to help you all move forward at your own speed. The sunlight changes the way people feel about their lives and the beautiful days draw them outside. When you are outdoors you are in our world, the fresh world of the elementals and plants and animals. Our energy is clean and flowing, and interaction with us changes the way you see your lives. Sunlight is important for life and growth, and you need it as much as any green plant.

Recently you were gifted with the largest solar flares on record. The energy of those flares was like a starting gun at a race. Many of you have been ill, and clearing out your bodies. You have taken the first step to change your physical body to blend in with the new energy, and the sun gave you a strong dose of the new energy. It is your local representative of the Central Sun of the universe. Light is light, and the Source of all light uses stars to distribute it to less shiny beings. If you did not clear out your bodies with sickness you would be stockpiling toxins and bacteria. When you are well it is time to walk forward with greater ease. Get outside and soak up some sunlight and use it to make yourself feel happy. It’s a very happy spring.