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How Fast Can Change Happen?

Ishinomaki, Japan after the tsunami

Sometimes when I’m asleep I get a dream to explain a problem I’ve been thinking about during the day. If you ask for help or an explanation before falling asleep you can be relaxed enough to receive information you resist when you are awake.

This was a short dream about a meteor destroying London completely in an instant. I live twenty miles from London and everything we were used to was gone. No one could buy food, fuel for cars (which were now useless,) heat or water. We barely had homes still standing. And then we all adapted very quickly and life went on. It could have been another type of natural disaster such as a major earthquake or tsunami.

My angelic guides showed me the speed of change in this scenario, and the speed of human adaption to new circumstances. We have a tendency to think we will have time to change, particularly in the case of global warming, or that we find change difficult. We try to have advance notice of hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes rumbling, and terrorist attacks. There was advance notice of Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans.

We perceive change as too hard sometimes, it’s hard to stop eating junk food or use the car less; but we change faster and more easily than we think. Change is not always hard or something to fear.  We are pretty adaptable as a species, and we won’t always have much notice of change.

©Candace Caddick