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How to Spin a Stone Circle

By the Archangel Michael.

This article follows on from the previous one, http://www.candacecaddick.com/2015/03/spinning-ahead-in-time/.

Swinside, Circle, Cumbria UK

A few words on starting any stone circle spinning. They are fluid, higher dimensional structures that you see as standing stones in a flat circle. Spherical in shape, they spin with each dimension spinning in a slightly different directions. This keeps the balls spinning in one place, instead of travelling across the landscape with the energy, or the dimensions becoming seperated. They are dynamos, receiving energy and driving it outwards.

The stones that make up each circle govern each one. In order to help these stones it is necessary to become part of the stone circle yourself by accepting the energy gift given to those who come and work with them. As part of the circle one is helped to become completely grounded, and feel the Earth’s energy rise over your head. From the position of being under the Earth’s energy surface it is possible to slot yourself into the circle and begin to pull it along. You are a stone within a circle, and you start walking, taking the whole circle with you energetically. Following as closely as you can to the line of the stones, walk counter-clockwise.

Did it turn? Does it feel like the energy has picked up and changed? Can you see a difference in the light coming from the circle?

It’s possible that you do not see the stones move around in a circle, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the circle is stationary. There will be three dimensions quiet, and nine moving. The Earth responds to the movement.

When a few of us started the large circle of Avebury moving, it felt like we had thick belts around our waists and were pulling a heavy load behind. It also felt like the perfect pathway would have been to climb over each stone and stay exactly in line with them. A few people joined in remotely with those of us who were present, and they were able to walk in the exact line of stones. Candace

©Candace Caddick

Winter healing at Avebury stone circle

Avebury Stone Circel

I organised a healing day to Avebury where my Archangelic guides gave me the agenda. We started as a circle in the centre of Avebury (which was completely filled with beings of light) where we all became one stone together, and as a stone we were able to focus the energy down into the Earth from the outer universe. As conduits we absorbed the energy from above and the energy from below, and we were filled up with love. After a while we went over to stand in two places on the other side, going through the gateway that some people refer to as the male and female stones. As soon as you walk through there you have left behind the heaviness of the modern world and are in a place where it is easier than ever to see all the dimensions present. We divided and stood in two groups talking among ourselves. My conversation about what I needed to leave behind to be stronger and more whole changed the energy of the ground beneath our feet. We felt the change as the living Earth listened and responded to the energy of me leaving behind old stuff and moving forward. We were aware that we were opening a couple of long conduits down into the Earth where we were standing, and what we were saying speeded up the process. It was wonderful to us to interact with a living planet, and it’s the first time I’ve felt her energy respond in quite that way.

On the way to lunch we stopped and visited some of the stones we were passing. One friend spotted the stone that was a map of her home country, down to the dimples where her birthplace and adult home had been before leaving as a refugee. It was a very caring stone, and also a shape-shifter that showed people what they needed for healing. It offered love and a hug. I found the one that is a portal to the outer universe and stepped out into the stars, and then had to come back, reluctantly. It’s so beautiful out there, and it felt like home to me. Others connected to stones that had something to offer them.

Then after lunch we had the main event where we walked to the end of the processional way. In the last three or four years I had noticed that above Avebury was contained in a bubble above and below ground. I didn’t know why it was there. Our job on Friday was to walk back down the processional way as druids and through a door into another parallel dimension. Once we had entered that door we would be working with the whole circle and not just one area of it. Dividing again into two parties we walked the boundaries to meet at the far side as the walls of the bubble rolled up behind us and light spilled out.  From that point on the whole area was overwhelmingly happy. Then we were done and ready for a cup of tea and the gift shop.

I am not a druid, but we were doing druid activities all day, and I could see who among us was wearing their past-life white robes while striding along, especially going back to the circle.  Thousands of years ago the druids were the link between the dimensions and became part of the energetic transfer and connection from the Earth to the Universe and vice versa, and by doing that pulled this energy through the entire human race as their representatives. We effectively became mini-stones and helped amplify the energy and assist the stones doing what they want to do. It helps humanity to fill up with the love of Mother below (Earth) and Mother above (Universe). This day re-awakened an old forgotten pattern for us all. Druids were the gardeners of the stones, and they used to stand in the circle humming, which the stones loved. Asking the stones what that was like for them I got the image of a stony backrub. The humming amplified the sound and spread it farther out. Druids used ceremony to get them into the trancelike state to work with the higher dimensions.

Driving away the circle looked empty of houses, so I think there are two Aveburys present there at the moment. The buildings may have been there for centuries but they are flickering now. In the long history of this site those buildings have only been there a small blip in time, and the stones have been renewed many times. One comment was, “it would be like living in a cathedral.”

As we were leaving one friend said, “That was great, I haven’t done that before.” I replied it’s always like that when I go.

Winter happenings at Avebury Stone Circle

Four of us from my Earth Healing group went to Avebury Stone Circle yesterday for a visit. Usually when I go there’s something new to notice and take care of, and this was an interesting mid-winter visit. It was a very quiet day – in more ways than one. The stones in the great circle usually have a lot to say and are happy to talk to visitors, but this time their attention is focused on the sky. They’re busy, and if you say feeble human things like “That wave of energy is coming very soon, perhaps within the next two weeks, they say “We Know!”” We’re guessing, they absolutely know. They are very hard at work preparing.

Stepping into the great circle the drumming from the springtime has subsided, and the circle is spinning if you walk clockwise. It can feel a little dizzy but it’s supposed to spin, and it’s like walking on one of those moving walkways from inside an airport (not if you walk counter-clockwise.) These stones used to look grey, but now they appear like white quartz, shining with light and they’re all there restored to their places. You have to struggle to see the grey stones and the gaps in the circles their energy is now so strong.

I have previously written about the role of Avebury in the ascension of the planet in Downfall of Atlantis, so I’ll move on now as the Avebury circle itself is waiting to speak.

“We exist on your physical plane as an incomplete circle and an ancient ruin. This is such a small part of who we are that you can’t understand us by visiting and looking at stones. We are so much, much more. In the last few years we have been waking up and getting ready to resume our function for the planet Earth.

We were put here by Atlanteans to align this planet with specific stars. Time has moved slowly for those stars and we continue in alignment. They exert a pull on this planet by anchoring through us, we are an extension of these stars, and we maintain connection of this planet to the outer universe. Lately we’ve been resting and waiting for the right time, and when that came we began preparations to reconnect this beautiful planet back into her place in the universe so that her voice and song can be heard again among her universal family of planets. There is only one family of planets and they sing together like a choir, and all their voices together make a cushion of sound that fills this universe. Your planet has been silent a long time and the song is incomplete without her voice. When the planets sing together there is balance and light in the dark spaces, and all of life is cushioned and protected with their softness and gentleness (although some planets are quite fierce!) You live on a very sweet-natured planet, like a favourite little sister to the others.

Avebury is ready for the Earth to resume her song.”

You know that wave of energy we’re expecting to hit the Earth in 2012? It could come from inside her, from the song.

The Golden City of Atlantis – Under London?

The Downfall of Atlantis

How many of you have travelled by train out of London and been depressed by the sheer dreariness of it all?  Look closely at what lies beneath the layers of modern city and you will see a golden city shining through.

The Guardian of London

“I am the guardian of London, a city ancient beyond your wildest imaginings. Once upon a time there was a beautiful, fruitful island, which was a distant part of an archipelago. Britain was considered a backwater of the sophisticated Atlantean system, an island of orchards and farmland. Comparatively rustic and rainy, it served as a supplier of food to the larger islands where the central cities were situated. It was lightly populated and, like Ireland, did not vanish with the rest of Atlantis. Why not? These two northern islands were not part of the cloning disasters and civil wars that tore the Atlantean civilisation apart. (Please see “The Downfall of Atlantis” for whole chapters on that sad story.)

The Golden City of Atlantis was the local capital and beautiful as all Atlantean cities were beautiful, with streams of running water in verdant gardens and white buildings of smooth stone. The light of universal energy is golden, and the location of this city on this remote island served to connect it to the Earth below and outward to the heavens. This was a special place, a transmitter to the universe of the voice of the Earth. The city was shaped with lower lying buildings on the outward edges building to a single, high pyramid of slender dimensions in the middle. This wasn’t a pyramid for grounding the energy of the universe, it was one for transmitting. The vast, sprawling city of London, England today sits on the site of the Golden City.

Why did no one know about London and why are we bringing through this information now? Times are changing so rapidly, and your rollercoaster ride has begun. By giving you this information now and bringing it from the misty past into your present consciousness we give you the power to uncover the city and make it ready for resuming its original function. It’s tied in with the great stone circles in Britain and Ireland, and will transmit because they are providing the energy. The city as it stands will begin to transmit broken signals. But the information it will transmit is stronger than your depressing buildings. This message is about letting go and allowing flow to take place, not trying to rebuild the present but looking for the next form of city. You can not stop the voice of the Earth being heard again in the heavens.

The events that are so close to you now include restarting the Earth’s engine and pumping her energy along the ley lines, followed by her shaking herself off like a wet dog. Yes, that vigorously. Don’t be frightened; be happy to be part of a return to the light, to wholeness and health. Give up attachment to temporary possessions, and remember that you are a soul with a physical body. Your soul is safe whether the body is dead or alive. And as spring follows winter, life follows death and the new life is lived on a planet of health and plenty. The good times will have returned and you will be a part of them.  (Pyramids, Earth’s engine, ley lines and stone circles are covered in “The Downfall of Atlantis”.)

The resumption of service to the stars will stress your current city, but it is the correct location for this transmitter city. The transmission is made up of an energetic blend of Earth and humanity and in the past this was understood. The benefits of living in the flow of universal energy were known to be so desirable that the people were devoted to maintaining the structure and forms necessary. This is why this island was not destroyed with the others, and why the cloning and civil wars never took hold. Those great evils were unable to get a foothold in Britain.

Avebury healing visit

I had a quick run over to Avebury yesterday to meet some old and new friends and spend the day in the stone circle. When we arrived the inside of the circle was so busy! Not with people, the car park was empty. The circle itself is busy doing what it was set up to do. It’s most noticeable where there are the fewest gaps in the stones as a swaying, dancing energy moving to the drumbeat that coordinates the circle. Stop and listen to the underlying sound of the circle. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live inside Avebury now.

The day before I could see that my friends would make golden connections to the stones of the circle that would keep them in contact with Avebury even after they went away. I told the circle we were here for a visit and who we were. Immediately we were told to go to a certain place in the circle, and go there now! We went, of course, and standing in a group of five the energy poured up through our feet for a few minutes. First I could see that our internal structure was changing, becoming overlaid with straight lines like a skyscraper under construction. There are a lot of straight lines with minerals, and we’re fairly soft and curvy. The crystalline structure built through our bodies and altered us. Our energetic bodies now looked like mineral, one granite, yellow quartz, another was one of those sharp, pointy minerals, and myself quartz also. The last person became a large tree.  (There are some especially nice trees at Avebury also.) We spent the rest of the day as kin to the circle, with an unbreakable bond.

The circle of Avebury itself has a consciousness and a life of its own. (In fact so many more things have consciousnesses than you could imagine.) That consciousness assessed us as individuals and met our needs by strengthening us with mineral. From that point on I’ve been feeling very different, more than just stronger physically, but stronger mentally also, and balanced and peaceful. One of the nice things to take away from a day like that is the certainty that there is more love in the world than we ever seem to be able to notice on a daily basis.

The wind blew and it rained, but both were part of the gift of being able to go there and become part of something larger than ourselves.