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Canada the exquisite

Bear consciousness

I am the symbol of Canada, the bear of the mountains and forest, meadows and rivers; of endless summer nights and the long, cold winter sleep. I am a spirit bear in the winter, a shamanic traveller and warrior, and when my body awakes in the spring I return to it.  It is a special gift to be able to spend so much time in the other world without having to wake. Part of my pleasure in the summer is knowing that the winter will be so exciting.

Canada is a special place, different from Russia and Scandinavia because this continent has been separated for a long time from the others. We have grown into a different purpose, just as your elbow is different from your liver. Canada holds the purest energy, a reservoir of the original energy of the Earth before it was spoiled. It’s a place where the bear and wolf live, patrolling and protecting the purity of the energy here. Pure energy is something worth protecting; it’s like the garden before the fall. It is a vibrant, healthy land teeming with life, and we love it with all our hearts.

The great wound of the tar sand works at Athabasca River is a wound of size and magnitude to grieve and concern us residents. This wound is more than what you see with your eyes, it is a poison wound affecting all of this country. It ripples away from Athabasca and blankets all the lower part of the country in smog, leaving only the most Arctic areas clean.  This comes down to actually caring for the planet, caring enough to act in whatever way will be helpful. Refuse to buy the oil! Walk or bicycle, and ask where the oil came from for your cars. The poison that spreads across Canada is a killing energy; first you have the energy, and then you have the results in the physical world. It’s always about the energy.

If you google the pictures of the tar sand fields you will see what is going on in Canada.

The Truth, as told by the Wolves

Wolf consciousness

Like a knife’s edge, wolves cut through fabrication.  Raw and untamed, they are the essence of life’s true nature, the full, complete and whole being that every species should be like.

After the trees said there was a queue of beings who wanted to be heard I took a look at it. It looks like a mob! My primary guides are letting them speak in an order that they approve. I think if you keep reading these blogs they should follow each other logically, leading all of us to a new understanding of our planet and the times we live in. When you have timeless guides they can look back and see how it all worked out down here, and put the blogs in the most useful order by content.

When I write that the wolf consciousness is talking, that means the soul of the wolf has divided itself into many wolf bodies, then those wolves are able to communicate with each other through that one soul. The reason that humans do not communicate this way is that we chose not to incorporate that into our experience of being human.

Our world is made of trees and wilderness and running under the moon below branches that are just the right height to dash beneath. Our days and nights are spent as part of a complex world, we are aware of all the living animals, the birds, the insects, the small mammals and the large that we can eat. We pick up information from the breeze about the coming weather and the locations of many, many life forms. Not just through our noses, through our fur and whiskers. The Earth whispers into our ears and is alive with her own consciousness, a being in herself. We feel the quality of the Earth beneath our paws, the temperature of the night, the health of that spot on the planet.

You share this planet with us, but you do not share this planet with us. The overwhelming majority of humanity is isolated in boxes with artificial air (ugh!), and you move from inside one box to the inside of another. Having isolated yourselves you lost your knowledge of us, all of us, and we are unknown to you now. Your dealings are within your species now and we do not interact with you on a personal level. The very few exceptions you allow in are house pets and farm animals. We salute all animals who sacrifice a natural life to live in your boxes and try to teach you and include you in the life of world. These animals are the only ones you are really familiar with and what do you find? You find love, personality, faithfulness, good humour and kindness, sweetness of temper, generosity and truth.

“The microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm”. This is the channel’s favourite phrase, and we would like to talk about how we see it. We animals are all the things listed above because we are a reflection of the larger planet Earth. The planet we live on and are connected to has love, personality, faithfulness, good humour and kindness, sweetness of temper, generosity and truth. She is our partner in all things and she is our mother and home. You have all these qualities too as you reflect the planet that you live on. You are, in some ways, an extension of this planet. You hurt the planet, you hurt yourselves. Now for our question: Why do you let a tiny few hurt the planet when there are so many who do not wish it?

Why are the wolves saying this and not someone else?

Have you LOOKED at what is happening at Athabasca Falls in Alberta, Canada? Could any more damage be done to the Earth than the extraction of oil from tar sands? (President Obama this weekend approved the pipeline to bring the oil down to Texas.) It would be better to walk than to use oil that came from such a source. We sit in a ring around this area and howl our sorrow because what hurts the Earth hurts us. We can’t stop it.

A few years ago I looked for the connecting sites on the planet to make sure the connections were in good order before they were needed. Among the usual sites of Machu Pichu, Avebury, etc. was the large site of Athabasca Falls. Years later I read the National Geographic article on oil sands and saw the destruction. http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2009/03/canadian-oil-sands/kunzig-text