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How Do Shifts in Energy Affect the Earth?

By Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth.

I want to talk about the crevice between New York City and the island of Manhattan. This deep crack in the energy begins in NYC, then extends northwards through the arctic ice where there is a large ice shelf getting ready to break away. It will be the biggest ice shelf to break off in the North to date. Southwards the crack in energy heads down the Atlantic seacoast.

Arctic sea ice melt

These shifts in energy can be hard to explain because people don’t see them, only seeing the results when they are incorporated into physical events.  Because the impetus for Earth angels to take action started with NYC the remainder of the crack becomes weaker the farther away it goes. If you had an old solid rubber ball, so old that it had begun to have cracks in it, this is similar to what is happening in the energy of the Earth. You could dig your fingers in and pull it apart, it has lost the strength and cohesion to resist. We are talking about digging our fingers into energy here, not the physical Earth.

Go forward in time a few years and what was once energy now affects the physical planet itself.  For example, if you have an idea of something to do, first you have the idea and then you follow through. Energy always comes first, then the physical. This is how you create on Earth, you have a thought then you manifest it in the physical realm – the idea is pure energy. (That’s the most important reason to avoid worry in your life and always look for the good in everything.)

A long time ago the Earth underwent the unimaginable wrenching away of a major archipelago in the destruction of Atlantis. That was necessary to correct a falling away of humanity from its purpose here on Earth, it was generously gifted with a second chance to learn what it was to be human by living and having experiences. This crack is not a human creation and you will have to wait to see how and when the Earth incorporates it into its physical body. The easiest and first physical manifestation will be the ice shelf breaking away in the Arctic. Under the ice shelf? Something new, or rather something old.

There is a renewed interest in Atlantis because we are remembering what it was like to live there. The Archangel’s first two books, Planet Earth Today and The Downfall of Atlantis talk a lot about what happened then, and why we are here on Earth. Books are available from online retailers or from my website.

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Why are Rats Fleeing New York City?

By the Archangel Michael

I met a Reiki Master who lives and practices Reiki in NYC, on the island of Manhattan. He asked me what had happened there last November, a shift in energy that he is still feeling now six months later.  It had unsettled his students and friends and many were wondering what had happened to the world.  Many of them had also seen rats in broad daylight on the sidewalks, coming up from the sewers and running away.

Manhattan Island

Living in Europe, I hadn’t noticed this shift in November. So I looked to see what I could detect, and asked my guides to explain. The first thing to see was a downward chop of energy between Manhattan and the rest of America. This went very deep into the Earth and the energy felt like it would push the island away from the rest of the continent into the Atlantic. Once detached the Earth was preparing to crumple it up and discard it like a used piece of paper. The rats were leaving Manhattan, I could not detect any remaining mothers and babies, only male rats who were bringing up the rear in the exodus.

We know that wild animals are not caught in tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquakes or other life-taking natural phenomena. They leave days before it happens. They know.

I asked the rats what they were up to. The rat consciousness replied “We are survivors, more than any other species on the island we are focused on survival. Living with humans provides us with plenty of food, but when we felt the island cut loose, tip and become unattached below we began to leave. We have our rat-runs that lead us out of the city. When we get to the other side we keep going to be out of reach of the tsunami that will result from the movement of such a big piece of land.” The rat runs have all become one-way, and that way is out.

From the Archangel Michael:  Manhattan is the centre of the greed and lust for money and power, and it is warping and ruining the lives of many, many other people. This rapacious preying on other humans is not restricted to any one country but has become global. In the past we removed Atlantis because we could see there was no coming back from its descent into darkness. Today it is a combination of doubt whether the humans who worship money will ever reform, and if there is enough time to wait for such a change. We angels did not take this decision, we are helping the greater human soul who devised this plan to help reach ascension. The human soul is monitoring and taking decisions on a daily basis and creating changes so you can reach the light.

We sliced down through the energy that bound Manhattan to the continent. The energy always comes first, then the physical. Humans are not used to paying attention to energy but animals are. They know that physical change is coming and this is their warning call. We value the life of every rat as much as we do every human, as a loved creation of God. Rats are very good at surviving hence they are leaving. Other species will notice and make their way out. The human soul is calling home those that are working against its common goal. Other humans on the island will die, and they have chosen this as their way to help the soul group. These rate human ascension higher than one lifetime on Earth.

This is an advance warning of an event that is prepared. We do not give the date. Sometimes, as in Atlantis, drastic measures are called for.

I’ve written quite a lot about Atlantis in the Archangel’s first two books, Planet Earth Today and The Downfall of Atlantis. I can’t look closely at the southern tip of Manhattan at all, the energy is too putrid.



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Why Do Portals Exist?

By the First Elohim

Part Four in a series on Portals.

The portals on to your planet are here for one reason, and one reason only: they are the only way to introduce a controlling presence from beyond the Earth’s shield. A shielded planet allows soul groups to make the adjustments necessary for living together, or dying together.

Earth courtesy of NASA

Each portal was constructed in response to a loophole in the contract between Earth and humanity (contract in books Planet Earth Today and The Downfall of Atlantis), and through them poured all those who had something to gain from running events on Earth. We are referring here to both the light and the dark angels, and in the end the Earth’s shield was dismantled and destroyed – leaving the planet wide open with no further portals required. If you ever wonder why there has been so much misery over the millennia, it is due to the lack of a shield during all those years.

But now your shield is at full strength and your planet is much, much stronger in herself. What has not changed particularly is humanity and the way you live together. People have been numbed so that the way they treat each other, often with great unkindness, seems like an acceptable way to live. This is the great sorrow we angels of light feel when we work with you. We have known you from the beginning, when you were one of the brightest souls of love and beauty in the universe. You are still this soul of light, and it makes up your inner core. It is easy to reach this comfortable alignment with your true self, and then to practise being who you really are. When you align with your higher self everything suddenly makes sense, and the stress of being untrue to yourself and your chosen pathway drops away and you can relax.

You came here, each one of you, to advance the cause of love and light on this planet, and from your soul’s point of view you would not choose to do anything else. As soon as you change to living with love, and for love, you will be aligned and whole. You will be happy. Happiness spreads just as quickly as fear, or any other emotion. It’s the job humanity chose – to come here and live with emotions and learn how powerful they can be, while never forsaking their own soul of light.

Treat others as you would be treated yourself.

I googled “free wormhole pictures” to see if I could find an illustration for this article, and immediately got hit with whatever was using a photo as a portal. I cleared myself off, but what about all the other people on the internet who don’t even notice? If it feels bad, it is bad.

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Portals To Earth

This article is part three following on from www.candacecaddick.com/2014/09/portals-into-our-past/ and www.candacecaddick.com/2014/09/how-to-see-through-energy-portals/

By the Archangel Melchizadek

It seems appropriate to mention here another type of portal, those that lead you into another dimension. These are fewer in number and they are scattered widely across the Earth’s surface. These are truly doorways, and allow higher dimensional beings to enter your planet’s energy fields. The portals are created by whomever wishes to use them.

The Blue Marble courtesy of NASA

In the distant past portals were not present on Earth, and humanity lived and learned in a game played on a shielded planet, but this ceased to be the case when the shield was damaged. Living experiences vary from planet to planet, and sometimes there can be a lot of coming and going of off-planet beings, but it is part of the original blueprint for those planetary games. In this game humanity opted for a sealed planet with no outsiders. You chose not to see the higher dimensions, and did not wish any interference from any beings you could not sense or see.

Going back to our books Planet Earth Today and The Downfall of Atlantis (see www.candacecaddick.com/books/planet-earth-today/ and www.candacecaddick.com/books/downfall-of-atlantis/ ) where we wrote about the original plans for humanity on Earth, we mentioned the flaws in the contract between humanity and Earth. This created energy around the planet that was not cohesive, containing many weak points, and this allowed portals to be slipped through the dimensions without being discovered. They have been a source of great harm to you. To counteract, some portals also go to benign dimensions, but the majority lead to dimensions of darkness.

From time to time these dark ones have been closed down but their makers always find a way to reopen many of them, usually at the spot where the old portals were the most robust. Antarctica is the largest of the dark portals, S. Africa, the eastern Alps, Ukraine, Middle East, southern tip of India, NW China, the sea in the centre of the Indonesian islands, Peru, and New York City spreading west through Ohio are many of these. The portals of light are situated over NW Europe, Egypt, NW India, S China and SE Asian countries, Amazon basin, Northern Mexico, and a damaged one at Athabasca River, Canada. All of these portals are many miles across. (These are the ones I can see right now. Please don’t take this as a complete list, but these are many of the largest portals. Candace)

The effect of these portals has been to allow interference in your game here. Your progress has been delayed and your growth stunted, and it’s made it harder for you to reach ascension as a soul group and live with love. There is one way you can neutralise any portal to a dark dimension and that is to support each other every time you see anyone act from love. Be more vocal, sing their praises, repeat the good news and stories about love and kindness. A large number of you open minor portals straight into your homes through your TV’s with murders and acts of violence in entertainment and news. Many of you know this already – think of TV, computer or smart ,phone as an open window where whatever you watch streams straight into your presence. It changes you as you watch, each time you watch. Portals to the dark dimensions do not harm those who armour themselves in love.

Guinevere’s Fountain

Candace and Guinevere

A while ago I was meditating when Queen Guinevere appeared and took me to her fountain, where she then invited me to bathe in the water. This was not only cleansing of negativity and the type of yuck that can get stuck in energy fields, but energizing. I was told I could go back anytime, and then hardly ever revisited her fountain.

Last week I had such a head cold, and headache with it until I remembered washing my hair in her fountain and off I went with Guinevere again.  Lying in bed I could feel the energy rising and lifting the headache away, while my hair felt like it was rising and curling away from my head with the healing energy. I wondered what I looked like before and after, and the before hair was like dead straw, and the after was my nice hair again.

I wrote quite a lot about Guinevere in the section about Arthur in The Downfall of Atlantis. She was the original fairy incarnated as a human, and along with Arthur established a new important bloodline. Sometimes I spot some of her descendants, and get to meet them. They share with her a love of the green and natural world and are here now to champion the cause of the Earth.

A Word From Guinevere

My fountain is a fountain of energy, and it looks like natural rock forming a basin for rushing water. This is my promise, that anyone who asks me to go I will take to my fountain to clean you of the static of everyday life, and clouds that impede your clear vision of the real world. People are struggling to find clear sight of today’s events and the world around them. They want to make the right choices in their lives that will lead them to contentment. They know there are decisions being made by others that jar with their sense of rightness, but they feel like they are peering through a shifting fog when trying to make sense of what is going on. There is A LOT  of deception around at the moment, and clear sight will help you not to be confused.

My fountain simply cleans your body and energy fields, and the mere fact that you ask me means you would benefit from visiting there.  There are no further rituals or prayers, just the respect due to me as  you would respect any other being.

Fairies are tied to the type of plants they groom. We do not make the plants grow or flower but we live in them and freshen them up, do a bit of housekeeping as it were.  We are considered magical, but we work with the Earth instead of being oblivious to her and that allows us to tap into her power. We are not particularly powerful, but the Earth is so powerful that she can do anything (natural).  When any being can tap into that power they will appear magical to you. Merlin is a good example of a human who understands the Earth and Earth power. Merlin learned all he knows from a wide number of beings, he is the greatest wizard who studied in the Atlantean style of wizardry.

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