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An Alternate View of The End Times

By the First Elohim

The Elohim collective of angels is very involved with time. Time is one of the twelve dimensions of the universe, and it is one of the veils you chose when entering into this game on Earth. Humanity walks down a narrow tunnel of events, one after the other, and you do not see the whole of reality.

Some of you are moving out of the tunnel – sideways. The self-imposed  limits on time once looked as sold and impenetrable as rock, but those who see further have left the tunnel easily. How do you know if you are shedding the veil of time? You begin to feel your way ahead, as when someone asks you to make a firm date and you feel there’s something wrong with that day.  If you  believe in your ability to perceive the near future simply through your intuition, then you are already tearing the veil.  If you have a bad feeling about something “I don’t think I should be doing this”, and do it anyway then you’re not ready to listen to yourself yet. Time and the sense of rightness or wrongness can be observed in many of the animals sharing your planet. It’s going to be one of the first veils you discard.

Discarding the veils of linear, event-fueled time, leads you into timelessness. Once there you will see that The End Times (www.candacecaddick.com/2014/01/the-end-times/) is a misnomer. From my position in a timeless universe I look at Earth and humanity and I see a bright flame of light rising up, larger than the planet. I would refer to this event as the ignition, or the time when everything changed, or the beginning of a different existence for the planet.  Where you see an end, I see a new beginning.

©Candace Caddick

Dissolving Time Part Two

By the First Elohim

Controlling time is through using your intentions and your ability to create. Time is flexible, and it is one more item in your everyday life you can influence. Because Earth time only exists here you only need to remember there is more than one way of telling time. If you look at time as timeless that is also true, and by believing that you can tap into timelessness as well as the rigid tick-tick-tick of your Earth time you have a spectrum that runs from timeless to everyday. You can be anywhere you like on that spectrum as both exist at once even though they sound like opposites. Pick the way you want time to pass and allow it to be flexible, it will be easier and easier the more you practice.

In the past this would have been very difficult for you, but as the Earth opens up this spring to the universe you will be exposed to timelessness. Some people will scoff and do nothing with this information. The rest of you have the opportunity to play around with time, stretching and shrinking it with the goal of having time pass in the way that is exactly right for you at that moment. Life is not meant to be hard, but a series of happy events. If you can shorten long waits, or speed up slow journeys you will begin to have a feel for serendipity. Life is meant to teach you about yourself, and the way you fit with everything else. Time is one small example of the way you can happily link into every aspect of your life. At the moment you refer to some people as “lucky”, but we can see they accept life as being happy.

We see rigid timekeeping as stressful and unnecessary in many ways. If you could help yourselves with time you could relax and become happier. You put time and timekeeping as the master instead of just part of your life. There is far too much emphasis on something that is an illusion, and that controls you instead of you controlling it. You don’t have to disregard train timetables, but your journey to the station can be altered.

Think of the Elohim, and ask us for help. You can try asking for time to stretch when you are late and trust us to help you. See what happens and keep practicing time shifting. We can alter Earth time for you because we exist here on Earth and out in the Universe at the same time. We are a collective and our relationship to each other is very close, we are separate and one at the same time. Playing with time is not impossible; you are just not used to doing it. Trust us; this is one of the big changes that can work well for you. Time is artificial, timelessness is real. Meditating on time/timelessness would be helpful.

Dissolving Time Part One

First Elohim

The previous blog mentioned that Earth time is linear and it would disappear as the Earth rejoined Universal time. This could perhaps take generations to occur in a uniform manner around the globe. What you will experience is not the end of your calendar, but an individual’s perception of time. Some will see an event dragging out before them endlessly; others will find it speeds by. This sounds like a description of boredom to most of you, but that’s not what we mean.

In the timeless universe everything happens at once except on planets. Time as a dimension was introduced to help souls measure their progress and keep their doings separated from each other. In space we watch, but we are not busy with activities as you are on planets. We do not take action, and time is not necessary for us; it could actually get in our way. When everything happens at once, we can be everywhere at once. We do not “travel”, we exist. Each planet constructs a time dimension to contain the game in progress. They can be at any speed, and all of them are faster than yours. You look like you are moving in very slow motion.

What is the relationship of boredom and time but perception? Two people at the same event could perceive the time passing either quickly or slowly. What we are looking at arriving now on Earth is an even wilder perception of time as the change to Universal time takes place. The Earth is readying herself to rejoin the rest of the universe, and that is also your natural home and you will go with her. Your days are 24 hours long, and there will be more cases of “how did you arrive in two hours when it took me four?!” Time can stretch and time can shrink. In the past if you wanted time to stretch it was possible for some (and is an Elohim specialty), but managing time is going to be even easier and stretchier than ever before. The more you are able to see time as flexible, the more you can control it.

Opening a Crack in Time

A Crack in Time

By the First Elohim

(I can be completely surprised by what they want to talk about.)

Greetings to all; it has been a while since I took a space for channelling on these pages.  I want to speak about what is happening right now and about how that relates to the future. Once again I remind you that I do not exist in Earth-time, but in universal time.  I return to the truth about time as explained in my previous writings: www.candacecaddick.com/2010/11/time-and-its-many-layers-%E2%80%93-part-one/, www.candacecaddick.com/2010/11/time-and-its-many-layers-%E2%80%93-part-two/, www.candacecaddick.com/2010/11/time-and-its-many-layers-%E2%80%93-part-three/

You are approaching the end of time as you know it. Moving into a new way of time will not be abrupt but gentle. It will call for a reordering of the way you all live, such as using your sense of time to know when to do things instead of looking at a clock.  When the Great Seal of Time was broken under Glastonbury Tor the Earth’s need to progress in linear time was ended. That was two years ago and now it has come to a point where your cohesive future appears shattered into splinters, like a cracked mirror.

Imagine that your current time is like a giant snake where you are all a part of this snake. In 2013 time becomes more like a large group of individual baby snakes, where each person makes their own journey in tune with the Earth and their own personal conception of time for their own highest good. One example could be that a person retires at the age that suits them instead of at the national mandated age for retirement. If you are aware that you are in touch with your personal clock you will progress at different speeds, but the speed will be for your highest good. Linear time will continue on Earth because you are so accustomed to it that it will still exist.

At the end of 2012 the old Earth and old time will end. January will bring a new understanding of the Earth and the way she behaves in universal time.  Those who did not choose to go with the energy last April will finish their grey and irrelevant lives. They do not disappear into nothingness but will have a time of waiting before they take their place on Earth again at the right time. They need to recombine their souls with other humans back into the overarching human soul group. In that sense their lives as individual souls are over.

In the past it has become necessary to recombine souls, and a full description of one such time is in The Downfall of Atlantis. I also spoke about the breaking of the Great Seal of Time in that book. These days are not a repetition of sad Atlantis, but there are many similarities, particularly in new cloning techniques and the abuse of science.

If time had not been broken you would not have arrived at a new Earth in 2013 readying herself to ascend. This is such a desirable place that to be there first is to be happy. We observe you by your energy, and we are very excited that you will be entering a new phase in your game where you have a greater chance to be happy. Happiness is your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, without happiness you have nothing we value. Your journey is your own to make.

Your Window in Time

kaleidoscope pattern

First Elohim

Time shifts like the pattern in a kaleidoscope. Those pieces are small and separate and many colours. You have just stepped from one piece to another piece of a different colour and purpose. Today is 1.11.11 and the first day of a new window of time. Yesterday was the last day of the old year, and today is the first day of a new year with a new energy. Welcome to the new energetic year, the year of manifestation.

Some of you have felt the energy building up to this date, the “something’s coming!” feeling of this autumn. You were runners walking to the track and crouching down, waiting for the whistle to blow and to run as hard as you can as soon as it does. The whistle’s been blown, are you running?

Run where? You run in the direction of your own life, your own purpose, your own happiness and success. For one year you focus on yourself and yourself alone. You who are parents will not forsake your children, but it’s your year to look at yourself and encourage them to do the same as appropriate. It’s not your year to make other people’s live happen, for who will make your life happen if not you? Can you finish the year panting with the effort of a race well run, with a big grin on your face?

Each one of you is a bag of potential; let’s say you are the larvae of beautiful butterflies. You live on a wonderful planet that is covered in manure, put there by rigid cultural traditions. You larvae each say “Right, I’m going for it. I’m moving, I’m joining the race.” Each of you spends the year working on moving your life forward in the direction you want to go. You make tunnels through the manure as you advance and pop your heads out. The action of the tunnelling is sufficient to crack up the dry, dusty manure of your societies and it starts to disintegrate and blow away exposing the surface of the planet to the clean air. It’s time to do what you’ve always wanted to do – whatever your most secret dream is, and whether you ever felt it was supported; it’s time to go for it. You are supported by the universe, even though you are surrounded by manure and can’t see how deep it is. It’s not that deep and later when you look back you’ll see a whimpering, deformed, decrepit, useless thing that is the embodiment of the people in power on this planet.

It’s time to cast off everything else that has claimed your time, it’s time for the veils on this world to go and put all your effort and strength into everything you wanted to do. After that one push you can enjoy your life, stroll around and laugh with friends and life is easy and beautiful. It’s time to be single-minded and go for it. Whatever reasons you had in the past for not acting are no longer relevant, and they were never relevant anyway. Even if you can’t see how you will do it, start walking and as you walk more things will open up.

This window of energy lasts until the third week of Sept 2012 and by then you’ll be panting with the big grin on your face. It’s all right to be really single-minded at this time, and there will be time later to sit with your families. Now is the time to make the stories you can tell them the following winter.

“I create for myself a life where I am (pick what you need to put in here).” Paint what you create for yourself, write it, dream it, and speak it. No constraints or limitations are to be put on your plans.