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Avebury’s cosmic clock

The Spirit of spring and new life – the consciousness of spring

I can see a white woman with floating garments walking in the cool spring sunshine. She walks across the green grass at Avebury before the town was built in the centre. She tells me the following:

Avebury is a cosmic clock among other things. Every planet has its’ own “Avebury Circle”, its’ own clock. All of these clocks connect to each other, and all tell the exact same time. The time is universal time from the very beginning of the creation of this universe to the very end. It’s all pre-programmed, and the day the universe ends is the day all the clocks stop ticking. They have enough life force to go to that day and no farther.

Now think of the ticking in another way, as a heartbeat. All the planets sharing the same heartbeat; they are like individual cells in one body. And just as all your body’s cells know they are part of a whole and work together to keep you functioning, the planets know they are part of the greater planetary body. They might make up a foot, say, or the liver, of the greater universe. They know they are part of a greater whole.

The clock that ticks inside of the circle at Avebury, matching all other planetary clocks, has just sounded its alarm. This alarm was heard across the universe and told the other planets that all existence is entering a new phase. Everything you do has an affect on others, and everything this planet does effects others out to the farthest star. But here’s the thing, no one is greater than any other being. All affects all, and the size of the effect is not measured. You can only take your own actions in your life, and you are responsible for what you choose to do. Your actions affect others and alter all life as the reaction ripples away from Earth. You affect her with actions large and small, and she changes and affects others, in a chain reaction. This is why the universe watches to see what happens here, because her alarm has gone off and your new day is about to begin.

Seven Sisters


This weekend being Mother’s Day we went out to a couple of different places, one was Nyman’s Gardens in W. Sussex. Everything is blooming at once there, and in their walled garden there are still thousands of daffodils. So many in one place that it made me think of Dr. Bach and how he would stand under a tree to see how the tree affected him before making up his flower remedies in the 1930s. There are a lot of flower remedies now, and I wanted to talk to the daffodils about what their exuberance of colour meant to the natural world. (I see that I want to ask instead of noticing like Dr. Bach.) When looking at clumps of daffodils it is easy to see the yellow field of energy sitting like a cloud above them. They quite cheerfully said it was a ‘brain bath’, to clear and help with mental issues. It seems a good idea to me to have my brain cleaned out after a long winter by cheery daffodils. Then I saw the white daffodils in their clumps but their energy cloud is still yellow.

Trees and daffodils Nyman's spring 11

It’s nice the trees are awake now after hibernating all winter, and they are exploding with energy. They are also singing the tree equivalent of ‘Happy Days are Here Again’.

We went further down to the coast to walk to Seven Sisters Country Park, where there is an absence of life growing between the waves and the chalk cliffs.  Walking on that type of beach there is just the waves, the birds and the rocks. The connection to linear time loosens, and I felt that I could see the erosion of the cliff back from the sea with my physical eyes, and had to really concentrate to see the cliff as a still, stationary structure.  The barriers we’ve constructed to keep us apart from the rest of our world have never existed on those beaches. The sound of the sea, one of the loudest natural sounds in the world, felt like it was sonically cleaning all of my body with its vibrations. If you feel you don’t live near the real wild country of Wales or Scotland in the UK to recharge your batteries, perhaps you can make it to a beach.

Look outside and see all the squirrels and birds, insects, trees and plants all weaving around together in their lives. We are living in brick and glass houses, separated from them all.  It distances us and mars our judgement regarding the rest of life on this world. No wonder family pets volunteer to live with us!

California earthquake – some background on time

Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

“The big one” is something you hear referred to when talking to Californians about their future earthquake. “When the big one happens” they’ll say and go on with their lives. And I think it’s a good thing not to dwell on future earthquakes, because it would ruin your pleasure in living today. California is such a beautiful place to live.

How do they all know about “the big one?” Here’s the tricky part for humanity living in linear time. The Californian earthquake is an event and it takes place in timelessness, it’s not a human activity in linear time.  We are aware of it because it already exists. Timeless events are happening now, in our past, and in our future. That earthquake is happening now, has been and will be happening continuously. Time really has no relationship to timelessness, and just makes it more confusing to try to understand.

We live in linear time so we are in effect moving forward; try visualising it as standing on a moving walkway or conveyor belt. There will come a day when we move into the space that the earthquake occupies. It is inevitable. We will then experience the earthquake ourselves, and move out the other side. If you listen to hear the earthquake, focusing on it and nothing else, you can hear it getting louder with every day that passes.

The devastation in California will be heightened by the fact that the oil has been pumped from the oil fields in the southern part of the state. It would have helped to cushion the shock a little. Instead some parts will crumble like pastry.

This would be a good time to reread the July 2010 post on this earthquake, and the posts on time and its many layers.

The Coming Earthquake in California

Time and Its Many Layers – part one


Earth healers out there – if you look at the Earth at the sites of the Japanese and Christchurch quakes, they both look really sore. It’s like a person breaking their arm and leaving it untended. It would be good to include the planet herself when sending healing to the people of Japan and New Zealand.

Anyone who’s tried talking to a tree in the last few days has found they are bursting with excitement about the Earth waking up. I think it was yesterday, Saturday the 19th of March, judging by the waves of energy coming up out of the ground today. I was laying face down on a Reiki table this morning feeling it come up and hit my tummy.

Current events in North Africa and the Middle East

Archangel of Hope and the Archangel of Transformation

How do you see the uprising of the citizens in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East? There are two things to notice here: first, how change works, how nothing in your world or the greater universe works in isolation. Second, how change is good and desirable in itself.  You have been witnessing normal energy flows in these last few weeks, where one event has triggered another. It would have been unlikely if the Tunisian uprising had occurred in isolation. Instead you have an outward flow so that these countries who share similar authoritarian dictatorships all feel the energy of change and that energy alters their countries.

These countries have been held in stasis for decades, with an unchanging ruler and unchanging political structures. Their economies are based on pumping and exporting oil, sold to the same clients who burn gasoline and petrol without changing their habits. When change blows through this oil region and changes the political structures it will change all of the people who are connected to these countries. Those countries consuming the most oil will be closely affected by their changes, but how will those changes manifest? Now is the time to stop thinking “Oh, no. Fuel prices will go up!” When did they ever really go down? You will not be burning oil forever as it is a finite resource. You have been pumping oil for around one hundred years and you’ve used up most of it now. So fast, it’s as if you were gorging on the planet’s oil. Change happens, and travelling and heating your homes with oil will end, not today but not so far off in time either. When these desert countries have pumped their last oil they will enter their next phase. It is because these uprisings are the beginning of the next phase (even if that is a few years away) that we are writing now; Hophriel, the Archangel of Hope and Esmariel the Archangel of Transformation. Their next phase will be different because they have changed their countries now.

Stagnation is the opposite of change, and energetically speaking it looks grey or black to us, the angels of light. We are all about flow and progress, about not hanging on. These citizens of North Africa and the Middle East bravely stirred up enough energy to change their countries, and crack monolithic, institutionalised stasis. So much energy has been used to maintain the status quo, and so many weapons. They weave together in a web of pain, and in these webs are fat spiders swollen with more money and goods than they can ever use. Throughout this spring there will be more change as one event inspires another and as change is one of the attributes of light and love, we write now in hope. Throw the chips up in the air and let them fall where they will, then do it again until everything is flowing, swirling and dancing.

Time and Its Many Layers – part three

First Elohim

The time was when you knew that you were connected to a timeless universe. You knew who you were and what your role was in relation to others in the whole of creation. Nothing exists in isolation, and you exist as a piece of a greater picture. The farthest star in the universe exists in relation to you because you are all part of the same universe, as it was created by the Creator.

When the human soul chooses a course of action, and takes steps in any direction, all of the life in the whole universe, galaxy after galaxy, has its environment altered – energetically. There are qualities and levels of energy, so we don’t care where you step, just how you stepped.

But the other side of the universe is so far away, how can anything that happens here have an effect there? A change in energy is now; it’s timeless and therefore instantaneous. So if you decide that you will take steps to clean your environment and respect all other life on the planet, including the planet itself you will raise the energy here and everywhere else in the universe. Raising the energy is more enjoyable than lowering it if you have to live through it. If you think about your soul on one planet is a little like one cell in an organ in your body perhaps you can see how the health of that cell affects the overall health of the body.

How can one person have an affect on the planet and the universe? Living with love and joy will affect everyone across the universe.