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Tornadoes and Taiphoons

Washington, Illinois after the tornadoes went through.

By the Archangel of Light

There are a few people currently teaching in New Age circles that have noticed the high level of darkness on Earth at the moment. Last year there was a large boost to the light and the planet was washed clean, and now here we are again covered with black fog. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, so what happened?

This particular blanket has the effect of frightening and separating you from one another, and it hides activities that you would not like. Before the blanket descended you had a brief spell where Edward Snowdon and the Wikileaks uncovered some secrets and let some light in to your worlds. There were other enlightening events also. As a result of Snowdon’s work there are countries like Brazil that are taking control of their own internet, some for the very first time.  Previously every search and email was routed through a server in another country, usually the USA.

Earth was cleaned and ready to move forward in December, and she did move forward  in a new incarnation as a new planet. Babies and new-born planets are both vulnerable. There were many angels above and on Earth looking after her well-being right from the start, but there was also complacency. If you were the opportunistic dark angels you would be looking for a way back onto this planet, and there were some people on Earth who welcomed the shadow’s return. There are always those who work best in dark corners.  We are back to talking about the inner balance and strength of a planet who isn’t receiving enough energy coming back to her in a cycle. She is covered with a species that aren’t keeping their side of the bargain to return energy to her, and she is unbalanced enough to have ever more destructive storms like the ones in Washington, Illinois this week and Taiphoon Haiyan last week. Tornadoes in November are rare.

What would be encouraging is for her to have enough strength to straighten up her axis. She is counting on you to care about the state she is in, and to play your part in Earth healing. It’s the easiest way you can help to remove the darkness and the associated human depression away from the planet and send it back where it came from.

©Candace Caddick