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Help With Transformation

By the Archangel Esmariel, Archangel of Transformation.

I am the Archangel Esmariel, and I have appeared before in channel through this author. I am here to assist in transformation. All of  us who are here to help the Earth and humanity know first you assume that we are here to help you, second you realise that we are able to help  many life forms  across a wider cross-section. I want to speak a little about what I’ve been up to recently.


When I began my latest unbroken presence here on Earth in 2006 I came in response to a request to help humans transform. Angels have limits, and one of the common ones is that you, the incarnate soul in a physical body, need to ASK us for help. Then we can help you. Otherwise we whisper and nudge, saying “look at me, I can help you with this problem!” We rely on you learning about us and then asking for our help. When I am asked for help in transformation, which can seem hard to know how to do at times, I help you further on your path to the light. After all, we angels exist to help you find the light. But very few humans have asked me for this help since 2006.

Today, you are witnessing the Earth transforming herself. She did not hesitate to ask for my help as she is not blind to the higher dimensions. You see a planet in the process of change keeping to a timetable that suits her. I work with her by providing an open link to the light of the Creator of the entire universe. This is an extremely creative link that allows the planet to open up like a flower, and become the best she can be. There will be changes for you living on her surface, but these cannot be considered bad if she is working with the Creator who loves us all.

If you wish my help in your personal transformation you need only say “Archangel Esmariel, please help me transform.” Do this if you are ready to be the best you can be.

Archangel Esmariel is one of the six Archangels who each wrote a section in Planet Earth Today. Her section was about personal and societal transformation. Book is available from myself or on Amazon. When channelling, she has the sweetest voice which makes sense to me as she is an open link to love.

©Candace Caddick

Coping Strategy for Change

By the Archangel Esmariel, Archangel of Transformation.

I am Esmariel, I assist those who ask for help during their process of transformation. Change is the energy of now, and all of this change has one goal: to allow you to become the best you can be as a human being. You have all reached the point in evolution where you are like caterpillars, pushing and stretching to break open a restricting shell. You are doing this by living on Earth today and you planned this for yourself. When you have broken open the carapace you, like the butterfly, will soar away. You will go from a position where you can barely move to flight. This is what all the turmoil in human life is working to achieve.


Maybe you don’t want life to become more uncertain, more dangerous or tumultuous? It is  reasonable to feel that way, if nothing ever changes you can predict what’s coming. But if you could see what we Archangels can see, the shell breaking open and the soaring new life – you would stop worrying.

It will make it easier if you become aware of this process of transformation you have engaged in. Stop and meditate on your life today. If you are tired, then what is the drag on your energy? What do you need to drop and walk away from? Attitudes, belongings, tiresome people? Read and listen to the news less, and when you do – try to remove yourself a degree to keep from drowning in violent stories. Your ability to hold joy makes a difference on the planet.

I wait for people to ask me for help in their personal transformation. When an angel helps it can take unexpected directions, but we all try to help from a position of light. You will be helped to learn something on your path but not in a way to crush or destroy you. We guide you to experiences  that are good for you to have, not harmful or setting you back a step. We are safe to ask for help. Just say with intention “Archangel Esmariel, please help me with my process of transformation.” I will step in and guide you in the process of change. This is my time to help.

Archangel Esmariel wrote one of the sections of Planet Earth Today all about change.

©Candace Caddick

Transformation before ascension

Archangel Esmariel

Transformation is an irresistible force, and is another word for change and growth. All things change and grow, but they do not have preset directions. You may understand that the planet is on her way to ascension, and it is her intention to ascend at the right time.  There is no guarantee that this will happen. We wrote last week about becoming one with all life on this planet, and it includes having goals that are the same as other species and working together with them. As long as humanity is divorced from the rest of life there is doubt introduced regarding successful ascension.

There is an overwhelming majority of humans who don’t know or care if the planet ever ascends. A few care and work as torch-bearers leading the way for others to follow. What would humanity have to gain by joining in and working with the planet and the other life here? How about happiness for all, sense of purpose in being alive, integration and end of loneliness? Many would love to have this as their daily lives, but people really don’t know anything about any of this. You are starting your journey from down in a hole. You don’t know you could be one soul group together if you wished to be, or one with the other lives here, animal, plant, insect, etc. So we look and we see a writhing mess of unhappiness and loneliness. Many people just exist without any function besides eating, sleeping and staying alive.  Their lives are grey with unhappiness.

It’s a new spring with new opportunities, new growth and new life. This channel already knows how to be one with all life and this planet, and there are one or two others out there who also know how to do this. It’s possible to live like this now and not wait for some distant day. In fact we are really hoping some of you will take these steps now and change the overall energy of humanity. Transformation is my essence, it’s what I do and I work with all those who ask for my help. Don’t forget that I’m here; when you are ready to change you will be entering the flow of light.


It’s easiest to take on one outside consciousness at a time. You don’t need to be in a hurry.


P.S. This is the hard part about giving over my space to archangels for writing their messages. Am I supposed to say “I can help you do this?” then teach others how to become one with all of life, or just post what they write? (I asked them, and they said there are some out there that are ready to learn, so I guess this article is aimed at you.)