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Venice, City of Flowing Water

By Candace and the Archangel Melchizadek

I just returned from visiting my daughter in Venice, Italy. By sinking my perception beneath the foundations of Venice I was aware of the flow in and out of water moving through the mud below. It is more difficult for anything bad to adhere to a city where the water washes through. Venice is a city of water built in an ancient lagoon.

The city of Florence, the birth place of the Renaissance, was completely different when I visited last year. The Renaissance began with new ideas and later spread to the arts and sciences. The city of Florence produced ideas of great love and light, until dark entities arrived to set up home below and put a damper on the light. (This is something that happens time after time.) When I was there walking on the ground felt like I was walking precariously over a deep pit, and the few trees were like dainty ladies trying not to let their roots go into the ground. This is similar to the way a country like Syria must feel today.  Anytime I walk over one of these areas I feel uncomfortable and my legs want to start running to get out of there.  I wrote about these areas in The Downfall of Atlantis.

Venice, however, has far more trees than Florence and this is important. As common as it is for some people to belittle trees and “tree-huggers” trees have a beneficial influence on people who live near them. We learn from them and they change our behaviour.

I have written in the past about people who choose to go forward on the new Earth, and those who declined when they had the opportunity. Some people chose to go forward and then stopped when the going became difficult. Originally around 45% of the total population chose to step onto the new Earth, in the end there was only about 29%. 100% would have been the best result, and everyone who is born from Dec. 2012 onwards is automatically on the new Earth. The day will come when all the people here will carry the new energy. When looking for the sparks of light of the people who chose the new Earth in Venice they are most frequent around the trees and fewest in the commercial centre.

©Candace Caddick

The Earth in Transition

I couldn’t quite find a picture where the trees themselves give off light.

My cat sits looking out of the window, watching with her head turning back and forth and looking at – what? The easiest way to find out is to sink in and look through her eyes (with her permission of course.) Then once you are in the animal kingdom you have all twelve dimensions in view. My own garden is a bustle of activity with elementals purposely moving back and forth, chipping away crud and cleaning the trees and bushes.

A few years ago when looking at the Earth I could see a planet where it looked like a forest fire had passed through, with standing stumps of dead trees. Today the healthy trees are beginning to look as if sparkling jewels have been applied with light shining through them. This job is not yet completed, hence the purposeful movements of the elementals. The Earth is really such a beautiful planet, and one day it will shine out again. Meanwhile the old crust is being chipped away, plants are polished and the light shines out from wherever it is clean. How much longer until the job is completed? It looks like sometime in the autumn of 2014. It’s far harder to hide secrets in the light, so keep an eye out for more of what’s been hidden to be uncovered.

©Candace Caddick

Wisdom of the Trees

All trees are wise, and there is one tree in every garden or woodland that is the master tree, the eldest with the most experience and wisdom. When tuning in to a tree for a conversation, you will first come in contact with the tree consciousness, the soul of all the trees living and dead. If you want to talk to the tree you are standing next to you have to narrow it down by asking to speak with that tree. At that point you may find yourself engaged with a unique personality as you would find in any human or animal.  Sometimes trees just say they are busy at the moment, and in that case I respect their wishes and move on.

Last year all the trees were mostly focussed outwards up into the universe, waiting for something they expected to happen. This year the waiting was over and they were back in their tree bodies and ready to talk. Just lately when reaching out to them I only hear laugher spilling over. The Earth has returned to them whole and healthy, young and strong as it was in the past and they are literally overjoyed.

Last week I made a trip to visit a particularly splendid large tree and asked what was happening now, from the trees perspective. This grand old tree said “It’s the end.” What! I thought we were just beginning again! But the tree patiently showed me that we are in a transition time, and if there were any roots heading off to a dead end they would be grubbed up so all the growth could be focused on the light, with flowers and fruitfulness in the future.  This has helped me to see again what it means to release my attachment to anything that is going nowhere. The transition period only looked to be of a few years duration. The first year from now to next June will be the slowest with the speed accelerating over the next couple of years. If you already know which changes you need to make in your life then put them into motion so you are ready for your lives to bear fruit.

©Candace Caddick

The Magic of Tintagel

Looking out to sea from the castle ruins at Tintagel.

Looking out to sea from the castle ruins on Tintagel.

I visited Tintagel in Cornwall last week, where folklore places King Arthur’s birth. I don’t believe he was born there, but it is one of the places where the energetic skin of the Earth is thinner and she is more accessible to us.

One of the first things I noticed was that Tintagel is the closest point of land to where the real action was taking place: out to sea. Similar to the sea at Land’s End in Cornwall there is a vortex of energy off-shore. The energy rises from the water with the colours and appearance of an aurora borealis, and the island and a small area around is encapsulated under a blister of Earth energy. Sitting on the rocks you are under the Earth’s energy skin and resting against her without barriers. You become connected with timeless space and the limitless potential for action of the larger being that is Earth. Magic is the limitless possibility of making something happen that seems otherwise impossible. Walking on the hilltop you brush shoulders with everyone who has ever walked there from the Romans and dark ages onwards, they are there still as there is no past or future.   

The next day in a forest I came on the same type of experience as Tintagel, where we were under the skin of the planet. The Earth energy is now rising up the trunks of the trees and to walk among them is also below the surface of her energy skin. This connection to the Earth and her limitless possibilities is how the future will be. It’s already begun.

©Candace Caddick

Trees Waiting For the Next Step

By the Tree Consciousness

Last year I wrote about trees listening and waiting with their attention focused on the sky in www.candacecaddick.com/2012/06/what-are-the-trees-listening-to/ . I’ve been visiting some of my favourite old trees and tuning in to them. Usually at this time of year they are awake and happy to have a chat about life, the universe and everything.  They like to watch children play and be part of the world. Not this year; they are all focused on what is coming to Earth in Mid-May.

Trees:  We’ve been focused on the centre of the universe for over a year now watching for the flash of light that is coming. 2013 is a year when event after incredible event takes place on Earth, and the one we are waiting for is this big flash. The Earth is reborn as a fast-growing baby planet. She has changed on the inside and the outside will change also. She is generating the change from the inside out; it’s the life on the surface that will respond to her last. It really is as if we all lived on one planet, and another planet was slipped under our feet when we (and you) weren’t looking. She is incrementing change as fast as possible so she can move forward in the direction she intends to go. Think of it as a high-speed turn on two wheels, rather than slowing down, signalling and waiting for the light to change before moving off in your car.

We are beings that move so slowly you can’t see us walk or bend. Some of us have lived many times longer than your short human lifetimes, and we can see all the dimensions. This means we are able to watch what is happening around us, and see what is in the higher dimensions at the same time. This flash of light is higher dimensional, and when it comes and wraps around the surface of the Earth then the outside will change quickly to match the inside. We are so excited about this nourishment in the form of light – and you know how plants love the sunlight.

For humanity, if you are someone who desires light and change, it’s on its way. If you have something to hide it will be exposed. If you live a life that you know right now needs to change, implement changes as quickly as you can. Once this flash of light hits, everything will accelerate yet again.