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Quiet November Days


By the Archangel Melchizadek

November has a purpose and a function that is equal to each of the other eleven months of the year. If you stop and look outside (in the Northern hemisphere) you will see very little happening on the surface. November is a month of transition where the plant life is releasing and letting go on the inside. Right up to the point when the leaves fall, or the plants slide down into the ground there is peacefulness, and internal work.

What would happen to these plants if they did not prepare themselves for the cold winter frosts? They would have too much green wood above ground and die. They are preparing for death and new life in the spring by decreasing their vitality. People have a quieter month of preparation to “get ready for the holidays” which seems to involve the tying up of loose ends and plans being made.

This is a short, yearly lesson in life and death. You can expand it to the shorter lives of animals and people, or the very long life of a planet or star. Think of older people in nursing homes who are slowly, slowly shutting down, and do any of you feel that is wrong? The greatest sense of wrong is when someone young and vital dies. But even then, how do you  know it was wrong for them to die? Having a negative view of death is the flip side of having a negative view of life. Remember that there is only life, and some of it is not spent incarnate on Earth. When November finishes many of you will begin the season of interior lights and cosy rooms, holidays and socialising. December is no longer life quietly sinking down into the ground, it is life at the beginning of a new stage, the stage of rest and sleep for winter forest trees and plants, and a necessary time of gathering energy for the warmer weather. Not a day is wasted in the cycle, something necessary to life is always happening.

You are a natural creation, and part of the natural world. The more you are able to go with the prevailing energy of the seasons the greater the health of your mind and body will be. You will be in balance. When you are not in balance you have great difficulty maintaining your health. We look forward to the coming time when you reverse your flow into large cities and as you re-balance you will make different decisions. When you are balanced the Earth itself will find it easier to be balanced.

November 2013 saw two enormous and damaging storms, Taiphoon Haiyan in the Philippines and the tornadoes in Illinois.  Right in front of your eyes you can see the lack of balance in the Earth and you don’t need any scientific studies to confirm this. Scientists can be bought and sold, and so can their data. Use your own senses and make your own decisions; and then take the actions that lead to balance for the Earth. If you balance your own lives you contribute to balancing the planet. When you have balanced yourselves and your societies you can look forward to the Earth’s axis resuming an upright position. A planet in balance is a very different place to live.

©Candace Caddick

The Relationship Between Heating and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan

By Candace

I’ve been writing a series of articles on using crystal or Earth energy for heating. This type of in-depth explanation is usually what my archangelic guides include in one of my books where there is more space to cover the information. I think of it as background material, but I was told I could write it in a short series of articles. If you haven’t read the previous article (www.candacecaddick.com/2013/11/steps-towards-heating-yourself-with-crystal-energy/ ) please read it first.

About the time I was learning how to use my relationship with the Earth for warmth, Typhoon Haiyan flattened the Philippines.  Our relationship with the Earth needs to be understood so we can choose our actions in life. The Earth was set up as a closed system where the myriads of life forms on her surface and in her seas contribute to her energy by putting their own energy back in through their actions. At the same time she supports all of us by allowing her energy to rise up and fill us so we don’t have to live solely on our own energy. Energy goes in from living beings; energy rises out from the planet. Firstly we humans neglected to keep channelling universal energy into her, and secondly we began to kill off all the creatures who were contributing to her energy. The seas are empty and the skies also becoming so, while we spread out further and further into every niche that once had other life forms. We even kill insects efficiently with sprays and bacteria with anti-biotics. All of these life forms have a purpose and are here as guests of the planet.

As a result we are not providing energy, and we are preventing others from doing so. The Earth is not balanced and what we are witnessing is the increase in energy deprivation in storms such as Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines as she swings ever more wildly out of control. A while ago I wrote about the comet Elenin (http://www.candacecaddick.com/2011/10/who-is-comet-elenin/), where she visited the sick planet Earth and held her hand. Now I see that she was visiting a seriously imbalanced planet to encourage her to keep it together until things got better. Global warming was never due solely to burning too many fossil fuels. Burning them was a symptom of the lack of care that has done the real damage to the Earth. The energy behind over-consumption is what is detectable to the Earth, not the physical act of burning present in only the lower three dimensions. Human energy is not confined to three dimensions.

As a result we are experiencing so many human deaths in the Philippines while we have a planet that cannot balance itself. If you are not happy about this you can change your own behaviour and stand up against those who are acting against your best interests.  You can resume focusing healing onto the Earth. That is what humanity once agreed to do, and it was an easy and enjoyable way to open a conduit to the stars and bring their contribution through to the Earth. (Energy from the stars is one thing, energy that comes from them and is passed through humanity to Earth is something slightly different. She needs both.) It’s not very much to ask. If you can do this, you can align with her and heat yourself. Earth healing circles are described in Planet Earth Today. By joining with all other life,  including that of the planet, it all becomes much easier to live. It’s going it alone that is hardest.

I’ve will write more on heating yourself and how you can heat your homes when you are working with a group, I’m running experiments on others to see if I can help them to heat themselves without going through the steps I’ve been taking. It reminds me of the journey Mikeo Usui went through to bring through Reiki, where one person figured it out and was able to pass it on to others.

©Candace Caddick