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Why Waves of Energy Occur

By the Archangel Melchizadek

You’re receiving a wave of energy during at the moment in January, and I want you to be clear about what they are and how they happen. Waves and flowing energy are a natural and normal way to move forward, while rigid stagnancy is not. The universe is a very fluid place that has much more in common with water than dry land, and has movement and is never, ever still. An angel of light is depicted in your artwork as a solid being with wings, but we are fluid and variable, we shine and move through the dimensions as flowing light. The closer you come yourselves to light the more you flow, and the more flexible you are.

The opposite of flow is stagnant energy and it has all the qualities you see in a pool of still water. It can be the breeding ground of insect larvae, it may smell and putrefy, but it doesn’t flow. Because we are the essence of flow and movement we don’t like stagnancy. However we will not go so far as to condemn it because all was created by One who is greater than we are.

If you equate light with love and flow, then stagnant is dark with fear and hate. When you try to work out what kind of person you are dealing with, are they spontaneous and changing or rigid? That’s all you need to observe to know who you are dealing with.

Waves of energy occur as heartbeats across the universe. They are the impulse outwards of life, and the drawing back in afterwards. Your hearts do the same, as does your planet with Spring and Autumn. The trick to catching and using a wave of energy is to be flowing, changing and being spontaneous yourself. It’s not about finishing a task, but instead severing your anchors so you can be lifted up and deposited further along. For some reason humans find this hard to do as it involves a total commitment to trusting that you will always be looked after. You will always be looked after and it’s safe to let go and follow your heart.

©Candace Caddick

Serious Rewiring for Humanity

By the First Elohim

The cracks in the shell around the Earth allowed her to send up antennas to connect to the universe. With her feelers extended she began to be rewired and slot into place, drawing information and energy into all parts of her body. Previously she drew energy only through a few stone circles, but with the covering gone she is open once again and in contact. There are ley lines on the Earth, and ley lines channelling energy in the universe. As you have marked your lines with pine trees and stones, the universe marks it’s lines with planets and stars. It has been as if the Earth was absent until now, and she is not the only planet who was veiled energetically.

While the Earth is busy reconnecting, you are also busy rewiring as individuals, and this is why many of you light workers have been feeling tired of late. You also send out antennas, and some of you send out more than others. The healers among you who have been practising for years are ready and have been working hard in your sleep constructing these antennas. Other people may have sent up only one or two, because that is all the energy they can handle.  By sending up your own antennas you are plugging in to the ley lines of the universe on your own behalf. You are availing yourselves of the energy and knowledge that exists out there.

Everyone is changed by either the Earth changing, or by accelerating the rate of change for themselves. With all the connectors being opened up again the Earth is humming with energy. All antennas are built by the Earth and yourselves with the help of angels.  It’s the right time for this to be happening now on Earth. Some people are doing everything in their power to participate and connect themselves, and others are declining. Those who did not choose to come to the new Earth can see this happening on one level, but they are not participating. If you are growing hundreds of new antennas you need as much sleep as you can get up until the middle of March.

What are the trees listening to?

We have a lovely local park with big trees in the town centre. Today my daughter tapped into the energy of the largest beech tree in the woods and could feel that it senses life through its roots. When stepping on the area of ground around a tree, the tree knows you are there by the weight of your feet and the energy you broadcast. It doesn’t see you with little tree eyes. The tree roots connect and share information around the planet and life is woven together in that way.

Going up the hill to the top of the park there is an old oak tree perched on the edge with a view out across the countryside. It’s not in the forest but stands in the sunshine. At the time of writing if you tune into that oak all you get is a “shush” and an awareness of a tree that is focused on listening. There is no energy going back into its roots, it is listening and trying to understand the message coming in. My daughter asked me what it was listening with so much concentration, and I listened and watched through its senses, and saw not the blue sky, but the blackness and the stars. The message was to anchor yourself sturdily and well, so you could hold on tight. This sounded familiar, but the next second my stomach dropped as the Earth itself went into an all-over spin like a top spinning in every direction. It was quite a ride.

Looking back into the dark sky there was a sound like the creaking of a wooden ship passing overhead as great swathes of the universe began to shift and alter.  The old universe is changing its alignments and making new patterns, and there will be a new universe and new beginnings everywhere. It looks like the universe is making space for the new Earth.

I wrote my latest book about the role of humanity in the universe (among other things), so I hope if you are interested in what is happening right now you will consider reading “And I Saw a New Earth” to understand the significance of 2012 on Earth and farther a field.  The books I write contain background information on the current events.

Do you read these articles and would you like to interact and have a dialogue about the topics? I would be interested in hearing from you.  If you want to comment on one of the older blogs, please email me.

11.11.11 – What I experienced

I wrote an article last week (www.candacecaddick.com/2011/10/11-11-11/) about sitting down and noticing what happened when everything clicked into place and the light came through at 11:11 on 11.11.11. I felt that we would see “the Truth” in the light and it would be personal.

Here’s my experience this morning. I could see the light beginning to shine from one opening in the universe, which was quite clearly a peep hole to our Creator; a sparkly pink and gold light began to streaming in. I could hear a lot of angels singing along the edges of this light as they participated in the event. The laughter of God was present and I felt so much love and joy as I heard “You are loved beyond comprehension, and cared for without any limits.”  I was filled with light until I was transparent and the light flowed out of me. Looking for the truth of who I am I could see a large being of light wearing our galaxy like a tutu, and thought of all the things I’m afraid of – why am I afraid? I turned to face our Creator and my energy flowed into him and his energy flowed back into me until I was renewed. He turned me around to face a  universe bathed in light and said “My universe, my games, my rules.” I got the feeling he preferred joy to misery. His hand came through the hole he made and he began to scoop and pull the contents of the universe back towards himself like a hand in a paper bag. (If you think the universe is big, you should see God!)

What were my truths?

  1. I can move on from being small and be who I am.
  2. I don’t have to worry
  3. I am a representative of our Creator in the universe. Everything in this universe IS God.

We took a look around at some things while feeling so big with a clearer view. We could see five giant souls of light incarnate on the planet (imagine Jesus, Budda, etc. all incarnate at once.) These largest souls are clearly visible from space and anchor light onto Earth. Unlike previous times when large incarnate souls moved around and taught others, these large souls are staying still and simply anchoring light. There are also lots and lots and lots of souls the next size down living here anchoring light or holding light onto the Earth so it doesn’t pass us by.  In the entire history of our planet there have never been so many souls incarnate here at once that are able to anchor light in this way. This is a remarkable change from who is usually living here. Out of seven billion people most look like pebbles on a beach with a LOT of very large gem stones scattered among them, and these are the ones here now to anchor light.

What did you experience?

The energetic effects of acts of violence: a case study of 9/11, the Twin Towers.

Archangelic Collective

“…we feared the earth would roll into a black hole of darkness and pull behind it everything in the known universe.” Archangel Melchizadek writing in Planet Earth Today.

We wish to speak about the energetic results of murder and killing through combat. Humanity as a species kills for insignificant reasons, usually so they can own or control something. Whether it is the neighbouring country, oil supplies or a mobile/cell phone you will kill to take possession of it. In the animal kingdom the same-species killing is usually about dominance of the herd, or survival. It happens, but it is on the smallest scale they can get away with.

When humans kill each other with violence you open up an abyss, a great tear in the fabric of the Universe, an opening and entrance for the energies that feed on sadness and pain. This tears apart the laws of the universal brotherhood of species; destroying one’s self, effectively hacking at your own limbs and body. This depravity/lunacy tears the very fabric of the sealed universe creating rips through which beings of darkness from the outside can pour in, and you wonder why there is an imbalance of light and dark in this universe? Because darkness gets to come in every time we destroy each other/ourselves. This is how humanity has such an effect on every other piece of life in this universe, because each act of violence changes the balance of the universe. Once you have opened the way for beings of darkness to come in and feed they contribute to the acceleration of the conflict, and it is harder and harder to shut it down and restore peace. We angels are the ones you need to ask for help as we can see those who feed on death and pain, and we can deal with them on your behalf. Ask us for some extra-dimensional help. Beings who feed on pain, fear and death are present inside and outside of this universe and wait for their opportunity to move in.

The surprise attack of 9/11 caused tremendous shock, and that shock ripped through humanity into the Earth itself. She suffered a dislocation, as if you dislocated your shoulder and it stopped moving smoothly with the rest of your body. The bodies in the airplanes containing explosive fuel were themselves disintegrated and the souls were in effect fragmented. The souls were fragmented not by the physical explosion but by the shock and the horror of such an experience causing them to be reduced to confused, lost, uncomprehending, paralysed, gibbering fragments reeling with the horror of what had happened to them.  This is easy to imagine for yourselves: how would the terror and the horror of being kidnapped and flown into a building affect you?  This is not just a one-off occurrence of 9/11; this happens every time humans create horrible deaths. The shock of incomprehensible violence at the hand of your own soul group e.g. your right hand maiming and shredding your left hand into tiny bloody pieces while part of the same body, so every war, every murder, every death by street crime, everything that goes against the very grain of the universe causes this paralysed shock to the individual soul. They are lost, confused, and staggering souls.  It is like having the one person in your life that you love and trust above all and has given you unconditional love in return, turn and beat you with cruel, unrelenting, merciless strokes until you are dead.  This is one reason why souls fragment, and this is why human violence is so screamingly wrong and why it tears apart the universe with it action.

Can you imagine the state of the human soul group now? With so many individual souls damaged through shock and horror, it looks like a shredded, confused mess.  There is so much healing work done both on-planet in physical dimensions and off-planet in energetic dimensions to try and heal this damage.  But more damage is constantly happening.  It is so important to stop the human soul destroying itself and heal it, leading to saving the Earth from all the darkness coming in with each act of destruction. This changes the universe at large as the dark beings multiply with each human death at another human’s hand. And it’s not just human deaths at human hands; your inner hearts cry with pain and sorrow for each life you destroy; for they are your family and a part of you, because we are all part of the same universe.

The many sudden deaths on the site of the Twin Towers created a problem of fragmented, shocked souls. We moved in and have been standing, many stories tall, containing the space and the souls right there on the site of the World Trade Centre. This prevented them reeling out and becoming lost in the universe, and kept them together where we could care for them. The square structure of the memorial garden is the most stable geometric form, and if you refer back to the works of Rudolf Steiner you can read about the lack of energy in a square itself, and how it was perfect for holding those souls safely until help arrived. To look at the site last week was to see the roiling dust and destruction as the buildings fell, the whole event was happening over and over; the past stuck in the present time.

Two things happened at the September Earth healing circle at this channel’s house last week. First they reconnected the dislocation of the section of the Earth that had been shocked out of alignment. The relief was noticeable, and one of the early changes is that you will not have the very harsh winter that was coming your way. The trees were ready for it with nuts and berries to reproduce in case they died in the deep freeze; you can look and see how much work they have put into their reproduction. That has receded back to a normal winter and the relief can be felt with an undercurrent of joy as you walk in the woods. Second, it was seen that enough white light had to fill the space where the Twin Towers were to heal those souls and escort them out. This was done over the next day. Many, many people have contributed healing to this space over ten years, and every drop of it was used and contributed to the final result. This abyss is now closed and the black maggots that crawled across the space have been destroyed in the light. The waiting souls are gone, the air is cleared. The US is fighting wars because of this attack and new holes have been opened in new places. This one is now closed.

The Healing group also looked at the Glencoe Massacre and its effect on the descendants of the McDonalds alive today. Once again the shock of the violent surprise attack has left that event open-ended and unresolved: the bodies are still lying, centuries later, in the frozen February dawn. The resolution of all such violent deaths will change the world you live on today. Healing groups are needed everywhere to channel light into the human soul and the planet Earth.

Going back to the information the wolves wanted you to understand, you are a reflection of the Earth, and you can not take any action that doesn’t affect her. If you understand their message you can choose to act differently. (http://www.candacecaddick.com/2011/08/the-truth-as-told-by-the-wolves/)

I’ve written two books about the human soul. The story of the Downfall of Atlantis is about a soul tearing itself apart and the action taken at the time to save the planet. What’s different now, except it is worldwide and not confined to an island?

This blog sounds a little different because my daughter Heather helped me by writing down what she could see, and we wrote it together.