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Archangel Uriel and the Earth

By Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

I am the Archangel Uriel and my relationship to the Earth is very close – we are sisters from the same soul group. In the beginning of the timeless universe the planets were all formed of beings with separate consciousnesses. They are beings of light with their own souls, and very many of them are of one type of angelic order or another. The Earth is at heart an angel of light and my relationship to her is one of holding hands. It’s as if my hand reaches into her outer crust and my arm makes a bridge and connects her to myself. We travel together connected heart to heart, and soul to soul. You each are born with a guardian angel in close relationship to you, and I act as the Earth’s guardian angel.

For many years the Earth has been able to access the outer universe through a few breathing holes such as the Lake District in Cumbria, Uluru, and Table Mountain in South Africa.  She also had me and my role became crucial to keeping her alive with universal energy. I am grounded in her with my head above the hard shell containing her surface, and I funnelled energy into her. Sometimes she was limp under my hand, but I continued to support her. Humanity has been here a very long time, and the game of you reaching your own ascension has taken much longer than first envisaged. That meant she has stayed in a fixed position far longer than she ever did in the past. During this renewal of her galactic cycle she is stronger than before, shaking off the hard energy shell and exposing herself and life here to the universe and all that entails.

Shaking off an energy shell is a little like a dog shaking off water. The shaking is enough to crack and destroy the shell, and her energy is shaking more every day. If a being of light needs to shake and move to maintain her life and health that is a good thing for everyone on this planet. But remember that first the energy changes, then the physical. These are unsettling times where Earth changes from a position of stasis into a new position of comfort. Can you tap into that energy and move your own lives from stasis to comfort? It’s going to be very hard to continue exactly as you were on a planet of change.

What Type of Planet is the New Earth?

By the Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

Outside your windows is a new planet. If you took a space ship and landed on another planet and started living it would be the same as life on Earth this January.  If you feel that this is correct information, then we encourage you to go outside and make her acquaintance. This is done by standing with your feet on the grass or dirt and welcoming her with pleasure into your hearts. It can be done by meditating in front of a window, but that will not always be enough. We want you to feel Earth now, as you grew up with the old version and you knew her very well. Earth this time around has chosen to support her own needs to a larger degree than before. She is a member of the family of planets, and was contracted to give you the opportunity to learn about your place in the universe and your relationship to your Creator.  As the last 26,000 year cycle ended your progress was slow and muddled. She takes her role as host planet very seriously and has now altered the underlying energy to help you. From now on, when certain harmful things are attempted humanity will run up against a barrier she has put up to keep you in order.  When Earth is treated with respect she will return the favour and help you. Her own happiness and self-respect involves carrying you safely through to the end of your time here if possible.

First the energy changes on Earth then your physical reality. You chose to live on a new planet and the old one is gone forever. Your path is in front of you and not behind. If you go outside now and spend as much time as you can you will get to grips with your new environment and the new planet under your feet.  When you become familiar with Earth, the way your society functions will be easier for you to understand. There are changes coming all around the world.

For this reason I am one of the Archangels planning our part of the Stonehenge Day. We run these days for more than one reason, but they are all intended to be outside, and they are all planned to be enjoyable. If you want to come and experience the New Earth, then Stonehenge is a great place to start. If not, go out your own front door as often as you can and meet the Earth who supports your feet.

What’s Changing on 12.12.12

Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

We are ready to say a little more about the expected changes in energy as your galactic cycle ends. Earth will be hit by the biggest wave of energy this universe has ever seen. The energy that arrives for the planet will also affect you; it will melt some hardened coverings that you have put in place to keep you as you are up until this date. You can see it as discarding something you no longer need, or as a key that unlocks a door that doesn’t need to be locked any longer.  Many of you will have walked happily inside of veils that are ready to be ripped open, and you will have a clearer view of yourselves and your world.

There is a lot of talk about 12-strand DNA being reactivated at this time, and about Atlantis being rediscovered. Your double helix DNA strand is a pattern that is found elsewhere in nature. It holds the code to restore the planet to health, and it is whole in other species. What this energy will do for you is to make you whole again. Forget the how but look at the end result of humanity becoming whole, it could take some people years and the instant DNA fix is a distraction. When you are whole again you will have returned to the humans you once were in Atlantis. This is something that you will need to participate in, rather than have done to you.  DNA is how humans show others they are from  Earth.

We know that there is a lot of speculation about this period in time and we can see some crazy ideas floating around about how these veils will be ripped away. We want you to know that this is ultimately about the purity of the energy bathing your planet for two weeks in December and you have not been exposed to this particular energy for 26,000 years.  You don’t need the help of angels, extraterrestrials, demons, or elementals to take advantage of this energy.  You are able to change yourselves without help because you chose to be ready to change this at this time. The energy will help you to discard the unnecessary coverings, locks and veils and many people will suddenly wake up.  That is going to be an enormous event.

Those who wake up into consciousness as a result of this energy will look for answers, for fairness and for justice. They will want truth and information to take them farther on their paths, and be unhappy if asked to continue on a pathway that hurts other people. They will want balance in their lives, and for their lives to be better. Some people will not wake up (those who did not chose light), but live out their lives wondering why everyone else has changed.  If you already read these messages you intend to wake up, and then you will have an individual journey to become whole and the best person you can be.

The New November Energy

The Sun

By Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

The last day of the old year is considered by some to be October 31, when the year dies and Halloween takes place. This year the energy dropped rapidly on the 31st and by Nov. 1st new energy had arrived.

In the previous few weeks the Earth had resumed her form as a ball of fire like the Sun, but it was all held intact under a transparent membrane.  The fire rose from the inside to the outside in flows of intense energy. Earth is an energetic being who provides a calm surface on which you live. On Nov. 1st the surface membrane began to burn away, exposing you to all the energy that is native to the Earth. The membrane burned away in shreds. Many times we have written that in 2012 the changes to the Earth will not take place on one day in December. This November change removes the barriers between you and your planet, and you walk directly on a planet of light.

By allowing you to be fully exposed to this energy you will either do what you need to do to be aligned with the love and light of the universe, or you will not. The danger with putting your head in the sand and hoping everything will be alright, even if you make no changes in your life, is that you will have too many changes to cope with next year. You are being helped this year with the prevailing winds of change to put right all those things that don’t make you happy. Life is not about living in spite of being unhappy, life is supposed to be enjoyed. Where do you feel most the pressure to change? Begin there and make a start, and starting is not the same as completing all jobs in a moment. Those who never begin, never finish. It is a period time when there should be massive changes on Earth as you all position yourselves in the right places to be happy in your lives. This is only about you right now, and if you are happy, then everyone you love is happy.

We talk about letting go; can you let go of your homes, jobs, and family members? What does that feel like? You do not have to let go of everyone you love, but you should from now on, only be connected by strands of love. Ties of money and duty are Earthly and without universal energy.  This is about setting yourselves and others free, and coming back together because there is a love connection. If you try to continue your lives under any other circumstances there will not be energy to live on. If you feel you will be financially destitute but happy, then you do not have trust that you will always be looked after and have somewhere to live and enough to eat.

The pressure is on now, and the only way you are going to come out of it comfortably is to take the necessary steps. It is time for changing the way you live, and if you try to hang on to a situation that is not for your highest good you will feel squeezed to go in the right direction. To take the pressure off you just need to let go and flow forward. What could be better than living your life happily and for your highest good?

New York City – What Happens When the Energy Withdraws?

Manhattan, New York

By the Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

We wrote previously in the book And I Saw A New Earth about the withdrawal of earth energy from cities that humans have built.  In the past the Earth supported cities through a funnel of energy that rose from below and it cradled you and supported your strength individually and collectively. Once you all were aware of this, and the other life forms on this planet rely on her strength and appreciate her care of them.  Your largest cities had far outgrown the amount of energy she funnelled through for their support, and man itself had to support these mega-cities around the globe with her help.

In the case of Hurricane Sandy and New York City, and the east coast of America, you are witnessing what happens when the Earth energy has withdrawn from supporting a city. In our last article we talked about the withdrawal of energy on a personal basis, today it is about the shut-down of support for an entire area. New York and the other large cities surrounding it will be supported in the future on your own energy alone.  You are going to take over the work of the Earth, or move away.

The Earth provides the “up” energy for trees and plants, as well as skyscrapers. Take celery, for examplem and imagine no upwards strength or fibre, it would be a slimy puddle on the ground. You have taken for granted the “up” energy of the Earth and her support for you. Everything is changing at the end of 2012, and the months of November and December are a strange transitional period where the energy withdraws from some things that are not for the highest good of all, and waits to enter in again in 2013 to support healthier societies.  Do what you can to move on in a personal manner, you only have to get yourself ready to move forward in this short time available. That is enough work for anyone.

Will New York decay and disappear? Cities will retain the features that are good, and become smaller and more pleasant over the coming generation.  If there is not a reason for something to be in the city it will find its correct place somewhere else.  You have been static too long on this planet, and it’s time for some readjustments. When you look back at these days you will be very relieved you had some help making the necessary corrections.