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What Happens When the Energy Withdraws?

A New Earth

By the Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

If you are thinking about a crucial change in your life, what do you have to do to set it in motion? The final two months of 2012 are for you to make the changes you know you need to make, and move forward to be in the right place come January 2013. What if you haven’t finished by January? You will be in the midst of your process but you can finish it off. You will lose a few weeks when you could have been moving forward unhindered and will have to walk with shackles, but that is better than not starting at all.

Some of you crossed a divide at the end of September and are waiting to put your feet down on a new Earth. Others are living on the old Earth exactly as they have always lived. There is an opportunity for some of you to observe the support that energy lends to different situations. Energy withdraws from homes and relationships, jobs and businesses. In business, are there still clients and customers? Is there fresh work being offered to you? Is your house starting to need repairs? Strength comes as a result of having enough energy to keep you or a business upright.

When the old Earth fades away and the new Earth energy comes through, if you are focused on your highest good there will be fast changes in your lives. Some of you have noticed that certain things have fallen apart fairly quickly; from a lack of business to the need to move to a new location. Perhaps your old house was not the right house for you any longer and you need to live somewhere else. How big a house do you need? Some family homes have been needing repairs in a larger amount than usual as the energy withdraws. Buildings and situations are supported by energy the same way as people and other living beings. Withdrawing the energy can feel like the glue that holds lives together or buildings in a good condition is dissolving. Energy is the glue that holds societies, financial institutions, political parties, churches and lives together. When the highest good of all pushes you on to somewhere else it can really push hard, and there is little time this year.

You’ve been used to more leisure to consider your moves, but the current energy is not allowing much thinking time. If you have chosen light, then you are on your path to the highest good for all. That can mean to change abruptly to another job or home. It would be best for you to gather yourself together and make the changes so when you begin 2013 you are in the right place.  Your new life on a new-born planet can start from a good place for you, instead of trying to find the right place and start a few months later. You know now if you need to move as you can feel the push. This is an example as not everyone needs to move house to something that suits them better. It could be a new job or a new partner instead. When the pressure of the highest good energy blows through your life you can resist or go with the energy. Everyone still has the chance to dig their heels in and refuse to move. We do not recommend this course of action.

The Chasm

by the

Crossing the Chasm

Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

We have two short channelings this weekend about the changes to the Earth taking place tomorrow on the 13th. Many you have put your whole focus on the coming light of the New Earth and trusted your instincts about the individual preparations to move from the old Earth to the new. Most of you were ready to let go and move forward and so chose this path, and others did not. It was referred to as a roller coaster because it was a fast, thrilling ride for many, and it’s not over yet. You have reached the point where your ride leaves the track and takes a flying leap over a chasm to land on the far side.

This is the end of the road for those who did not get on the roller coaster. They do not die, but they aren’t even approaching the edge to look over, but turned back and are continuing with their lives and milling about in a crowd. The rest of you are ready, and you will each cross this chasm by putting one foot after another and walking across, or taking a flying leap and landing far on the other side. You arrive on the other side because of your beliefs, your efforts and preparation.

Those of you who chose light have worked hard and steadily throughout 2012 to be ready and to be in the right place at the right time. Congratulations, because almost all of you made it (some left the ride). What’s on the other side? Light and the new Earth. Sunday is Day 1, and Saturday is a day of change. We can’t say more now because you need to cross under your own steam.

Olympic energy

By the Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

We are pleased beyond our expectations in the amount of energy created by the people of the hosting country and city. Take for example those athletes that talk about the “extra man” on the team from the effect of the cheering home crowd. What exactly is happening there?

In the athletics stadium every person that watches and hopes is creating some energy to lend to the athlete. That energy was created out of the emotions of the people’s hearts and created a warm, energetic opportunity for that person to be the best. Many have been helped by this and it has helped carry them forward. They are the ones who finish their races, etc, and don’t run out of energy but keep going, and they are overwhelmed by emotion.  Afterwards the energy so created doesn’t dissipate instantly; that goes against the laws of physics. It slowly dissipates over time.  The entire UK has been hosting events on the roads and lakes, and in the football stadiums from Wales to Scotland.

The last Olympic article talked about the Earth needing energy right now to be reborn, and in the last week she began her task. She has started in the UK and it’s a beautiful sight. To quote one who has been watching this take place, it’s “life.” It is life and vibrancy that piggybacks on the energy of the Olympics. Because you do not see the higher dimensions you are missing one of the biggest events that ever takes place in the greater universe: the old planet burning away leaving a fresh new planet to come up from underneath.

Many of your esoteric teachers have speculated that this will all happen on one day in December, but that would be extreme. No one ever intended it all to happen at once, it was always going to be this way. By December the process will be close to finishing. Some of you are now living on top of the new Earth, and you are living on a newly energetic planet. The old Earth is burning away in places and where she is new the energy is fresh, wholesome and healthy. You can’t make time stand still or hold back change.

I wrote that rebirth was too much to happen all at once, starting in Planet Earth Today and carrying on into the other books, and yet I didn’t fully understand. Last week I noticed my cat glued to the window for days watching again so I looked and saw flames with eyes. She saw Life.  Candace

Uriel’s View of Planet Earth

By the Archangel Uriel

I am the Archangel of the Earth, and as I watch my planet, I see her as a ball of light encased in a crust. Cracks are appearing in this as she prepares to change and light is escaping from her true self. This is the one topic of conversation of every species that lives on her surface, except yours. The others are excited and planning for their futures, and you have no idea of the most important event for many millennia; the rebirth of your planet in 2012.

The Earth is a soul that lives in cycles, and this is her final months of the old before she begins her new cycle in December. You will be living on a planet that has changed in two important ways, her crust will have broken off and been cleaned away, and she will be stronger because of that. The Earth will be clean again and the accumulated detritus will be out of her way. Do not mistake a crust of heavy, solidified junk for the “solid” Earth you stand on. She provides you with a place to rest your feet and build your lives.

You’ve been used to living on a quiet planet, a weak one with less and less movement. She will have the freshness of youth again and be able to work at full strength. It’s hard to shine with light when there is a heavy crust on your surface, but she is already releasing light from the ground below your feet. You’ve lived surrounded by a dim fog, now you will be able to see more clearly. When you see something wrong, fix it.

Winter Healing at Avebury follow-up part two

Avebury Stone Circle Today

By the Archangel Uriel

The last article mentioned the inflow of life force energy into Avebury circle, and part of the life of the universe is information about all living things that exist here. The universe is kept as a single entity by sharing information, and that is part of what we mean by “energy”, although the whole explanation is more complicated than that. That is the nature of what is entering now, information about the rest of the universe. You have been isolated from the rest of your body, and now it is time to remember what you are a part of. The energy and information circulating under your feet will begin to reconnect you to the rest of the universe by changing your environment.

The other function of Avebury is to send information out about everything that happens here, that is how she joins in the connection. Energy comes in and goes out in a two way flow, and the simplest way to illustrate this is by reminding you of how you communicate face to face. The face that is speaking is sending out information through mouth and eyes, and the face that is listening replies with the expression in their eyes and look of interest. It is a two way process; Avebury is like the Earth’s face, and it is the only one she has. This inflow of information will bring new ideas and new technology. Technological advances will seem to arrive out of nowhere overnight. You will find out that there is meaning to each individual life, and the ideology of separateness is stale. Joining together will appeal to you and give you joy.