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Facilitating Change

Archangels Uriel and Michael

Archangel Uriel and Archangel Michael are both angels of the Earth. Michael’s role as the warrior and wielder of a flaming sword are secondary to his role as protector of the Earth. His involvement with the planet comes first; his way of protecting it is secondary. If you think of a ball with a sword stuck into it, or a circle with a cross coming out of the top you can feel Michael’s energy – solid and strong. Uriel, on the other hand, is a bit like energy weaving through the Earth and around it. She flows and is ethereal, and her energy permeates everywhere. Solidity and change are both necessary to help the Earth with these opposing aspects of her being.

“Greetings, beloved ones. When we look at humanity we now see many faces turned our way to learn from archangels and work along side us. Far more are not yet aware of us, and spend their days looking only at their day to day lives. The important thing is that the tide has turned and more and more people are aware that life is far bigger than the three dimensions you are used to living in. What a small space you have been content with over your lifetimes!

Your planet is heading into a period of rapid change, with the rate of change ever increasing. The Earth is initiating changes for herself. If you were walking down the road and decided to break into a run, it would be similar to what she is doing now. This is a good thing, as we have been writing that stagnancy is the opposite of love and light. You are living on a planet that is choosing to shift up a gear, what is that going to mean to humanity? Here’s what it will mean: lighter, more vibration of light, light expressed as love, and light expressed as joy and laughter. Light = love = joy = song = bliss. Do you want to live comfortably with the speed of change and the results of change? Look to the light yourself and follow her lead; remove the things from your life that are stagnant, fearful, and dark. The changes will come and you will live with them, but you can facilitate change yourself.

How does change come about? It happens through the change in one person at a time. You can only change inside, and your personal change alters the ideas you have and the things you say to others. This tickles them into change at their own speed and in their own direction. The changes you make today will be reflected in other lives tomorrow, and their lives will impact on an ever-widening circle.  These actions will come easily as you will be aligned with the flow of the Earth’s energy.

What’s important to you now? Is it important enough to alter the way you live your life? If the planet is important to you can you take personal action to support her in health? Others will see what you do and you will change them by your actions. Few of you will need to preach to others, as your actions will be more effective than hours of talking. You only need to live mindfully on your planet. These actions will come easily as you will be aligned with the flow of the Earth’s energy.

We remind you of this message because sometimes we see confusion, and people wondering how they can save the planet. Let your actions speak for you, and let your thoughts and energies combine to create real change (as written in the previous article) http://www.candacecaddick.com/2011/08/the-spinning-planet/. We acknowledge, and are grateful for, your help.”

The Spinning Planet

Archangels Melchizadek, Uriel and Esmariel

The Archangels have been excited about writing this article; they’ve been building up to it over time. It’s always about the energy, and energy is everything.

A new plan is being woven by the Earth; she weaves it out of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, colours and songs. She takes scraps from a rag-bag and picks the ones she wants to take forward and lets the others go, making a new physical planet out of the energy of what is available. This is where you come in as creators of the thoughts she can access. You are all powerful enough to think, and your thoughts float away from you and almost have a life of their own. They can combine with similar thoughts and create a great consensus and physical action. A good example of this is the American Revolution over two hundred years ago. Thought led to actions that changed the world for the better at that time.

Your thoughts spin away from you in threads and are picked up by the Earth – who can choose to weave them into her future and your future. She has a lot of black and grey to work with, and we would like to see a diversity of thoughts. Bright and happy thoughts carry a completely different vibration and colour and allow her to pull these into a brighter future. You’ve had a fear-filled start to this millennium where there have been wars and terrorism followed by economic insecurity. These events made it hard to be positive, we know. We want you to look at your own lives, are you hungry or homeless, or are you being fed and sheltered? Did all the bad things you fear come to pass? Starting with the computers ruining the world in the millennium bug scare, you’ve had one thing after another trotted out before you to make you worry and generate sad and fearful thoughts.

So today we want to mention some positive things for you to look forward to, so that you can think some happy thoughts and change your future for the better. The Earth is awake and preparing to resume her role as “mother” and take charge again.  (articles on Earth waking up see http://www.candacecaddick.com/2011/03/earth-and-spring-2011/), http://www.candacecaddick.com/2011/03/new-dawn-the-beginning-of-the-next-age/) There is nothing else that can have as big an effect on your lives as this. There are strong beginnings of renewal of two-way communication with her, with more and more respect for the planet and more healing groups. There is a groundswell of consensus to protect the planet, especially among younger people. There is acknowledgement of planetary support, planetary generosity and (incredibly after all this time) the dawning realisation that you need to care for her if you’re going to have anywhere to live. This is an about-face on old attitudes.

Once there were only a few torchbearers in Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth, and now there are a great many that are changing their ways of looking at how they live. Clean air, clean water, clean soil are all moving up in people’s consciousness and attitudes are changing. We can see the change in energy from our perspective, and you are moving away from a position of uncaring. Concentrate on the good things that are happening and more will happen in your world that is light.  It’s time to be happy everyone.

Whales of Loch Carnan

We’ve all been worried about the sixty pilot whales in Loch Carnan, and were afraid that they intended to beach themselves and die. I thought I would ask the whale consciousness about what was happening and about the potential for all the whales to die up in the Hebrides.

The first problem was that I attached the emotion of sadness to the idea of whales dying. The whale consciousness just told me “It’s normal for whales to do this and die. Whales die.” (Unsaid was “why are you having trouble accepting that whales die?”) So I had to take on board once again, as I’ve been here before with other animals, that they are not emotional about death, their own or others. Death is normal and it happens to every living thing. Why be sad or afraid of dying?

I said that there were a lot of people aware that the whales might die, and that we were all sorry that it might happen because we loved whales. Into the conversation the light grew and spread, as the whale consciousness accepted the truth that some humans loved whales at the same time that others hunted them to extinction. We parted on friendly terms, but I knew that our conversation would have no bearing on the whales in Loch Carnan.  I read today they swam out, leaving one diseased, dead female whale behind.

When I wrote Extreme Weather by Archangel Uriel (http://www.candacecaddick.com/2011/05/extreme-weather/) I could see that the whales were terribly important to the health of the ocean, but it was difficult to know how to phrase it while Uriel was dictating the piece.

Animals accept death without emotion, and we are saddened and frightened by it. Some believed that yesterday was supposed to be the end of the world and the Rapture was to take place at 6 p.m. worldwide in a rolling wave of devastation. Those heading for heaven would not die but take their physical bodies with them. How terrified of death are they?

Japan’s March 2011 Earthquake

Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

When we talk about the planet waking up from sleep, we want you to think about how you wake up yourselves to help you understand what will be happening here over the next few years. Your alarm goes off and you roll over and stretch, maybe you have a little wiggle and shake to make sure you are really awake and not going to fall back asleep again.  After that you walk into the bathroom and later head to the kitchen and perhaps have tea or coffee while collecting yourself together and thinking about what you have planned for the day. Then you get busy with your plans and the day really starts. For the Earth that about covers 2011 after she wakes up in the spring (NOT the spring equinox) but a day she has chosen. By 2012 she is ready to begin her day and work with the flow of energy heading our way next year.

Japan has just had a serious earthquake, the second (following Christchurch, NZ) of a series of corrections to be made in the Pacific Ring of Fire. No where on the planet will fully escape the rebalancing of the Earth, although some areas will be hit worse than others. This is a time of renewal and rebirth for many.

One other thing, have you ever seen a mother go off for a nap and leave the children unsupervised downstairs? “Behave yourselves now; I just need a little rest. Don’t touch anything!” Then later: “WHAT HAVE YOU KIDS BEEN DOING?!” That is pretty much what is going to happen when she wakes up and takes a good look around at what’s been happening here. We’ve been spending time without the major planetary life force, and as she reasserts her presence we all have to juggle around and come to a new relationship with her. It’s been a little like The Lord of the Flies up until now.

Once again, Earth healing circles using your particular form of healing are important to demonstrate that humanity gives as well as takes.