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Waves of Colour

By the Green Man.

I’ve been working with the Green Man all week as he is channelling my bluebell workshop on May 4th. He has so much interesting information about the world we live in, about bluebells, and about those elementals who visit them.

Bluebell Woods

Many of you will have noticed the waves of colour in the springtime, from the white of the snowdrops, the yellow daffodils, to the bluebells and forget-me-nots. There is a reason for this, and it starts with the sleepiness of winter.

In temperate climates the winters lack colour, and are full of white, grey and black. You often enjoy this quietness and the lack of vibrant colour. Colours have vibrations, and these are removed from your environment in the winter while you turn your attention inwards to remember who you are and why you are here. This provides an opportunity to start the new year from a position of strength and self-knowledge. When the first flowers appear they are white and soft green and your gaze is drawn outwards to where there is only a small amount of colour. The Earth is softly nudging you to look up and out.

The next few flowers are the gentle pastels colours in the woodlands, leading up to the yellow flowers. The affect of yellow on you is to shake you awake. The yellow flowers vibrate at a rate that works on you a little like an alarm clock, whether you can see them or not. Now you’re feeling awake!

Then we come to the wave of blue, present at this time in the woodlands and hedgerows. Why blue? The colour blue is your spiritual wake up call, cleansing your spirit body and making it easier to use your third eye. The third eye responds to the shades of spring blue, and brings you closer to the rest of life on the planet. If you allow this to happen to you by spending time with blue flowers, you will strengthen your ties to other life here.

The following wave is spring green as the leaves emerge. This green is a go-ahead colour, it stimulates you to get moving a bit more quickly, to spend your days alert and active. The weather is a good temperature for movement and planting seeds or making plans for the year. When the green deepens in summer the momentum fades and you are ready to move more slowly in the heat, and to enjoy life. The flowers are no longer pastels, but richer and stronger colours. These primary colours are strong in the sunlight, and wrap you in many layers of vibration.

In the autumn the colours are fading and you are beginning to look inward again, getting ready for winter. Looking inward is as important as sleeping every night, and the Earth helps you to do this by providing the right colours at the right time. Science has made discoveries about how the eye perceives colour, but I am speaking about the affect of colour on your energy bodies.

┬ęCandace Caddick