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Rebalancing Land and Water

Church in Porthleven, Cornwall

By the First Elohim

Are land and water  completely separate? Think about a land with rivers flowing through it, almost like a muscle with blood vessels and capillaries. Inside your bodies every cell is visited by a tiny blood vessel delivering nutrients and taking away waste. On land the soil is visited by water in the form of streams, rivers, lakes and rain or snow. Land would be barren without water, and cells would die without blood flow. Without the land oceans would have fewer nutrients washed down to the sea, and that would affect the health of seaweed and the entire food chain. There would not be shallow areas for variations in sea life. Nevertheless, you once lived in such a water-world right here on Earth.

In August 2012, Candace and a few others helped us with an Ocean Healing Day (www.candacecaddick.com/2012/08/ocean-healing-or-earth-healing/), and at that time the energy of the oceans was drawn far inland, spreading over the Earth’s surface over the following three weeks. I mention this because we often say to first transform the energy, and then the physical changes will follow. It has taken 2 1/2 years for this change aimed at drawing the land and sea closer together. We talk about everything becoming one, and you will automatically consider your own species first. In this case we are referring to the oceans and the land, two enormous consciousnesses, made up of many individual molecules. Land and water do not have to be the same as each other, but they are not meant to be completely separate and isolated. The energy of ocean water flowed over the whole world, and physical water is present today either in rain or snow in many place in the northern hemisphere. Heavy, persistent rain cleans the air, and washes some of those toxins down to the sea. Humans don’t make it rain, the Earth makes it rain, and she does so because it is necessary for life.

We angels always work for the highest good. We assisted the Earth in correcting an imbalance that would have contributed to further tragedy for all life on the planet. By drawing the water energetically over the Earth, the ocean elementals were helping her to detox, to balance, and to lubricate. Because some humans helped to do this, the Earth is aware of the goodwill of the human race. You all benefit from her goodwill.

How bad could this get? We’ve said “hold on tight” on a few occasions, and you’re at the beginning of events aimed at rebalancing. This year and next year look stormy, the following year less so, and your societies will have begun some serious changes. By this we mean that what is important to you will have altered, and you will enjoy new activities closer to home. The dependence on your governments to rescue you will diminish, and you will remember that you are strong and resourceful. These are corrections, not punishments. When all is back in balance life will be easier.

The rain you are experiencing in England is a gift, a sharp shove in the direction you need to go for your highest good. The rebalancing of water extends to the water inside your bodies; you are not separate from the water events taking place out of doors. If you’ve seen your life destroyed by flooding you may not feel this way, but we ask for a considered look back after a few years. When you do, the only measure that is relevant is how happy you were then, compared to now.

©Candace Caddick

Do you feel lucky?

My daughter has a friend who is a musician/gardener and tends to work when he wants the money. As soon as he decides to earn some money the phone rings and people offer him work, sometimes when he’s looking for one job he’s offered two, or the newspaper advertises the job that would be perfect for him the next day. I know him as a very chilled guy, who really doesn’t worry about what is going to happen next year. “I expect everything will work out” is his philosophy.

I looked at the energy around anxiety, worry and fear. Most of us have jagged, spiky energy surrounding us like a barrier, and when the gifts of the universe come rolling in to be deposited in our laps those lovely smooth waves hit our spiky barriers and the gift is shredded. If we were tropical islands with smooth sandy beaches, it’s like we’ve all put up sharp coral reefs, and when the waves hit they are churned up. Or I buy you a beautiful birthday card and it falls in the shredder before you get to look at it, and you are handed the pieces. Or – you expect everything will be fine and the waves deliver the abundance of the universe to you.

I’m pretty sure you can dissolve your barriers in a heartbeat. But if it is more a work in progress for you then dissolving them bit by bit will have to do. Mikao Usui gave us the Reiki precept of “Just for today do not worry.”  It’s a good place to begin, along with “I expect everything will work out fine.”