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Why Woodhenge Days Are Special

by Candace

Woodhenge has the ability to remove veils with which we cloak ourselves, and my workshops are set up to remove the veil of isolation – the one that hides us from our higher self. The site itself does it, and my role is to get everyone through the higher dimensional doorway so they are in the right space to benefit from the energy. Five of us visited Woodhenge on the 6th of September.


When I run workshops in public spaces I always put up an energy barrier so we can work privately. This time there must have been four other tour groups walking around Woodhenge for about 15 minutes each. They sounded so muffled I could barely hear them, and they were never in the rings when our groups was using them. These people were being told about what they guess about the site’s use. I like having the Archangel Michael explain it all to us so we don’t have to guess, and I appreciate the angels help with the weather on these days as well as making sure we have the space free for our healing.

One participant who attended wanted to be able to hear his guides speak, by the next morning (following his Reiki self-treatment) he could hear them. I had more barriers removed while in there, the one limiting my understanding of my oneness with the universe. Because I’ve been fortunate enough to visit three times this summer, researching the workshop and then running two, the universe keeps finding more adjustments to do on me.

Because I think this is a brilliant workshop I am going to run it again on Saturday Oct 11th. As soon as I was home last Saturday, the Archangel Michael told me he’s worked out a Day Two for people who’ve done day one, so I’ll be channelling that one through soon.

©Candace Caddick

What the Woodhenge Workshop is About

A friend recently asked me what exactly is this workshop about, and I explained my problems with trying to get it all onto an A5 flyer. Here is a fuller explanation:

The Woodhenge workshop shows people how to use the physical design of Woodhenge to reach that part that is their true self. Successful students of meditation will be familiar with that point where they have joined with their higher self, and experience who they really are. Woodhenge is set up to take anyone quickly to that point.

Woodhenge Today

In order to understand the site I visited Woodhenge many times and channelled lost information from Archangel Michael and the Earth. I teased the information out and put it together as a package of led meditations that would allow each participant to reach the point of self awareness after they approached the middle in the way it was designed to be used. At first I helped them, but in the end they could all use Woodhenge by opening the dimensional doorway present and walk back into everyday energy when they were finished. They can stop by anytime now and use it again.

If you’ve ever had the luxury of four consecutive Reiki treatments over four days you will know how it feels to be soaked in universal life force energy. Being inside the circle for a few minutes takes you to the home of the Reiki energy and it feels recognisably similar. This is a part of Reiki that reminds you that life is not about isolation or perhaps pain, but that life is light and a gift to be enjoyed.

I work with angels, and they are always trying to find ways to help people. They suggested this workshop, and I run it on their behalf. It’s a fun day out, and an absolute bargain at £25. There are some places remaining on the 6 September workshop.


©Candace Caddick

A Day At Woodhenge

Woodhenge, Wiltshire

By Candace

Saturday 31st May I held a workshop at Woodhenge where everyone brought along a picnic lunch and we spent the day outside. One of the enjoyable aspects of the workshop for me is seeing the participants experiencing the energy at one of the world’s major power sites.

This was a channelled workshop by my angelic guides, and we were instructed where to go to enter the dimensional doorway present at Woodhenge to experience energy in the higher dimensions. Everyone was able to open this door for themselves, and then return back into our three dimensions at the end. We were also told how to enter the centre in the ancient ceremonial way and stand in the space that links us to the beginning and end of timeless space. This is an area where you are exposed to the full light and healing energy of the universe.

Woodhenge is not very well known or understood, and I had to tease out a lot of the information about it through visits and channelled information. It was a day for us to be healed and balanced, to reconnect and remember. Every person who is able to live a more balanced life steadies the planet – we do not exist in isolation. Balance is also essential for our physical health.

©Candace Caddick

How To Go Beyond the Veils


By Candace

Tuesday I went to Woodhenge for a few hours to time my workshop on May 31st. When I do a channelled workshop I usually learn a lot, and this time my guides have promised to take the attendees beyond the veils we are wrapped in. How was I going to facilitate that?

It isn’t me that will be doing the unveiling, it will be the site of Woodhenge itself. It is one of the places on the planet that is connected to the universe, and when you are in the centre you have reached the part of you that exists beyond the Earth, the part of your soul that is not veiled. And you remember who you are and what your place is in the cosmos.

I had a list of questions that needed answering before I could presume to teach others:

Why does it exist?

Why do we humans need wood or stone circles?

How do we use and relate to this space?

The answers were clear after using the circles, and I’m not writing them here because I want the people coming to be able to experience it.

The henge needs to be approached in the manner it was originally set up to use, then the site does the rest. Fortunately the information is not lost – it just needed to be channelled through again. Wandering aimlessly doesn’t place you in the right dimensions, the same as when working with Avebury stone circle.

I’m really excited about doing the workshop.

©Candace Caddick

Woodhenge Workshop Day

Woodhenge courtesy English Heritage

31 May 2014

Today at Woodhenge you will find concentric concrete rings where wooden posts once stood.

Woodhenge marks a place where you can walk on grass, yet find yourself walking among the stars and listening to their music. Realising that there are people who do not know how to approach the centre with their eyes and ears open, my angelic guides will provide a channelled meditation and energetic attunements to help see beyond the Earth planes. It’s a day to remember who you are when you’re not confined to Earth, and to be open to the feel as well as the sights and sounds of our universal home.  Further information about Woodhenge is in a blog written last year following a visit: http://www.candacecaddick.com/2013/03/woodhenge/

Excerpt from blog: “I like to go to Woodhenge because it is the one place where I can hear the stars sing. Walking past the first concrete posts the universe is around me in all its beauty, the stars are singing and I am back to being me. I am a happy soul, weightless with only my consciousness present. I asked the stars what they were singing today and they laughed and threw stardust over me. Looking down I could see the Earth, very far away and as small as a marble. But as one of the others present said, when there is so much to look at in the universe, one can’t spend all the time looking at a far-off marble. Another felt it was a place full of ancestral voices. Walking out of the circle I could feel myself coming back into my body and walking on the green grass again.”

If time permits we will also visit the henges at Durrington Walls.

Please contact Candace Caddick for further details

Reiki Master, Author and Clairaudient Channel


Cost £25

Bring your own picnic lunch