Hanson-Roberts Queen of Rods

Want some help or guidance with making a decision? Tarot can help with clarifying which path to go down, pitfalls along the way, and positive reinforcement to encourage you to get moving! It can help with moving house, relationships, career moves and more, and the focus is on your highest good when doing the reading. Tarot can also offer some universal feedback on where you are in your life now.  If you feel stuck or unsure of what to do next or are just searching for some general guidance, then a tarot reading could be for you.

When someone is seeking advice I hold the question in my mind while shuffling the deck. My tarot readings are channelled by angels and their energy causes the deck to spit out the right cards in the right order to give personal guidance or answers. Because angels are doing the readings these are aimed at people who have begun a spiritual path. As they are beings of light there are no ‘bad’ or negative cards, but give readings that indicate answers to the client’s problems whilst reminding them that they are loved. I use the Hanson-Roberts deck because of its beautiful and positive pictures. Each illustration will mean something different for every one who has a reading. My eyes are drawn to the part of the picture that holds relevance to that person, and the message that follows is always unique. There is no “this card means this, and that card means that” which some tarot readers practice. When I look at a card it focuses the message like a lens for that person only.  Sometimes the angels will take the opportunity to give extra guidance beyond the question asked, along the lines of “here’s what we want to say to you”.  In this day and age when so many people feel isolated with their own problems and worries, the angels, through tarot, can give you the broader view from their perspective of all time and space.

Before I start I help the client clarify their question so that the reading will be targeted to their problem. We talk on the phone or email back and forth to make sure we are on the same wavelength.  I do the reading and email it along with the scanned pictures of the cards, this way it can be kept and reread for the advice it contains. Sometimes the messages can be easier to remember or more clear because the picture illustrates the message.

I resisted tarot for a long time because of its association with fortune tellers, but I have never practised it in that manner and read the cards as I was taught by the angels. Learning tarot from my own angelic guides showed me how helpful a tarot reading can be at the right times.

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Prices £55 per reading, approximately  $80 US, $85 Australian or 60 Euros.

Tarot Reading – £55.00


“It was very helpful. I realise that I need to be more positive, confident and courageous. The world is indeed my oyster and I should put the past behind me. I intend to “Go For It” and to play to my strengths.”

– N.B., client

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