Sample Tarot Reading

Here is a genuine reading that was done for a young person last year:

Some help and guidance on what path to take for drama school and a future career.

Seven of Rods

A picture of me (the boy) fighting against all the odds. There’s a lot of opposition here, but I’m still smiling, and winning. Remember me, and never let “the odds” or the competition depress your spirits. Somebody’s going to win the place, or the role. The trick here is not to give up, not to stop enjoying the fight.  See yourself in me, I do.

Six of Pentacles

What do you want? What do you want these gold coins to represent? There are enough of them here to provide you with anything you want in your life. For every person who walks on the Earth there is enough, it’s guaranteed that you will have enough. And it’s given joyfully by the universe of love. So here’s the message for you: you will have enough of what you need and desire. Think clearly about what best suits your needs now, for the next few years to get you going. Planning for a whole lifetime is too long and far away and things don’t always follow the most obvious path. Successful planning starts with highest good for the nearer future where you have the clearest view. If it is good for the nearer future, then that’s a good foundation for the farther future. Do your research. Plan logically and carefully and then decide. What do you need to know before you can make a decision?

If you choose to make these coins represent money and income – why not? Do not believe those who have money problems themselves who say money is inherently evil. Money enhances their problems. These are not problems that you share with them, you are safe to choose a vast income in this life if you so wish. The coins can be many layered, with many jobs + respect = higher salary. It’s about flowing and not putting up obstacles. You unblock flow already, keep practicing. Take the opportunities offered to you in a positive light, take the coins offered to you in a positive light, allow the universe to gift you with bounty. Open up and be soft and not hard, so that when the flow of good things reaches you it doesn’t bounce off but flows gently into you. The universe waits upon your decisions.

Ten of Rods

You carry a large bundle of raw talent. It’s as obvious to everyone now as these rods are to the naked eye. You’ve cracked the problems that were disguising this, and you did it alone. In this picture you approach a doorway, and you don’t really know what exactly lies beyond. You’ve going there anyway. The clue of ‘what lies beyond’ is in the big purple cloud rising behind. That looks nice doesn’t it? You need to drop fear and uncertainty and keep walking forward through the doorway so you live your life inside the purple cloud. Welcome to your home, you’re so close now.

Knight of Swords

This is about being energetic, for no one is more energetic than I am. Energy and success go together for you. Stay away from draining roles – they will never suit you. This energy must translate into your own life now by devoting some time to research, to cleaning away old detritus from your childhood and preparing for your next busy period. It’s about energetically tackling the job in hand. Sometimes detritus is physical belongings, and sometimes it is old emotions and ideas. Walk forward without baggage or things to slow you down.  Rise early and enjoy your life.

Eight of Swords

You know exactly what this card means! How have you tied yourself up this time, or is it still the same old ropes? Imagine this; you pick up a sword (which sword is it, what is its name?) and cut away the ropes. Walk away and never get tied up again. The difference between you and some other nameless person is the ropes. Since you have tied yourself up in your own uncertainties and lack of self-confidence in your gifted abilities you are stuck blindfolded, wondering which way to go and not going anywhere. Go over every nice thing that has been said to you, write them out on post-it notes and read them every day. Send Reiki to “releasing and healing the obstacles you have put in your way of having the life you choose for yourself.” Visualise this card with you cutting the ropes. Keep going until you stop getting this card.  You know what? It’s much easier than you think.

Queen of Rods

Rods have been a theme of this reading representing joyful struggle, bags of talent and now mastery of your craft. This is a snapshot of you walking away from drama school with a new crown and sceptre all ready to go. You still look young. The mastery of your craft is your goal. Go for it.

The World

This is a picture of performance, you onstage. Being offered the world is a phrase you sometimes hear and this is where you are now. You have chosen the world of acting and your choices are around you. You will have to choose in the end. Don’t wait to be chosen or excluded, but choose for yourself by actively, energetically researching and visiting these schools. You know you will need to do it promptly, so do it. This is more about where you feel you fit in and where you will be trained as you would wish to be trained. The world will happen for you.


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