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  • Candace Caddick

12.12.12 What Happened Inside Avebury Stone Circle

I went with a small group to Avebury Stone Circle on 12.12.12 to see what was taking place. It was a very still day, when everything was quiet and listening, except for people who were chatting and driving their cars.

The purpose of Avebury is a collector of information from the stars into the heart of the Earth. From this time on it will always be open to the universe. It will fully resume its function of flow with information coming in and going out. Because this planetary organ is again flowing and no longer blocked, the river of energy will speed the process of change. This planet has been stagnant and changed very little over time, and then only very slowly. The unblocking of Avebury is to pull the plug on a stuck situation.

This is the wild ride, the roller coaster that you jumped on earlier in 2012. This is a planet that is stagnant, slow and sluggish compared to one that has a degree of flow. Flow is light, and it begins on Earth with the help of the rest of the universe. A wave of light is movement, and movement in all parts of the globe, the world itself, people and oceans (a reservoir of flow) will begin to make the changes that are called for today.

Is all change good? We are talking about change that incorporates love and light. Change happening where decision-making is based on love in the coming years. It may turn you upside down and stand you on your head, but perhaps that is exactly what you needed. When actions are taken through love for all other life, then you will find the results are not just satisfactory, but great! You are heading into your golden years on this planet, and you who are alive on Earth today can be aware of the direction of flow and float with the energy, or flail wildly and try to escape. There is no escape, but it’s a time to help others along. You will assist in building the new society by your own actions; a human society needs to be built by humans not by angels or outsiders.

By being at Avebury we said “I’m ready to look this kind of energy in the face, to see it and let it become part of me. When I go home everyone I meet will feel the change that has happened here.” There will be further energy coming in over the next two weeks, all the way through the 21.12.12 date. We trusted the energy, went there and did the equivalent of jumping into cold water. You have immersed yourselves in the new energy, and can only be strengthened by each day that passes. There are others who will stay indoors and pick it up as they walk to their cars. Their experience will be different from yours. Many, many people will be outside over the next two weeks, a little like energy addicts; they’ll feel like taking a walk outside. The reason angels keep urging you outdoors is that the buildings you live in are not natural; they are human/natural hybrids. These buildings carry human energy and may work as shields. Each building will be different, but some have more human energy than others and some of that energy will vary from indifferent to maximum shields. There’s nothing to get in your way when you’re outside.

The Earth will be bathed in light, available to her and to you. Take your opportunities while you can. In the past the angels have said that almost 100% of primitive tribal people go with the planet as she moves towards light. It is because they are much closer to her, and have less blocking their connection to the outer universe. Does it make a difference? Reread to find out what happens when people learn from the stars.

That is the basis of the handout I did for the visit, but I wanted to add an eye-witness account. We went as a small group, and there were a few other small groups present. It was a beautiful cold and sunny day with thick frost on the ground. The energy coming in through the circle in the morning was intense, and for a long time to walk through the circle was tiring, like walking through syrup. The centre of the circle had energy pouring up out of it, and it felt like love. A new planet made of the energy of love; what more could we want? We stopped by the blueprint stone, the one that channels all of the blueprints for life on this planet and remained there while our heads were rewired, andI was glad I wasn’t the only one there who felt that! I have tried to understand the process of planetary rebirth and pass it on to others, and I knew that I needed to stop by the Life and Death stones and they would have more to explain. All of the stones channel and hold the energy of something on the planet. This was the beginning of the Death of the planet, so I stopped by there in the sunlight first, and here is what that stone wanted to show me:

Have you ever made papier mache, where you blow up a balloon, cover it with gluey newspaper, let the newspaper harden, and then prick the balloon and withdraw it from the centre? That is what is happening right now. The fluid New Earth is coming straight up out of Avesbury and flowing outwards. Later on the winter solstice (21.12.12 or 12.21.12) the old Earth will be withdrawn and removed and that will be the end of it. We will have painlessly taken up residence on the New Earth.  Think of a butterfly in a cocoon with two weeks to break her way out from the caterpillar to the beautiful butterfly.

Then moving over to the Life stone there was a vision of a beautiful planet of health and vibrancy that actually sparkled. But there was something more, this planet is really going to go for her own ascension, and we either go with her or we fail to make it. That part is up to us. She had a vibration of toughness (tough love?) and not wasting any more time. I was still thinking about the old Earth falling away and asked about all the people who did not choose to come to the new Earth, and that stone said “You have one soul with all these bodies, if you lost some of them it wouldn’t matter. It wouldn’t affect your soul.” While we mean everything to us to others humanity is just part of an overall picture.

When I have written in the past I have maintained that people would gradually die, and that there will not be premature deaths. I have never said that half the people would die on one day, and I don’t think that will happen.

Sometimes when I write about Avebury I may sound like I’m starting in the middle of a story; it’s because I wrote of lot of it down already in And I Saw A New Earth and The Downfall of Atlantis in the section on Stone Circles. The books are background, the blogs are current events.

©Candace Caddick


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