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  • Candace Caddick

California earthquake – some background on time

Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

“The big one” is something you hear referred to when talking to Californians about their future earthquake. “When the big one happens” they’ll say and go on with their lives. And I think it’s a good thing not to dwell on future earthquakes, because it would ruin your pleasure in living today. California is such a beautiful place to live.

How do they all know about “the big one?” Here’s the tricky part for humanity living in linear time. The Californian earthquake is an event and it takes place in timelessness, it’s not a human activity in linear time.  We are aware of it because it already exists. Timeless events are happening now, in our past, and in our future. That earthquake is happening now, has been and will be happening continuously. Time really has no relationship to timelessness, and just makes it more confusing to try to understand.

We live in linear time so we are in effect moving forward; try visualising it as standing on a moving walkway or conveyor belt. There will come a day when we move into the space that the earthquake occupies. It is inevitable. We will then experience the earthquake ourselves, and move out the other side. If you listen to hear the earthquake, focusing on it and nothing else, you can hear it getting louder with every day that passes.

The devastation in California will be heightened by the fact that the oil has been pumped from the oil fields in the southern part of the state. It would have helped to cushion the shock a little. Instead some parts will crumble like pastry.

This would be a good time to reread the July 2010 post on this earthquake, and the posts on time and its many layers.


Earth healers out there – if you look at the Earth at the sites of the Japanese and Christchurch quakes, they both look really sore. It’s like a person breaking their arm and leaving it untended. It would be good to include the planet herself when sending healing to the people of Japan and New Zealand.

Anyone who’s tried talking to a tree in the last few days has found they are bursting with excitement about the Earth waking up. I think it was yesterday, Saturday the 19th of March, judging by the waves of energy coming up out of the ground today. I was laying face down on a Reiki table this morning feeling it come up and hit my tummy.


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