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  • Candace Caddick

Coronation Energy

From the moment Charles walked through the door of Westminster Abbey he was shining with light, while Camilla shown with the normal amount of light and energy that one sees with anyone. Prince William was similar to Camilla, while Kate was a shining star. Her tiara made like a crown of leaves fit her energy perfectly.

As King Charles began to say his coronation oath black threads of energy began to be drawn into him, coalescing in his person. These appeared to be threads of energy that the late Queen released on her death, that had to do with the role of the British Monarchy and this nation. They continued to be pulled into him during the remainder of the ceremony. These threads surprised me, and they gave meaning to the ceremony.

Looking now, a few days later, the energy threads are knotted into Charles and spread out from him across the land. This must be how the monarch holds the nation together. Becoming King at the Queen’s death did not create this, it was saying his oath of service to the nation. Be careful what you swear an oath to if they are this powerful! The coronation regalia was devoid of any special energy, except the orb. A lot of light was shining out from the orb.

Overall, I have been surprised that the energy of the crown was so important to the well-being of the United Kingdom. The Monarch is knitted into the energy of the kingdom and plays an energetic role holding the nation together. This doesn't go for all countries, or even the other commonwealth countries, but it is working here, and consideration should be given to who will perform this function if there is no longer a King or Queen in place.

©Candace Caddick

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