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  • Candace Caddick

Creating your new lives

Archangel Esmariel, the Archangel of Transformation

I wrote previously about using New Year’s resolutions in a positive way to focus on the changes you wish to bring into your life.  Change is an irresistible force, powerful and strong, and good for you. Is all change good for you? From my point of view it is, because I am the Archangel of Transformation, and changes flow through me. I’m like a pink windsock where change blows through me but never stays with me, and I am flowing with the strength of the wind.

I know that every one of you is different, with different responses to changes in your lives. But change has got a bad press lately, where if a change is made it is seen to be for the worst. It would be helpful to remember all the changes that have led to improvements for yourself and others, and consciously release your resistance to change.

How much personal energy does it take never to change? Do you have any idea of how hard all of you work to keep things the same in your lives and societies? This is the strongest force in the universe we’re talking about. Every time a change happens anywhere in the world you are all affected, and what happens here ripples out to the rest of creation. We feel your changes eventually way out here in the wholeness of space. Everything is interconnected and does not stand in isolation.

Change is flow. Candace’s favourite image of flow is people who are floating down a stream watching as the landscape changes around them and the sun shining through trees overhead. Some float effortlessly, and others are hanging onto the grass along the edges for dear life while the stream tugs at them. Never changing is like hanging onto the grass with all your strength; it takes that much effort. Float effortlessly or struggle to hang on? It’s safe to let go.


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