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Goodbye 2020

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

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By the Archangel Hophriel, Archangel of Hope

I am the Archangel of Hope, and I hear the people of the Earth asking for hope, that things will change and become better in 2021. I can see that there has already been a great deal of change in 2020. You are in a period of change, and have completed one year out of four or five, depending on how fast you are able to release blockages and turn a corner. This may not be what you hoped to hear from me, but you are performing a miracle of speedy change. Four or five years to comprehensively change direction? If you don’t like this news, remember that if you did not change direction you had no future on Earth. But you have completed one year now, and with the help of the Covid-19 virus many changes took place quickly on many levels, with more on the way.

Humanity is looking at a ninety degree change of direction, not going back, not going forward, but around the corner where it is hard to see ahead.  If you desire to choose correctly for your own life, choose the paths that leads to personal balance, a clean and healthy Earth and as always, love. Ignore all talk about returning to normal, as normal was crazy with imbalance and destruction. Look ahead for there is hope of a return to a healthy planet, and the healthy living that predated the normal you remember from your current lifetime. You are very close to creating a planetary environment that does not support human life. It is quite a small climate niche you require to live in. Make positive choices for yourself, for your own life.

For the wider society, do not cheer all promises that you will go back to the way it was in 2019. There was much wrong in the way you were living then, instead visualise the way you wish to live for the rest of your lives. Face in that direction and walk forward and make it happen. Attempts to return to 2019 will never come to pass, you are busy creating something better than that, although you are finding it hard to recognise it at the moment.

The Covid virus will be here until enough progress has been made in the movement around death; you have such trouble dying here. Death comes at the end of every life and it is not something to be feared, but natural. When death is easy it is without pain or fear, and there is rebalancing taking place around death now and in the near future. This will help everyone. Covid is part of the way of change, but it is not the only one. Climate change and Earth changes are also part of the present picture.

The energy next year is lighter, you had a heavy energy year because you had to make a strong start that will not be easy to reverse. This year will feel a little more open, with more opportunities to move around, but the virus will still be present until it is finished. Some of you have learned how to live side by side with Covid.

Your best hope is that all of you wonderful people who endure these difficult times will be rewarded with new lives that far surpass your old in happiness and joy. Keep walking forward.

I reread last years New Year blog and the energy of 2020 was all written in there. The advice is still good for getting through 2021.

©Candace Caddick


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