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  • Candace Caddick

Harbinger of Change at Avebury

By the Archangel Melchizadek.

The great stone circle of Avebury enclosed the planetary organ that receives information from the rest of creation, and in return sends information back. This has always been achieved by receiving energy packets from each and every part of the universe. It’s as if a molecule of every existing life travelled to Earth and entered through the centre of Avebury, and at the same time a molecule of every bit of the Earth was broadcast back out. So on Earth you “hear” about life in the universe, and they hear about you as one molecule of information is sent from Earth to every sender.

Of course it is not molecules that are sent but pure energy snippets. Quantum physics talks about packets of light arriving in strings and that is about as close as your scientists have gotten to this truth. You are sending packets of energy to every planet, star (and more!!!) in long strings, and they are doing exactly the same. Information arrives in a continual flow of energy, and the Earth broadcasts continually. This binds the universe into a living whole where all of life is connected.

Avebury was maintained as a planetary broadcast/receiver until Tudor times, when the land was sold and a village was built in the middle. It muddied the energy and the Earth stopped emitting signals. She was cut off from her family and support. If you built a village in the nave of one of your great stone cathedrals it would have a similar feel, think about a church trying to hold normal services with the noisy life of a village in the middle.

Because there are still stones in the circle, they continue to separate some strands of incoming energy and anchor them on Earth. Many stones were destroyed centuries ago, but they all remain in the higher dimensions. They are happy, happy stones right now. They continue to receive healing energy as they have for millennia, almost like hollow straws receiving universal light. This will continue until a day far off when ocean waves cover them. The stones are here to support you.

The Earth has rolled itself away from the stones so the new broadcast/receiver is located in a nearby farmer’s fields. The flow is unimpeded now. When the Earth needs to make a change she is able to do so, no matter how surprising it is. She is able to look after herself. The effect of free and full energy exchange with the universe is one of the harbingers of change for the planet, and one that has almost nothing to do with you. Consider the strength of the planet and how many ways she could change your environment through weather or shifting plates. Then be grateful that she has your best interests at heart.


One of the things I used to worry about was Avebury and the village in the middle of the circle. I didn’t see how it would be resolved very quickly. It turned out to be pretty easy for the Earth to fix it for herself. On a visit last week the stones were so much happier and relaxed, and the large ones that had to hold the circle together over the roadways weren’t angry anymore; they were happy too.

There are places remaining on my Woodhenge Workshop day for 6 September, which is another, completely different energetic site. If you want to come on August 2nd get back to me quickly, please.

©Candace Caddick

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