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  • Candace Caddick

Hope for the Future In 2024

By Archangel Hophriel, Archangel of Hope

This is the year to set your sights on what you really want, not what anyone else tells you that you want, just what is deep in your heart. If only the world could be like .................. What would you fill that space with? This can take a leap of faith over what the difficulties of change can be. Would you really like to have clean air and water, and unpolluted soil? Then that is on the way, but you will have to give up the conveniences that cause the problems. That may seem impossible or very hard right now, but it is only the changeover that is hard. There will be a shift in everyone’s expectations, and the realisation that life can be more delightful and filled with more love. There is more to life than money, and this planet can supply enough for everyone to live.  

You have been racing towards change and have now entered the period where it will start to be noticed by everyone. Following some major adjustments across the globe, humanity will finally start to head back towards balance. What will this look like? One suggestion is that it could be the end of humans as top species, blending into the balance of animals and plant life as they did before. Becoming part of the circle of life again. Relaxing and living balanced lives that contain enough of everything.

Does that mean reverting to the Stone Age or Medieval times? Not at all! You will use your technical and scientific expertise as part of your new lives. We have said many times before, you do not need to go back and repeat lessons you have thoroughly learned before. You will eventually use technology cleanly instead of the energy intensive way it is used now.

One mindset that is out of date is the drive to obtain more and more money with no thought for the future of the planet or all the living beings on it. The change to using only what is necessary is coming swiftly now. Everything is coming at breakneck speed straight at you, you can relax into it and let it take you along with no effort or you can resist - but it will do you no good. Change is here; be sure to seek only what is for the highest good of all.

©Candace Caddick

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