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  • Candace Caddick

How Do You Tell Truth From Lies?

By the Archangel Melchizadek

We want to talk about a pattern that exists in more than one country. Last year was the year when many western countries abandoned truth and argued with lies. The political opponents each marshalled their arguments of lies and hurled them at each other, and they planted them as seeds to spread and grow. Today there are many people who believe all kinds of lies and wander lost in deception, these people are rendered ineffective – they don’t know how to take relevant actions any more. The winners are still on top, still telling lies that worked in the past to gain them power.

To find a way around this allow yourself to judge how various statements make you feel. Lies are from the Archangel of Darkness, they are of low energy and carry a low vibration. Those who are light workers are continually raising their energy with their practices, as in meditation or daily self-treatments with Reiki. This is why self-treatments are important, to raise your vibration one day at a time and be aware of the clash with the vibration of all that is dark, such as lies. When you say to yourself “it doesn’t feel right to me” that clash is what you are feeling.  You have a trustworthy guide through today’s ever-present lies.

Democracy was on track to have a period of change, to shake-up the parts of government that had stopped working for the people. Because of Brexit, the election of Trump and other European elections pending in 2017 there will be a lot of change and instability. This will be alleviated by those who can feel what is true and what is not, who then speak up by using their light to show the way. Change isn’t something that will happen to other people and leave your life untouched. Your role is to lead by showing the light in every one of its forms (love, joy, peace, etc.), and you will find help in unexpected places, including people from whom you least expect it. There will be those who’ll share everything they have with others through love, smaller countries helping larger ones and people sharing so all have enough. See yourself reflected in the eyes of others.

©Candace Caddick

The Archangel of Darkness wrote a section of my first book Planet Earth Today, he was very clear that he starts with lies to create fear. Hate comes later on in his process. Lies can’t be separated from fear and hate because they come from the same source.


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