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  • Candace Caddick

How Is Reiki Different on Earth?

By the Ascended Reiki Masters

This is from a group of ascended masters who have dedicated themselves to helping others draw Reiki through their hands. Reiki exists in the universe, and they make sure that when one wishes to channel Reiki, it is connected without any difficulties. We take their help for granted.

Reiki is universal life force energy. When you first learn to practise Reiki you may hear this definition, and as you continue to practise your self-treatments you begin to understand what it means – that without this energy there would not be life animating all the beings in the universe. Reiki comes from the Source of all life as an out-breath of the Creator, and is part of His undertaking to provide the conditions for life for all of us. He did not create a lifeless universe, and He provides this energy for all. You walk in it, breathe it, absorb it and create it yourselves because you are a very tiny part of Him. We are using “Him” to avoid the clumsiness of “Him/Her” in sentences. The Creator has all sexes as part of His being (notice we did not say both sexes.)

Reiki is the basic building block of the universe and it is a fine and high quality energy. This  energy has been present here on Earth at all times, or there would be nothing here. Reiki is a modern name for an old practice of opening yourselves up to this energy and focusing it into yourselves or someone else. If you poured sugar into a bottle with a funnel, you would narrow it’s flow. When you draw Reiki through your body and out of your hands you are doing something similar; you are narrowing and concentrating the flow. As you practice your Reiki you are able to do this more easily and often with a greater flow.

In Atlantis, you channelled the original universal life force energy regularly for the Earth. (Written about in Planet Earth Today) While treating the planet or another person you benefit from Reiki’s presence in your body and energy fields. Unfortunately the people of Atlantis did not continue the practice, and it became easier to fool them with lies. They ended up in a failed society that was dangerous to all, and it ended disastrously. Channelling Reiki is the same as channelling light, and filling yourself with light makes it easier to see through lies which always carry a dark energy. Reiki adds to your ability to discern the truth.

After Atlantis there were more episodes of Reiki being introduced and used, and then falling out of practice.  When Mikeo Usui reintroduced Reiki over 100 years ago it was not identical to the Reiki of Atlantis. Where that was high and spiritual, a light gold in colour, Usui’s introduction included a component that was very Earthy and it appears thicker, a deeper shade of gold. It is unique to Earth, and when used here it is keyed to match Earth’s residents in a way  universal energy is not. It helps the spirit, but is also very effective in helping the body. This introduction is matched to the needs of the planet’s population at this time, just as the Atlantean Reiki matched the needs of Atlantis. On no other planet in the universe will you find this exact vibration of Reiki, present on Earth to help maintain your physical health as well as your spiritual health. Reiki is a gift for you.

Although this article has been about Reiki, it is not alone as a spiritual healing practice on Earth. What’s important is that you feed your spirit and soul with a healing practice that suits you.

©Candace Caddick

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