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  • Candace Caddick

Life As the Rest of the Universe Lives

By the Archangel Michael

I, the Archangel Michael, have been teaching people at Woodhenge this summer about who they really are when the veils of humanity are discarded. My workshops are channelled through by Candace who shares the experiences with the rest of the participants. The most recent workshop on October 11th took the group to a whole new level.

The stated object of these workshops was to remove the veil hiding you from yourself. In the first workshop this was partially lifted, in that some parts were crystal clear, while others remained clouded. The second workshop was then able to wholly remove the veil and let those who came find themselves whole, and at home with the rest of the human soul.

They were able to do this because of the nature of Woodhenge as a place without limits, as it is a sliver of the universe which is by its nature without limits. This universal limitlessness is what has allowed the entire evolution of every star and planet. Every idea could be explored somewhere, and all experiences of living could be catered to. You chose to learn to about yourselves while wearing a blindfold that left you lonely and separate from one another. The true you is not a tiny being existing in isolation, it is a being that is part of a greater whole. The Woodhenge workshops were designed to return you to experiencing your true self as part of a greater whole.

This group of people were able to sit in the centre of the circle and dissolve the barriers between themselves (with our angelic help.) At the point when all barriers were removed they were cushioned by the love and unity of humanity and they became one energetically. Maybe you think this sounds scary, but no one wanted to leave the circle and have it come to an end. But by then Woodhenge was no longer needed. By dropping their walls of separation they were able to become whole, and find their identity as part of a greater soul. The veil that hides you from yourself is the veil that keeps you smaller than you really are.

This love and support of the entire soul is what you experience after dying. It is returning home, and the reality of your existence is that people are often reluctant to return to Earth. “Not again! Oh all right, if it’s for the best” and there they are again as a newborn baby. Inside Woodhenge it is possible to experience life after death while you are still alive. In death there is comfort and unity, and wisdom. Life after death is softening your barriers and becoming one, until the next time you choose forgetfulness and walk the Earth.

Archangel Michael

We arrived at Woodhenge to find the space between the circles and the distant trees packed with higher dimensional beings, and the energy running at a much higher level than usual inside. The spaces in between us were filled with disincarnate humans helping us form our smaller ring in the centre – and the light grew between us until we were in the human soul group with its sparkles, light and colours. Our work contributed light to the soul in the vibration of hope. Leaving the ring afterwards was similar to after a Reiki initiation where the air sparkles and everything is so clear. I was lucky to have my group made up of Reiki people, who are used to working with the energy of light.

Lately the human soul has looked like a while balloon with black handprints on it. Adding light to the soul helps everyone.

Woodhenge workshops will resume in spring 2015. Please keep checking my calendar page or email me to be added to my mailing list for future workshops on the “contact me” page. I only email about workshops and dates, and if I publish a new book. Candace

There have been a few people inquiring about a crystal heating workshop, which is in development. (See articles, etc.) Please get in touch if you are interested in coming.


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