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  • Candace Caddick

Living with Your Higher Self

By the Archangel Melchizadek

I am the Archangel Melchizadek, and I have something to say first about planets regenerating themselves. First take a planet (a member of the family of planets); it chooses to incarnate as a physical being, one you can see and touch. Does this mean that it somehow only exists as something you can see and touch, or is the planet that originally had the idea of incarnating still exist? From my point of view the central core existence of your planet is energetic and the physical manifestation is secondary. A planet’s soul is eternal, and the different shapes it takes are to facilitate learning for itself and for other soul groups.

Your moon looks like a rock circling in space, and you do not see the exquisite beauty of the being holding that rocky form. But you can feel her every month as she waxes and wanes. She tugs at your heart and brings truth and emotions closer to your surfaces. Do you think a rock could do this? It is a quality of the soul who took that rocky form that helps the residents of Earth with their emotional truths. Some of you have seen this beautiful being already, and all of you have the ability to see her if you choose to.

A human body houses a soul, and when the soul leaves the body the body is dead and does not reanimate (exceptions to this are very few and happen immediately following a death. The “light at the end of the tunnel” observations arise from these exceptions.) When a body dies what happens to the soul? It does not die never to return. It dies and comes back one day as someone else ready to begin a new life as a baby. The person you knew is dead, and one day your physical body will be dead, but it is not the end for you. “The greater human soul” is very large and wise, and you each contribute to its knowledge and wisdom. Your soul, your higher self, is present with you at all times attached to your physical body, but so large that it can’t fit inside a tiny human body. You will never get all of your higher self inside your physical body, think of just your little finger filling a walking and moving body. I am telling you all this again now to reassure you in a time of change your full self is enormous and wise and part of you. It is not your brain; it is connected to your heart. There is a voice you can hear when you listen and turn off the chatter of your brain, and that is the voice of your complete and higher self.

Some of you are barely grounded and your higher self looks like a balloon on a string, where the thin string is the only thing attaching your soul to your bodies. Meditation will increase the attachment and draw you back down into your hearts. When you have mediated and cleared your mind your relationship to your attached soul will be balanced, your wisdom will be more accessible and you will see everything more clearly. When you are seeing clearly you can choose your direction with greater ease and confidence. Nothing is more important than being present in your bodies at this time of change.

©Candace Caddick

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