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  • Candace Caddick

Rushing into the Future in 2022


By Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

The days on Earth fly past now, holding you to a schedule that humanity creates for itself. You rush towards the conclusion of your days here, some of you with heads up looking to creating a brighter future and others who appear to be without heads, looking nowhere. Which are you?

This coming year is the middle one in a five year plan for change. In these five years you will have remade your societies to the point where you will never return to how you lived before. You will no longer have the appetite to live on a planet in an unsustainable manner. Even if all the changes are not complete you will have changed forever the harmful practices that have brought you to the brink of extinction. We congratulate you on creating this plan for success and sticking to it.

What is this plan? A large part of it is present right now in the Covid-19 virus that is working with you as a partner for change. The greater human soul makes plans and subtly makes adjustments in a continual managing role for people on Earth. Imagine a large boulder, too heavy to move. Now think of a strong lever pushed under one side, strong enough to flip it over, upside down, in a new position. Covid is that lever, strong enough to flip your economies and societies upside down. Without shaking up the way you are living you will not survive. The Earth will survive; it’s humanity that is at risk.

Covid has a job to do, not by killing everyone but by changing your world. To consciously work with the virus you can keep repeating “I release my resistance to change.” That will make it easier in your own life because change is coming. Any government that accepts that life will not return to the way it has always been will get a head start on creating a new society and economy.

The energy in this third year of the cycle of change starts slow and begins to build in intensity. By late June it will be off the charts for explosive, out of control energy. By October it will have calmed down somewhat and then you are on the other side of the peak, heading downhill. Energy like this is strong enough to power all sorts of change, from Earth cataclysms to social unrest. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

©Candace Caddick


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