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  • Candace Caddick

The End of the Age of Stone

Updated: May 24, 2022

By the Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

On Sunday a group of us visited Avebury in response to a call from the stone circle. We performed a brief ceremony of thank you and farewell to the stones themselves. This follows a day last summer when I stood in the centre of Stonehenge chatting with the large Sarsen stones when they announced they were leaving NOW, while the Blue stones said they would stay a while longer. Since then, those enormous stones have been like empty houses with no one home. There is no energy or life force in them.

In the ceremony at Avebury we said goodbye and thank you to all the stones, everywhere, that were ready to leave. As soon as we finished and had received stony hugs, they had a huge party in the circle and then retired. Now when I tune in to reliable entities like the Crystal Elders I get something like an “on holiday” message. What I do get is that the age of the stones (Including concrete and building materials) has finished and the new age of the trees has begun. A few of my crystals assure me they are still here, but they feel sleepy. Listed below Uriel speaking are some of my favourite personalities from Avebury.


From Archangel Uriel

The age of stone has lasted a long time on Earth, long enough to lend its strength to structure and form. The mineral kingdom gave its aid in building your many civilisations by providing a constant material to work with, strong and slow to degrade. You made many important and beautiful objects from stone. Some, like the pyramids, were able to efficiently hold energy for a long time. Their lives move so slowly that to you they seem solid and stable, never moving, even though they do move at a rate too slow to comprehend until there is an earthquake. Rigid, unmoving, unbreakable, strong, very beautiful, reliable, and more they shared your time here. With their energy gone from your world for now you will miss the qualities they embodied. Energy is embodied, and objects with no energy have no strength or purpose. Stones don’t mind if they deteriorate, they fit their role into what is required for the highest good.

The new age of trees is upon you. Trees and trees and trees arriving from the universe to your planet in energetic form. You are covered in trees, your oceans are covered in trees, and your plant life is thrilled. Your garden trees are ready to grow, if they can, to twice their hight with the boost in energy. Each tree is a reservoir of love in wood form, fountains of love available for every living thing on the planet. Dying forests will now have all the energy they can use to maintain their health in the face of pollution and insect attack. Trees are also able to bend in the wind without breaking, introducing the energy of flexibility to your world as the other stone energy leaves. Rigidity will not vanish instantly, but it has lost its anchoring strength. . Flexibility will hasten the rate of change on the planet. Look to the day in the future when your cities of stone become cities perched in the tall trees, every building crafted from living love.

Many changes are taking place in a short period of time and this is possibly the largest: the New Age of Trees.


Over many years I visited and got to know many stones at Avebury, each with a different role or energy. They are gone now, resting.

In memoriam:

The Time Stone – time traveling made easy!

The Portal to the Universe – go through, stand on two inches of grass and see how beautiful space is.

The Swindon Stone – healing freely given

The Universe Stone – connecting Earth to the stars

The Large Stone that Knew All the Stories

The Stone Holding Ascension Energy

The Lion Stone – like stony sunshine

Life – taught me life is in everything

Death – that death is the other half of life

The Office Manager – very helpful at organising the other stones and me at times

The Blueprint Stone – holding the blueprints for everything on Earth

The Consciousness of Animals Stone – helpful in taking on additional consciousnesses other than human

And to all the rest, thank you and goodbye. It’s time to get to know some special trees now.

©Candace Caddick

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