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  • Candace Caddick

The Moon’s Relationship to the Earth

By The Earth

The Moon and the Earth are sisters, but we are not the same being. I am the consciousness that inhabits this world you live on, and a completely separate consciousness inhabits the Moon. We are in a close relationship for our own developmental purposes. When you live with me and adjust to me, draw my energy up through your legs and become a part of me, then you are complete. You will never have this relationship with the Moon.

Many people look to the Moon in the sky and try to connect with her energy. She does carry a gentle energy, a truly emotional energy of swirls and flows, and she has a great emotional influence here. But to connect outward takes self-control and a dedicated sense of who you are and where you are on my surface. The power of the Moon to stretch and pull the tidal waters can pull you to an ungrounded relationship with me. If you had wanted to live on the Moon, you would have incarnated there.

If you focus on the Moon without being grounded on me you fail to blend the two energies. Blending our two energies in your lives is the best you can achieve from our near proximity. Being completely grounded and connected to the Earth slots you into your correct position, it plugs you into the my energy grid and makes you a part of all life here. You have no idea how few people live in this way, while all the plants and animals do. From that fully Earthed position you will be able to take on the additional energy of the Moon, and add it to your energetic make-up. You will have made your first step into the outer universe and become more than you are now.

A word on grounding – pushing your energy down, down, down into the Earth so that I will ground you is not the same as you consciously grounding yourself into the present with an awareness of who you are and where you are. They are two different things, and pushing into me is only slightly effective, while the other is 100% effective. It’s your job to ground yourself by being present in your lives.

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