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  • Candace Caddick

Virus Leads to Lockdown, Lockdown Leads to Change

Weeks into a global lockdown due to the Coronavirus, and we see the beginnings of a  shift. Energetically this looks like everyone walking on one road into the future in January, but once the lockdown was established that path continued with fewer people on it. Move ahead to July when many of the restrictions will have lifted and you will see people walking ahead on a new path that is still going ahead, but at a slightly different angle. The old path is no longer in use. The entire path of humanity has shifted because we were forced to stay at home and live differently.

This virus will sadly take the lives of some people, but by far the largest effect will be the complete halt of the global economy, also in lockdown except for a few important businesses. We have entered a five to six year period of change with the advent of the virus. We will all be affected by the changes, even though we will not all catch covid-19. What could you be doing to help this turn out for the best?

My spirit guides offer this advice (not for the first time!) “Release the future, and all it’s worries. Let go of everything, hold onto nothing. Let go of expectations, let go of desirable outcomes. Let go sorrow and mourning, and what remains is you and joy, competence, acceptance, dedication and  responsibility.

To bring about the best solution for all, start by finding the best solution for yourself and use this lockdown space to adjust your lives. You will, in all probability, choose to live with greater balance and that will spiral outwards to others. You reset the energy for more than yourself by balancing your life. Those who do not balance will fall over.

There will be an increase in sickness when people leave their homes, but it will be a shorter period with fewer deaths. Releasing people to move around will be slowed. The important thing is to make your personal life changes within the lockdown and form new habits and priorities. It will be summer when restrictions are finally ended.”

The much appreciated sunshine in the UK was managed for you by beings of light, and so was the continual rain that preceded it to fill your reservoirs. It is important that as many people as possible are outdoors reconnecting with nature during this phase, while adhering to the government rules on social distancing. Everything is progressing exactly as it was planned by humanity to bring about change. Only the best people are here on the planet now to birth a new way of living together. That’s you!

©Candace Caddick


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