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  • Candace Caddick

Why are so many young people dying now?

By the Archangel of Light

The energy has changed that led to the build-up of a population of seven billion people on planet Earth. The Earth was renewed last December, and your need for seven billion people on her surface has also changed. Going back to the figure we gave in, there are approximately 29% of you that chose to come along with the Earth for the grand finale of the human game. That leaves 71% that did not, or about 5 billion people.  These 5 billion people are not suddenly going to die, but there will be no more of them: how could there be? Everyone that is born from now on is born right here on the new Earth. All of those whose feet are on the new Earth are solid with energy and their feet are on the ground. Those who did not choose to come seem to be floating, and they will float away one by one. It depends on who they are and if they decide they want to give up and go. Others look like they’re falling with no where to put their feet, and they look frightened.

2013 has already witnessed a higher number of deaths of all ages than usual, but it is not a remarkable number and there are still new babies being born every day.  But it is the beginning of the rebalancing where the change in energy slowly feeds through to the physical. Remember, first the energy changes, then the physical world. Will it take as long as 3 decades for all of the old Earth people to die? It will happen faster than that, and that means there will be more younger people dying than you are used to.

Energetically, there are the 2 billion that hold energy and vitality, yet they look a little out of focus and not-quite-there-yet. As the others die the energy of the human soul currently spread between 7 billion of you  begins to concentrate in the smaller number of people that have chosen to be here. After a while there will be nothing but vibrant people, and the others that are now beginning to look hollow and faded will have moved on. Some people are acting as energy drains, or humans behaving like black holes. Their higher selves know they need energy and they will try to get it from the rest of you.  The best advice is to judge carefully who you are prepared to support energetically, i.e. family members and local businesses who feel like they are energetically on the new Earth. Otherwise if it is a stranger (and how many of you know your local MP or congressman?) you would do well to use your good energy to support your own plans. Don’t throw it away on supporting old world people or ideas.

A final word, there is nothing to fear in all of this.

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