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Grief, Joy and Balance

The last couple of years have been full of grief and fear in our world; I was feeling overwhelmed with all of the changes that were occurring. The Grief, Joy, and Balance workshop was a safe place to recognize and deal with my grief. The first week was not easy, but with the help of Candace and her guides, I had a breakthrough that allowed me to move into joy. By better understanding my grief and by embracing the joy that is freely given to me, I find balance. I now have this process to call upon and repeat anytime I feel like I am getting out of balance. This workshop changed everything for me. I honestly believe that if more people go through the workshop and process, the better chance Earth and her inhabitants will have to thrive. 


Call it a catalyst, a facilitation or even a trigger maybe for advancing or accelerating
your spiritual journey and ascension process!
An Angelic gift indeed.  The shift that occurred for me after the course was palpable and surprising. Realisations and ahah moments afterwards : a deep understanding that
being and following the middle path of balance without judgement is the only way to be truly happy and detached from the challenges of human life here.
Just do it…trust the process!
It is up to each one of us to create our own heaven on earth here.
Thank you Candace and the Angels and Grainne for helping to  enable my process .

"Grief, Joy and Balance workshop is one of the most powerful I have taken because it meets each participant where they are and supports our individual process. Candace and Grainne set an open and safe space for our own exploration and growth. Each meditation brings practical tools for both clearing and raising your energy, vibration, and Light.”


Stonehenge Inner Circle

"I found the energy quite solid & serious at Stonehenge in a dedicated working 'got a job to do' way. For the week after we came back I felt quite different in that I felt similar in energy to the stones. I felt grounded and less head skittling off on random thoughts and distracted. It was how I should be really, and not distracted as is so easy. Back to core."  Jane S.

Bluebells and Elementals

 I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful Elemental Bluebell workshop on Monday. I found it very uplifting and informative, and it was lovely to share the space with like minded people. I learnt a lot and I feel I am more connected to the elementals now.

Carolina, Brighton

I really enjoyed walking in the blue bell woods with you today. It was a wonderful experience. The colours were just lovely. I will definitely be more mindful about the elementals when I walk in woods and commons in future! It's such an amazing thought of unseen entities scurrying around helping nature.


Listening to Your Spirit Guides

"Thank you for a great workshop yesterday, I did better than I thought I would. It is a matter of trusting what you are given and not second guessing it I think. It was lovely to meet everyone and be with people on my wavelength." AF, 2018

"Thank you Candace for a very enjoyable channeling workshop. It was fascinating and I came away feeling confident that I could do it. Excited about practising what I learned today. If anyone is thinking of booking a place on this workshop, just do it, it’s well worth it! "    Alison

“ Candace’s channeling workshop included background information,
instruction and time to practice. It was informative, relaxed and
very enjoyable.  I am really looking forward to practicing! Thank you so much for a great day yesterday. “   J H

"Just wanted to thank you for the workshop on Sunday. I feel I gained something very important from the session but it's difficult to pinpoint, more a kind of knowing, and a few more pieces of the jigsaw falling into place."  Helen

Remembering Your Role on Earth

"I am still reeling from the revelation of what my role on Earth is!  I am trying to get to grips with the ramifications of this knowledge.  In the meantime my gut reaction is of relief as it makes sense of so many things in my life that I saw more as failures in the past, but can now see as stepping stones along my path to fulfilling my role here... I can deal with most things when I know what it is I am dealing with, and now I can apply this to my life. That is no bad thing."  Alison Finlay 2018

" After reflecting all day I have come to this conclusion: " I think I am on this earth doing exactly what I'm meant to do."  I was worried I might be meant to do something else, but I am pleased to realise I am doing what I came to do." Kam Winchester 2019


I have visited Avebury for many years but the Avebury workshop with Candace brought about a deeper awareness of Avebury and its meaning.  A memorable day with a lovely group of people and much knowledge shared. Whether new to the Stones or a regular visitor, there is much to be gained from spending an afternoon on this workshop.   Hazel H.    2016

Last weekend I was lucky to take part in Candace's Avebury workshop. It was a great day out and lovely to spend time outdoor connecting with the stones. Candace is a very interesting lady with a wealth of information to share!

The workshop was very relaxed and I really loved having a channelled reading from one of the stones – Candace being the channel – and was even given homework to do from the stone! Very cool! :)     Vibeke Francis    2015

 I had a wonderful day in January at Avebury.  Your teaching helped bring into place the energies and functions of  the stone circles and stone procession path both in the past and currently.  It helped me add structure to my previous individual  experience and feelings at Avebury to bring personal and earth  perspective.   The reading likewise was very beneficial, giving me  new thoughts and paths to follow.  That the weather was so wild and  windy was quite fitting as it helped blow away all the London mustiness and laggardly energy away so I came away feeling energised  and rejuvenated!     Jane S.   2015


Was amazing to be there with you and witness this incredible date first hand. Thank you for a memorable day.


I was there – and I can attest to the very high energies that were present. It was an amazing day which left me ‘buzzing’ for hours – thank you Candace.

Gill Hancock

Thank you so much for the amazing visit to Avebury, it was a magical day. It was lovely to meet you, I had a memorable and wonderful day. I'm going to find some pictures of Avebury to stick onto my planner to try and hold on to the wonderful grounding memory.



It was a lovely day and to just be in that energy was very much welcomed. I need to travel there again in my mind, that calm feeling needs to return as I rise to the challenges being thrown at me.


Woodhenge was an amazing experience, meeting new friends and exciting to work with the energy there. Despite many people visiting the site we were not disturbed, even a light rain did not hinder our work there. The sun shone throughout our visit. A sure sign we were welcomed by Woodhenge! Once we had finished the workshop the rain stopped and we were able to enjoy the sunshine. A powerful experience and a big thank you to Candace for delivering it and sharing her knowledge.


Many thanks for Woodhenge II, I loved it.


Woodhenge 1


I have certainly felt an increase in energy since Woodhenge, and unexpected things have been happening, as though a kind of alignment that was gradually taking place has surged forward. There was indeed a lovely opening with my guides the morning after, which was very powerful. I can feel a real desire to open my Reiki practice to deeper levels, and I feel that for me, the message of Woodhenge is in pursuing that. Removing veils, as Candace said.

Like Reiki initiation, it doesn't happen in a flash… more a veil lifting gradually, as one aligns more and more with one's inner purpose.


Woodhenge 2

With a couple of days of perspective, I am feeling several different strands. On the group plane, I feel a great sense of interconnection between us. Our visit was an extremely powerful experience, I felt a sense of both vision and communion in a way that I have never experienced before.

I experienced the day very differently to Woodhenge 1. As if indeed a veil has indeed been lifted.

I can also feel a difference during my Reiki sending. Somehow it feels different, if difficult to explain exactly how. I feel almost as if I had received another attunement. Somehow being better able to connect to source and to the vibrational part of me – the physical reality seems less, my expanded reality seems to have grown as I settle down to sending each day. There is a real sense of deep peace.


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