And I Saw a New Earth

And I Saw a New Earth


This is a channelled book about light, written by those who have ascended in wisdom and understanding and wish to help during a time of rapid change. We exist in timeless space, and see the changes ahead for humanity as it sets off on the path towards light and ascension. Currently many of you are afraid that your economies are in deep trouble or that climate change could bring your lives crashing down; you worry about your futures. We are here to guide and reassure you.

We live outside time, and tell you these are the single most exciting years you will ever have on Earth. You were born just to be alive right now and take part in them. Humanity is entering its golden years, when you begin to live as you always intended when you came to Earth. It will be like breathing for the first time, the sweet fresh air that is real life filled with joy, truth and clear-sightedness.  Previously you have been hampered in your pursuit of self-knowledge and joy.  You feel that you have worked hard with few returns and lately it seems that you have to work harder for even less.

During 2012 the Earth received wave after wave of light, enough light to change the way you relate to each other, enough light to show you the lies that have kept you from living in joy. By December the rebirth of Earth herself took place filled with the energy of Spring and fresh beginnings. Humanity can use this energy to remove the institutions that failed to work, and restore the balance between work and play. 2012 was the end of the world you knew: one of gross inequality and lack of hope. The years following are giving you the chance to build new societies of love and fairness, and leave behind the institutions that failed you.

And I Saw a New Earth is written to be a guide to the coming decades, to reassure you that you can trust your intuition and your hearts, and that your real future lies ahead for you to enjoy. Humanity is playing one of the most important roles in the future of the universe.

Paradigm Shift Magazine review:

Although this book is an extremely ‘easy read’, it is one I felt needed to be taken slowly and steadily to be able to fully digest all the fascinating and encouraging information within its pages. With each chapter being devoted to a particular subject, this book answers many questions whilst opening up new perspectives for the reader to explore. One of the best channelled works I have seen – it has certainly given me much on which to ponder.

Review by Joan Osborne 

And I Saw A New Earth: 2012 and Beyond

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And I Saw A New Earth £11.00 plus £3.00 p&p

£11.99 EU 13.95, $17.99

ISBN 978-0-9565009-2-2


Table of Contents:

1. Earth 26,000 Years Ago

2. Why 2012 Was Always Going to Be Different

3. Life After 2012

4. Days of Light to Come

5. Ascension

6. The End

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  1. candace Post author

    This book is available to order on line, but there’s no reason why your local bookstore can’t get it through normal channels using the ISBN 978-0-0565009-2-2. I have noticed that more books sell by ordering through local bookstores than any other method. I am really happy that Maureen Moss likes the book, I have so much respect for her and her work.

  2. Lisa Grayson

    My good friend Maureen Moss told me about you today, and how she just started reading your book, And I Saw a New Earth, 2012 and beyond. She really likes your book so far and has only read 51 pages. After her recommendation, I am very excited to read your book.
    What is the fastest way to get it? Can I order it at my local book store?

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