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I have at last got to the final chapter in your book "After we Die"... amazing how I am reading the chapters and life outside is happening with what seems to be the same timing as the book.We are now physically living this. H.B.

My experience of this book is that it comes at a time when it would be easy to fall into a deep depression about the state of the Earth; the craziness of humanity’s behaviour, the collective mess we have made (which seems increasingly difficult to reverse), the proliferation of lies, ‘fake news’, an absence of trust and the veiling of truth. All this combines to induce feelings of hopelessness. If everybody could read and digest 'After We Die' they would have a fresh perspective on the problem; with a much greater understanding of what is actually going on at the moment, it is far easier to feel good about the way ahead. I particularly appreciated references to specific dates in recent times when significant Earth changes occurred; one can review events in one’s own life that match the time frame and gain amazing insights as a result. Such details totally validated the content of this book. There is a lot of compassion and reassurance in these pages….something we all need more than ever.

Peter Bottomley

The timing is perfect. I am reading it and my cells become alert and my mind clear. I.H.

I found this book inspiring and thought-provoking. It offers an up to date perspective, from the angelic realms, of our current challenges. Climate change, mass migrations, political, economic and social upheaval are all viewed as a necessary part of the Earth's need to re-balanced itself. We are offered sensible advice about how to respond at such a time of profound change. I am amazed how accurate the predictions (in your books) have been.  I really believe the evidence about our planet and how terribly we have innocently treated her.  Too, I have felt helpless in knowing how to change planet Earth’ s situation. Your books have been so meaningful to me, I am truly grateful.  Thank you!"  G.M.

I love this book! It made me feel so at home. I was always drawn to Atlantis but could never find enough reliable information that would help me to connect to that past. This book presents Atlantis as if you are physically there and going through its history day by day. This account if alive as well as informative to the last detail. Absolutely amazing! Once I opened the book I literally could not put it down and practically inhaled it. I could read it over and over again and it still feels fresh as if I've never read it before. I can't quite explain it and to be honest don't really want to. I just love it! M. Odintsova-Bayles

This book gives a detailed account of the ages of Atlantis along with a fascinating explanation of the ancient stone circles in Britain as recounted by several angelic beings through the author. It was difficult to read about the downfall, perhaps because there are so many parallels with today's society. It is much like looking in a mirror and seeing those parts of yourself that are not healthy. But it is vital for our survival to see these parts which is why this story is being told now. What I love most about the information being shared is that there is practical guidance for how we humans can live in harmony not only with each other but with planet Earth as well. The practical applications and guidance are so needed in these times of chaos. The strongest message of the book is that one person can make a difference in the world and that we each need to be that person. These are voices that need to be heard above the din of "modern" society.

K. T-L

This book is going to make you dig out every old diary or journal entry you made in the last few years; you are going to want to know what you were doing, what you were thinking about on each of the relevant dates, and you will be seeking confirmation that you are along for the ride. Exciting times ahead for Mother Earth and all who join her. KS


I was very inspired by this book! There was so much hype around 2012. This book gives great insight into the new cycle that was started at that time and prepares us for the changes that may come in so many aspects of our lives. Having read it many months ago, I am surprised at how much there is still to learn from it. Not only is it worth reading, it is worth re-reading. Karen  TLUSTY-RISSMAN


I found this more factual and truthful than most and would consider it a good investment. T.J.

I spent the whole of last weekend reading "Planet Earth Today" and self-treating (with Reiki) - it was an indulgent "me time" and really allowed the messages to sink in, giving me time to consider how I will act on what I have read. The clearest message for me is: We have to act now! This book suggests gentle, effective ways to make small changes in our daily lives and help secure a bright future for humanity and for the Earth that hosts us. Deb Hoy, Editor Touch  Magazine, UK 

The message in this book really resonated with me - it has helped open up a completely new way of thinking about the world we live in for me. Being a Reiki student, the messages about Reiki were particularly important for me - especially the benefits of having Reiki circles infused with joy.

Mamta Namba, Reiki Master

This clearly written, cleanly channelled book is a must for anyone willing to look at the bigger picture of Earth's history and humanity's part in her destiny. The messages are given by six archangels, each holding a specific role in the Creator's cosmic game. The struggle between the light and dark forces is traced from Atlantean times through to the present. The years up to and beyond 2012 mark a time in which the precarious balance between these forces calls upon humans to take their place in the battle, make clear choices as individuals and gather together in healing circles to re-establish the disrupted energy-flow.

Interestingly, the Angel of Darkness is given a chapter, describing his part in this game. His tools are lies and fear, and he takes pride in his work, infiltrating human minds, big business, and organised religions. He sounds rather confident with the way things are going.

Several possible scenarios are given for the coming years, the outcome being dependent on the level of awareness and positive actions of us humans. The book ends with a message of from the Angel of Hope, yet we are urgently asked not to leave everything up to angelic intervention, but to stand up, clean up and play our part to the full. Peter Bottomley

I have just read your book Planet Earth Today. It had a really profound effect on me. I have always believed in elemental & often see tree spirits etc. I thought the channelled messages from archangel were fascinating. I also feel earth energies & consciously send light through group meditations. I would love to connect with more people like you. Kim W.  June 2016

Your book has literally changed my life - it made so much sense to me and answered so many questions I already had. I've even changed my family to organic food and products as a result! Thank you so much - it was transformational.

K George

Great book great read could not put it down loved it highly recommended. T.J. Nov 21

Quite simply, this book is transformational - I discovered it just at the right moment in my life. Read it, then refer back to it and do what it suggests! KS

Although this book is an extremely ‘easy read’, it is one I felt needed to be taken slowly and steadily to be able to fully digest all the fascinating and encouraging information within its pages. With each chapter being devoted to a particular subject, this book answers many questions whilst opening up new perspectives for the reader to explore. One of the best channelled works I have seen – it has certainly given me much on which to ponder.

Review by Joan Osborne,

Paradigm Shift  Magazine, Mar 13

I began re-reading this book last month and found  it explains a lot that is happening right now. Carolyn April 22

A great book that reminds readers that we can trust our hearts and intuition and that we can live in joy when we care for one another and the planet. K.J.

This book had a beautiful cosmology that I had never considered before. A thoughtful, hopeful read. I really liked it! B.C.

The content is absolutely brilliant and feels so authentic, just like something that I have already known on a level that was just below my consciousness.  

Jean Jones, Gendai Reiki-ho Master

We all wish to know what future brings, especially with all the predictions for the end of the world on 21 Dec. Well, this book tells you all you need to know and more about what is happening with the world, what to expect and how to react. This book is about the world and all of us. It speaks to every reader on the personal level. This book is like no other - it communicates to readers in a telepathic way. I learnt more than there was on its pages. I am very grateful to Candace for her work as I am able to see the changes and understand them as they happen. I highly recommend this & the other books by Candace. They are truly life changing!

By M. Odintsova-Bayles

I've loved all of Candace's books; I've read each of them from start to finish with nothing more than a break for meals! Having tried on all religions for size only to find they don't sit well with me, I continued my search for truth, this is the closest I've come to it. It's a book I'll pick up when I need to feel inspired, and when I'm feeling less than charitable towards fellow human beings. It's a great read (all her books are) for anyone struggling to find compassion for others. K.S.

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