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Angel Healing

In Angel Healing I help people by seeing clearly what is the core problem they are having at the moment, and helping them to remove it. I do this by focusing on them with the help of clairvoyance and then stepping in to the past lifetime and healing the underlying cause. Change the energy and the physical will follow.  

Tarot, Psychic Readings, Angel Healing

I also read Tarot and give personal psychic readings. Angel Healing is past life healing, where the angels step into your past life and heal the point where the pain originates from. - an amazingly effective healing. Please contact me for  availability. 


Readings are in person or online.

Tarot or psychic reading

£60 GBP

70 EUR

$71.50 USD

$105 AUS

Angel Healing

£75 GBP

90 EUR

$90 USA

$130 AUS

Contact me for readings, Reiki classes, or treatments.

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