Planet Earth Today

Planet Earth Today Front Cover

Planet Earth Today Front Cover

Planet Earth Today – How the Earth and Humanity Developed Together, and Where We’re Going Next

In 2009 the Archangels wanted to write a channelled book about the Earth, and help us to see the reality of the world we live on.  Planet Earth Today shows a sentient planet of incredible beauty, and a human soul of light that is under attack, lied to and deceived.   I channelled this book by six Archangels, which was a combination of them explaining and me asking questions.  We collaborated, and I would say that seven of us wrote it together.  Planet Earth Today is the first book of a trilogy including The Downfall of Atlantis and And I Saw a New Earth that the Archangelic Collective and I have written. The contents of their books are always relevant to what is happening now as the Archangels have so much to teach us.

There is a single story of humanity, a golden book like a long scroll and the three books have been taken from here and typed up. I felt that as long as I was learning new information when writing, information that I couldn’t begin to make up, I was on track as an accurate channel.  I watched the flow of golden words enter the computer each time until it was the last page of the book.  After that my daughter and I checked and checked that I had written it correctly, each paragraph and line examined to see if the golden energy ran through it steadily or if it wavered indicating that it was not quite accurate.  Only when we were happy was a section considered complete.  Later sometimes I would add more clarity to a section, as my own understanding improved and I could put in more detail.  I channel using a combination of sound and sight, whichever is quicker.

Planet Earth Today gives background information on the roles of Earth and the human soul in the universe. They experience life so that they can know themselves and learn why they are alive. Humanity wished to live on Earth wearing a blindfold; they could see neither the higher dimensions or connect to their greater human soul. This has led to great loneliness and separation as you began to play the hardest game ever conceived. The Archangel of Darkness presents his point of view of humanity on Earth, and the Archangels of Light: Ariel, Esmariel, and Hophriel write with techniques to take you forward with hope.

This book serves as the introduction to a trilogy including The Downfall of Atlantis and And I Saw a New Earth as it takes place before the other two books in time, and the information there about the planet or Atlantis is not repeated in any other book. However, each book stands alone and can be read individually.

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ISBN 978-0-9565009-0-8


How did I come to write this book?

I am a teaching Reiki Master who studied for ten years with my Master before being initiated in the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki. During the course of the twenty years I’ve been practicing my own Reiki, my ability to channel became clearer and stronger until a few years ago I realised I was able to see the world around me in a way that others did not.  My efforts as I worked with my own archangelic guides as a channel was always to unblock and be clear, with no preconceptions of what they may say next; to stand well back and just watch and  listen.

Table of Contents

1) Before time began by Archangel Melchizadek

2) The War Between the Angels of Light and Dark by the Archangel of Light

3) A View from the Dark Side by the Archangel of Darkness

4) Techniques to Bring Yourself Closer to the Light by Archangel Ariel

5) Possible Futures for Planet Earth by the Archangel of Transformation

6) A Message of Hope for Mankind by Archangel Hophriel, angel of Hope


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