Stepping Through the Looking Glass

Stepping Through the Looking Glass: Life on the Other Side

Stepping Through the Looking Glass: Life on the Other Side

This book, the fifth I have written with the Archangels, helps us discover what it is to leave the old world behind and step ahead into the new. The Earth was reborn in 2012, took a brief moment to gather herself together, then ascended in September 2015. We no longer live on the same planet energetically, we are stepping through the looking glass onto a new world where we are more aware of the dimensions and magic of existence. The Earth is a planet of light that grows ever brighter.

The energy on Earth today supports not only change but also finding and making those changes; it does not support the continued patterns of our old ways of living. It’s as if a light bulb has come on in a room and we can see clearly, where before a major part of the circuitry of our world was missing. Now the circuit is complete again. The battery has been plugged back in and is filling the world with energy, where before we were running on almost the memory of that energy. The energy we create in our small physical bodies through eating could not begin to replace the contribution from the planet.

The energy today is higher and thinner making it easier to move through, with less resistance to moving forward. The light provides the transparency to see clearly those things that have not been right and need to change, that are continuing sources of unhappiness. There are dramatic changes ahead that couldn’t even be contemplated earlier because of the lack of light coming from the planet.

This book takes us through the parallels between our time and ancient Egypt, concentrating on the impact the Atlantean survivors made on life there. The Archangels include chapters on magic, to help us break free of out-of-date limitations through understanding and practice. A change has taken place in the way the greater human soul intends to use death. Death can be a tool for consolidation and a splintered soul can become stronger by changing the composition of who is living on the planet. And finally there is more help on the way as humanity pulls out all the stops to bring through new waves of advanced souls to assist us. It’s the beginning of a new future where we mean to succeed and achieve our own ascension.

I have written four previous books with the Archangels and they always want to write about something new and not repeat any information. In the text I put the names of the previous books near subjects that are more fully explained elsewhere, to assist any reader interested in further reading. Writing this book, they would say “more about death, more about magic!” until I had all the information in the text.

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