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  • Candace Caddick

2019, A Watershed Year

By the Archangel Ariel.

A watershed year is one where a corner is turned and everything heads in a new direction.  It will be irresistible change for all, from the United States, to Europe, Asia and Australia, Africa and South America. The entire world changes to accommodate the shifts taking place with the Earth and in neighbouring countries, then changes again. Nowhere is able to resist this call for change, and the changes will accelerate. Welcome to your future.

The background to this impetus for change comes from universal energy, as all planets undergo a blasting wave of energy from the centre. It has one purpose, to knock the useless debris off every planet in the galaxy. At this point in time, Jan. 2019, your own planet has progressed from trembling, to jumping, to losing its ability to exert any control over what is happening to it. The energy at the core of the Earth is cyclonic and it’s insides are flying around knocking loose and pulverising every bit of rubbish that is ready to be discarded. Multiply this by every planet in the galaxy and this is a very big event in the larger picture of time and space. You are living on top of a cyclone and the energy rises through your feet into your societies.

What do you do now? Keep your energy pulled in and focused. Every time you feel scattered pull it in again. This keeps you from losing your energy to the winds of change.  It makes you stronger and more stable, less likely to get knocked over. This is important hazard avoidance guidance for the new year.  This energy is at gale force and you will not be cut loose and blown about if you are stable. You will see unstable people spinning in the energy and you won’t be able to help them. Many of these people will leave the planet this year, it’s their time to go.

This gale force energy wave will not begin to subside until mid-May, then it will start to slow over the months to 2020.

To navigate through this kind of energy first set a few goals and concentrate your plans and efforts on them until the end of August. It takes time to “perfect” a plan and the fewer irons in the fire the greater your chance of success. The combination of pulling your energy in and concentrating on only a few goals will be the best way forward in 2019. Let chaos happen around you and say “This chaos is not for me, I’m busy with my plans.” Keep life simple and take care over choices. Remember that the chaos will subside and if you work steadily on your few goals you will have a year well spent, with something to show at the end that is solid.

Look for help, and when interacting with new people in situations gage their usefulness to your plans. Not every lead is worth pursuing. Work with people who seem present in your world, not the ones spinning around. You will keep each other stable.

This energy is tiring and it can be depressing if its about Brexit or politics. If you resolutely do not engage with that energy but continue with your own plans you will be in good shape at the start of 2020.

This year of 2019 is successful if it tears everything apart into tiny scraps and watches them disappear into a whirling vortex. The chaos won’t last forever, it won’t be as hard forever. Keep your heads down and concentrate on living your lives.

Those who follow this guidance will find that they do not share in other people’s confusion, that they enjoy life and have a good year. Their focus will be a pleasure to them and they will enjoy the friends they spend time with. It’s living with the real Earth while others get out of your way. Life can be exciting! It doesn’t need to be a bad year for anyone.  

Love and blessing to you all.        

©Candace Caddick


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