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  • Candace Caddick


By the Archangel Melchizadek

I wrote about what it means to be alive last week, and made it sound simple. There is the other side to life, the complicated part. You all agreed to be born here and live out your lives with a purpose, and all these purposes were chosen deliberately and in advance of your births. Then as little babies and children you had to put them aside for the most part as you were too little to take action. Now you may look around and ask, what was the purpose of that person’s life? Why are babies born just to die in famines in Africa? Their purpose was to make you think of what it is to be human, and how you work together as one whole group, one indivisible soul group of humanity.

There are other people who live closer to you than babies in Africa, and you watch and can not see the point of their wasted lives. Babies no longer, they drift without seeming purpose until they die having accomplished not one thing. Yet there’s a very good chance they incarnated to live exactly that life as a drifter. (There are always exceptions, and these days recreational drug misuse can interfere with the best thought-out plans.) What does humanity as a whole get from these lives? Think about it for a second before reading on.

These people draw a response from you and make you emotional with heightened feelings. They get others stirred-up, and believe it or not that is one of the highest purposes we can think of, to make people feel. You often have hearts of stone because you cautiously protect them by drawing in your emotions. You have ring-fenced certain emotions as never to be expressed in public, and keep a straight face for safety’s sake. In the UK a tear-drop from a public man’s eye can be front page news, and not in a good way. Edmund Muskie lost a presidential bid in the US because he cried. Women are not to be trusted because they are emotional? They have not discarded emotions in the same way from their lives.

You came here to feel and to live, and somehow you live without feeling. The love that bathes the universe from its Creator is locked out of many of your hearts; you have “protected” them so well.  We do not see how this makes anything better, you came here to learn about life and living, and then push away emotions as something unsafe to deal with. You came here to live full lives and embracing all of your feelings is actually necessary for this. 2012 is the year to practice expressing truthful emotions, to yourself and others. You will grow and become whole, and it is the only way to achieve this.


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