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  • Candace Caddick

A Critical Mass of Trees

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Beech Tree Sussex

I’m in two earth healing groups, the one my friend Grainne and I started last week Earth Magic Healing Circle, ( and another one organised by my friend Carole. In each of these groups last week at least one person received the message from the trees “Help us”. Sitting with this plea I got the message that there is a critical mass of trees, and that once the mass passes the minimum point then we are on the downhill slope. I realise this doesn’t just apply to trees, but bees, oceans and the entire planet. I went through questions to find out how close we are to that point. Therefore, if all the trees that are  needed equals 100% then what is the critical  mass for trees? The answer was about 40%. And where are we right now? 41%.

What do trees do for us? On a scientific level they are the major oxygen producers on the planet. Almost all life here except anaerobic bacteria needs oxygen to live. Trees remove the harmful excess carbon dioxide and turn it into the breath of life. To repair the climate crisis we could plant trillions of trees and let them grow.

More than the science, is their role as Guardians of life on the planet. They can live much longer than animals, people and smaller plants, and have taken on the responsibility to care for these shorter lives. They hold this energy of responsibility and love for the rest of us. They also have a beneficial effect on our emotions and led to Dr. Bach developing his flower remedies. He stood under trees and took note of the way he felt after a length of time. A walk in the woods is a gentle healing session as you pass under tree after tree. The walk should leave you feeling  more emotionally balanced.

During the last couple of months, while we were reading the news about Coronavirus, the president of Brazil has upped the number of acres he’s having destroyed in the Amazon rain forest. It’s being burnt faster than ever. Australian forests burned last year in month’s-long fires. The American West has burned repeatedly, due to climate change. The arboreal forest of Northern Canada has been sold to make toilet paper for Americans. The islands of southeast Asia destroy their forests to plant palm oil.

“Help us.” How are you going to help the trees? Contribute to reforesting funds? Plant a few trees? At the very least buy recycled toilet paper!

©Candace Caddick


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